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Higher Ground on The Rooftop

New York native DJ Whitney Day shares her favorite records for spring in LA before she plays her new day party, Higher Ground, beginning Sunday, April 16th, at The Standard, Downtown LA Rooftop.
WHITNEY DAY: As a native New Yorker and somewhat recent transplant to LA, it still feels like spring to me almost year-round here. With this year's particularly rainy winter, the shift in seasons is more obvious; the sun warms up faster and the days stay bright for longer. LA in the spring means spending a lot of time outside. I love strolling around Echo Park Lake with my headphones on, snacking on elote or fresh fruit from a street vendor, and spending a day at the beach surrounded by mountains and the sound of waves rolling in and crashing. 

My record selections for spring are soulful and vocal, dotted with elements of funk, disco, and groove. These tracks open up beautifully and smoothly, and just continue to build over time. They exemplify the awakening of spring to my ears:
Jamie Bull's "No One Get The Re-Edit"
The build-up of this edit of Diana Ross’ classic song "No One Gets the Prize" unfolds layer after layer, exemplifying all of the things I love most about disco. First the beat kicks in, followed by piano, bass, then lush strings crescendo into the vocals that will really get you going. It’s the perfect genre for vibing out on a rooftop with friends, frozen drink in hand. 

“I’m fiercer now. Honey, I'm Vanessa Williams, Catwoman, and Jessica Rabbit rolled into one.”

Billy Kenny's "Work Me (Justin Jay Remix)"
This pick-me-up track remixed by LA's Justin Jay is driven by the funky bass, sweeping electric guitars, and vocals with heavy reverb. With repeating lyrics like, "Work, work me, work me goddammit," you just can’t help but start feeling yourself. My all-time favorite line: “I’m fiercer now. Honey, I'm Vanessa Williams, Catwoman, and Jessica Rabbit rolled into one.” 
Moon Boots, featuring Lulu James - "Tear My Heart (Marquis Hawkes Remix)"
More on the current music front is a track from Moon Boots, who can basically do no wrong in my eyes. This super slick production reminds me of the sounds that I’ve heard come out of a lot of LA producers since I arrived here, with a dash of UK underground influence. The chilled-out groove and sweeping synths lay the perfect bed for echoing soulful vocals throughout. It sets the perfect atmosphere for cruising down a palm tree-lined boulevard, with windows rolled all the way down.

On Sunday, April 16th, The Rooftop presents Higher Ground
featuring Whitney Day and Goodboy
The Standard, Downtown LA | 3pm-8pm 

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