Our New Flame with Prospect & Bonam Kim

You wanna hot body?
It's always candle season, but with more time inside and winter on its way, we're happy to have a little extra heat, and these hotties really do the trick. We collaborated with Prospect and sculptor Bonam Kim to create a set of the artist’s Hannah & HIM candles, custom for The Standard. Their deep red color (and you know we love red) is symbolic of the spectrum of love, from abstract to intimate. Produced with 100% organic bee and soy wax, the candles are handmade in Brooklyn, NY.

Below, we got some intel from Prospect founder, Laura Currie, and Bonam Kim on what Prospect is all about, Kim's candle making process, and how to best style the duo for optimum burning and viewing.

The candles are now available at The Standard Shop. Buy them in pairs, threesomes, singles or a group. Whichever you’re into, you’ll feel the heat.

Laura Currie (Founder, Prospect) 

Tell us a little about Prospect.
I founded Prospect with the idea that art and high culture should be accessible - I wanted to make work by top artists available to those who wanted it, but without breaking the bank. Prospect's first collaboration was a t-shirt by Baron von Fancy, the success of which led to collaborations with the artists in our roster today - Judy Chicago, Nir Hod, Misha Kahn, Bonam Kim, and many others. We are always scouring the globe for the next artist collaborator, and new and exciting products and methods of production. 

What inspired the collaboration with Bonam Kim and The Standard?
Bonam has been a wonderful collaborator - I am in awe of her artistic process and the delicacy with which she sculpts her work, as well as the thoughtfulness behind it. The Standard seems an obvious partner for both Prospect and Bonam - their preeminence in the hospitality space combined with their cheeky yet elevated tone are very aligned with what we are putting out at Prospect. 

We've had great success with Bonam's hand-sculpted collection of Hannah & HIM candles, and we hope people enjoy the latest collaboration produced exclusively for Prospect in a beautiful, deep red. 

What other collaborations can we expect in the near future?
We have some amazing collaborations coming out over the next few months, all just in time for Valentine's Day - including with the Haas Brothers, Kristin Simmons, and Madelaine Buttini. Stay tuned for more!

Bonam Kim (Sculptor & co-creator of the Hannah & HIM candles, produced by Prospect exclusively for The Standard)

You share multiple definitions for Hannah, including ‘'one,' ‘heavenly grace’, ‘a flower’, and representations of happiness and glowing, but do you have any connections to or connotations with a person named Hannah?
Although I’ve known a couple of people named Hannah throughout my life, the name didn’t come from a specific person, but rather, I wanted to have a name that was both personal and universal, that crossed both borders and languages, in order to express a sense of humanity, harmony, and beauty.

In Korean culture, most names are based on Chinese characters and letters, but Hannah is a name that is expressed totally in Korean characters. That for me was also a plus, a way to be universal while still honoring my culture.

Who is HIM?
HIM is not a specific person, he could be anyone you feel attracted to. That significant other.

Are the bodies replicas of actual people?
No, for the bodies I was inspired by classical greek sculpture, particularly from the hellenistic period. A period known for its sensuality and lyricism. Some examples, like the Laocoōn sculpture, are imbued with a sense of alchemy : marble seeming alive, as if it’s breathing. I wanted to bring that to these pieces and pair it with a sense of fleeting beauty, the burning of a candle.

How did you create this specific hue of red?
I experimented with different variations of red hues before setting on this one, going through different materials, from tints to pigment blocks, to hit just the right tone. A red that expresses both passion and titillates the senses.

For those of us who have only done quick wick dips at a craft fair, can you describe the candle making process? Especially for candles as detailed as these!
For me, craft is important, it’s something that makes me feel connected to my roots, that and making sure that each candle is made from organic products. I want the products to feel and act as natural as possible. When it comes to making the candles, a ratio of two different types of wax and the melting temperature are the key in order to get good results, the right mix will allow the structural strength, that makes the sensual curves and details of each of the designs, to shine through. This mixture goes to a mold casted from sculptures which I’ve designed and 3D printed. After each candle is taken out of the mold, I sculpt the final details by hand.

I handle every candle myself, it’s a long and laborious process for each candle, but it is important for me to ensure that their quality is above industry standards, treating each product as a piece of art. My hope is that every time someone unboxes one of the candles they can appreciate the level of attention to detail that I’ve poured into them.

These are a mix of organic bee and soy wax. What does that mean, exactly?
It means that I mix organic beeswax and soy wax in certain proportions for the candle. It took a while to get to the right mix. With this recipe I can get advantages from both materials, like clean burning, longer lasting, and non-toxic emits.

A lot of us are burning more candles at home than usual recently. What type of ambiance do you hope Hannah & HIM creates for people?
I hope to create a cozy, intimate, and romantic atmosphere. I feel in these times of separation, and of lack of contact, their sensuality can bring a small amount of solace and warmth.

Why do you think there is such a connection between candles and intimacy? How did you convey that connection in the design of Hannah & HIM?
I’m always inspired by the human body and nature. These are common themes between us humans, and given the times, I designed Hannah and HIM in the same thought. I think it’s important to point towards the things that connect us.
These candles are super sexy. Do you have any styling or décor tips for where and how we can best show them off?
Putting Hannah and HIM on the bedside table is perfect. They definitely make the bedroom atmosphere more romantic. They also work in a nondescript spot in the living room, among some foliage, books, or other subtle decor. A way to create a nice seductive surprise when it’s least expected. Spice things up.


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