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On the Water with Rio-bound Sailor Sarah Newberry

Sarah Newberry is a born-and-raised Miami local who also happens to be one of the top-ranked sailing talents in the world. At the moment, she’s training to represent the United States in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Her event is known as multihull sailing, and while we have no idea how that differs from say, monohull sailing, we know (from Newberry’s Instagram feed) that it looks really hard. Newberry likens the path to Rio to a “four-year job interview” of training and competitions—and that’s just to make the cut.

As such, Newberry doesn’t have much downtime these days, but a little while back she met up with The Standard for a laid-back afternoon on the water. “On a good day it’s just heaven to sail out on the Gulf Stream off short in the ocean.” So that's what we did: set off from the no-frills Miami Yacht Club on Watson Island—one of the oldest yacht clubs in the city—and headed for Flagler Monument Island—featuring obelisks dedicated to Miami’s founding father Henry Flagler—before coasting on to Pace Picnic Island. Finally, we landed at our ultimate destination, The Standard, Miami Beach where Newberry spent a few hours relaxing by the pool—vital preparation for the long road of competitions ahead.
Is this when you say "a-hoy!"? 
Newberry gazing fondly upon her 'home waters," Biscayne Bay. 
Why Hello, Henry! Miami's founding father looks out upon what he hath wrought. 
At long last, we spotted The Standard! We steered the vessel toward shore. 
Newberry ties us up at The Standard, Miami Beach. 
A strong woman knows when to relax. 
Newberry catches some shade. 
Rio here she comes! 
A note to our seafaring friends! The Standard Spa offers docking for vessels at $1.50 per foot—free for Spa Members.


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