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Roy Davis Jr., The Believer

The Standard: You've been a key player in House Music since the early 90's in Chicago. Daft Punk listed you as an influence in the song Teachers from their first album, Homework. At that time, did you and your peers realize that you would become icons for the next generations?

Roy Davis Jr: Actually, I had no idea that I was becoming a teacher at all. I was just comfortable creating something I loved. Having the opportunity to be part of something that was so raw in its original essence was a blessing. We were going back and forth to Paris for many years with Paul Johnson and many others from Chicago, holding up our Chicago House flags with kids everywhere supporting the movement. Daft Punk just happened to be a young group at that time who were around, feeling the vibes, and went on to do fantastic things.

Roy Davis Jr. feat. Peven Everett Gabriel (Live Garage Mix)

What message would you like to share with today's dance music kids?

I think that it's very important to be as creative as possible without limitations. Study the music business first before jumping right in. Know what your getting into. There is a lot to learn and it's constantly evolving with today's fast moving technology. Never give up on your vision and protect it!

What do you miss the most from those early days in Chicago when you started?

Spinning new records on wax. Yes, there are people who still put out wax, but there was a community that was born walking into the record stores. Now it's such a digital world, everyone is living behind their computer, and it has lost the tangibility. I embrace the new technology, but there's something missing.

Thomas Bangalter & Roy Davis Jr. Rock Shock

You've been a great influence on the 'UK garage' scene. What is your favorite track of that genre?

Right now I'm feeling anything remixed by Todd Edwards and Wookie, I don't even have to scan their remixes. I just grab them and know that they will work during my sets.

You've collaborated with many artists through the years. Is there a collaboration that has a special meaning to you?

Well, for me personally, it was my buddy Steve Graeber the saxophone player on the Believers record Who Dares To Believe In Me. That was the turning point in my career as a young producer coming up.

Last Spring, you released your latest album 'Destroy and Rebuild'. Is there a track that you are specially proud of?

I actually have two that I really like. My Nation featuring Terry Dexter is just one of those tracks that is very minimal in sounds but sounds good in the club. The other one is Be Hungry. I just love the energy that it delivers, and also the message it has. It will motivate anyone trying to move forward in their life.

What is the most romantic thing to do in Chicago this Summer 2014?

Hey, is that a trick question? I can't give away my secrets (laughs). No, happy to say that I'm romancing my drum machine & keyboard right now, trying to keep my fans on the dance floor (laughs).

Sunday July 20th, Le Bain presents Été d'Amour X Most Excellent featuring Roy Davis Jr and Paul Raffaele. Sunset with OBaH and Mike Hook. The Standard, High Line.

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