The Skinny on Summer Fitness

Summer officially starts June 21st, which means lots of dockside BBQs and poolside lounging. It also means you probably are wanting that swimsuit bod to be extra toned. They say one of the tricks to getting your body to the next level is to always be changing your routine. The Standard Spa is here to help. In addition to a bunch of new fitness classes, here are some tips for getting the perfect summer body:

Tired of Just Running on the Beach?

Check out our new line of fitness classes like The 50 fitness with Asher, Bayside Primal Shifting, Fitness with Juan Lugo, Hatha Flow with Jaya or Summer Yoga on the Dock with Sharon Aluma, to shake things up. See full class schedule here.

Trainer Time

The 50 with Asher

The 50 with Asher

If you really need some motivation, our staff of highly trained personal trainers will kick your butt into gear (literally). Trainers not only encourage you their clients, but help set goals, teach and measure clients’ your improvements.

Mix it UP:

Bayside Primal Shifting Class with Juan Lugo

If variety is what you seek, variety is what we've got. We recommend a mixture of yoga, cardio and pilates with a good ol’ deep-tissue rubdown at The Spa. Pictured above: Bayside Primal Shifting Class with Juan Lugo.

It's Better Bayside

Summer Yoga on the Dock with Sharon Aluma

There’s nothing like natural vitamin D and the ocean’s cool breeze to boost one’s mood (and saggy bum). We recommend taking your workout outside with our classes — namely our Bayside Yoga and Fitness and paddleboarding lessons. Pictured above: Summer Yoga on the Dock with Sharon Aluma

More Fun with Friends

When facing the battle of the bulge, call in reinforcements! Studies show that exercising with friends or in a group environment is both motivational and rewarding. For best results, workout three to four times a week.

You Are What You Eat

Feel good from the inside out! Guzzle some green juice (comprised of fresh veggies and fruits) and detox blends from our juice café. And if you’re seriously ready to reset your system, give our 3 or 5-day Juice Fasts a swig.

See full class schedule here.

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