Marques Wyatt's Summer Of Love

We chat with LA's nightlife hero and DJ extraordinaire, Marques Wyatt, before he returns to The Rooftop with his DEEP affair, on Sunday, June 18th.
THE ROOFTOP: You’re bringing the Berlin-based artist Monolink to The Rooftop for a live show. How does he fit in the “DEEP” spirit?  
MARQUES WYATT: First, he's a gifted artist, and I had already been playing some of his productions. We played together at the Desert Hearts festival last month and I heard him live. Not only is his music beautiful, but after speaking with him, I soon realized he has a soul to match. Very humble and personable. It may sound funny, but this is what makes me want to book someone at DEEP, in addition to their obvious talent. This is what DEEP is about. Music and love.

"LA is exceptionally on fire right now." –Marques Wyatt

As summer 2017 is upon us, what makes you excited, inspired, motivated for the weeks to come?  
Wow...I don't know where to start, but I'll give it a shot. As a native Angeleno, I feel LA is exceptionally on fire right now. One event I look forward to attending and performing every year is the Lightning In A Bottle Festival. Monolink and myself will also be playing there, so I'm looking forward to carrying that momentum to The Rooftop!

Pick one record that symbolizes Summer in Los Angeles to your heart? 
It's funny you ask because one of my all-time favorite summer dance records going back to the 90's was Jesus Loves You's "Generations of Love" featuring Boy George. One of my musical comrades and close friends Jesse Houk, aka The Scumfrog, gave the song a stellar remix recently, which I have been featuring in most of my sets.  It already feels like a bridge from summers of the past to the present.
Jesus Loves You "Generations Of Loves"
(X-Rated Paul Oakenfold Mix)

It seems like you’ve been VERY busy the last few months, playing in clubs and festivals all over the West Coast (and beyond) ... Could you share a highlight that has a special meaning to you? 
I would have to say that after hearing so much about the Desert Hearts festival and having an absurd amount of friends say they felt I would fit in there...seeing it come to fruition and feeling such intentional love while on stage was something that will be etched in my soul for some time.

On Sunday, June 18th, The Rooftop & DEEP
presents "Deep In the Sky"
featuring Marques Wyatt, Monolink (live)
& Patricio (Favela Bar, Do Lab)
3pm-9pm | The Standard, Downtown LA

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