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Occupy The Carry Nation

Occupy The Disco interviews NYC nightlife agitators Nita Aviance and Will Automagic, aka The Carry Nation, before they share Le Bain's decks Friday, September 25th

OCCUPY THE DISCO: You're both well established in New York's music scene individually. What led you guys to form The Carry Nation?
THE CARRY NATION: We formed The Carry Nation three years ago because it felt exactly right for what we envision for the future in this city. We are seven years apart age-wise and come from different (but overlapping) scenes and have always admired the other's sound. Our differences complement each other and make us know that we can cover all the ground we need to. The alchemy also leads to unexpected territory, but luckily, our crowd welcomes this...That gives us the motivation to continue down new paths!

The Carry Nation by Richard Stuart Perkins

The Carry Nation parties are known to be fun, all-night affairs that really get going in the wee hours of the morning. What do you think it is about that special time of night/morning that suits your styles so well?
Our monthly Brooklyn parties are definitely long. We think of them as happening in loosely delineated but magically distinct shifts. Some people really love the late hours and come late...Many other people get their life from the main or “club hours” section of the night where we feature and play alongside incredible guest DJs from our musical family in NYC and beyond. It's also undeniable that there is something distinct and special about the morning hours of the party...We have even begun to see some people come with coffee cups for the morning hours!

The Carry Nation, Josh Caffe & Hannah Holland Space Rage

Occupy the Disco was formed in 2012 because we were sad about the state of affairs of the popular gay dance scene at that time. What is your favorite thing about the current gay dance scene in New York?
We find the current gay scene to be exciting. It's mind-blowing to explore the many possibilities offered in this vast city...There is so much talent here. Much of what is innovative and exciting just now happens outside of what used to be the regular “route.” That's good and bad. The current nature of large licensed venues and the splintered nature of the music scene is such that it's hard to get all the people we know to enjoy each other in a club setting all in the same space. At the same time though, it is so fun to co-create culture with our audience and to thrive together within our own created spaces.

Andy Butler You Can Shine (The Carry Nation remix)

You've remixed and produced for many of our favorite artists, including, most recently, Andy Butler of Hercules & the Love Affair. If you could choose another artist to remix or produce, who would it be?
We have remixed many artists we love deeply in recent times and plan to spend the fall producing original material in the form of several EPs. That said, we would never say no to Occupy the Disco, Aretha Franklin, FKA Twigs, or Kraftwerk!

Friday, September 25th, Le Bain presents Occupy The Disco featuring The Carry Nation. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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