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Safe Spaces with Black Minds Matter and Trippin'

We’ve partnered up with Black Minds Matter and Trippin to make our Library Lounge into a more considered and inclusive space.

We’re taking note and partnering up with non-profit Black Minds Matter and travel platform Trippin to make The Standard, London a more inclusive space. Born in 2020, Black Minds Matter aims to empower black and POC communities, and raise awareness of mental health issues and create active ways to tackle them. The fast-growing organisation has been promoting a more equal and just society through creative workshops, raising awareness of safe spaces and promoting support or services to those in need. We’ve been following what they’ve been up to through their year and thought they’d be the perfect partner for 2020. We’ve also joined forces with Trippin, an independent platform that connects travel and culture with a diverse and growing community. Part 1 of our work together is all about the content. As you may know The Standard, London’s Library Lounge is packed floor-to-ceiling full of vintage books but now we’re actively aiming to feature more works by both emerging and established black writers. Black Minds Matter and Trippin are making a call out to their incredible communities for recommendations and asking for suggestions of new or old writers, works from magazines or traditional literature, that we should be featuring within our shelves

See the call for submissions here.

Making the Library Lounge a Safe Space
We’re also working with Trippin and Black Minds Matter to make the Library Lounge officially a safe space. Black Minds Matter have created a set of guidelines and overall policy that we’ll be training all our staff on. The new policy which will be shared with every member of the Standard team is all about creating an open and welcoming environment, free of judgement and assumptions to ensure that the Library Lounge feels safe and considered for whoever decides to join us at The Standard, London. Some of the policy key points include being aware of connotations of language, not making assumptions, respecting customer’s physical and emotional boundaries, as well as challenging discriminatory language.
Talking about the future of travel
Finally, we're hosting a (virtual) panel discussion with Trippin and Black Minds Matter, where panellists Lydia Dinga, Joycelyn Longden and Sasha Kluvitse will be discussing what it's like to travel as a person of colour, how Covid has affected views on travelling, plus the future of travel as we look towards 2021, Join the conversation on Monday 14th December via the Instagram handles and Missed the live stream? Head to Sometimes Radio to listen back to the conversation.  

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