Le Bain

Nouveau York No Show

The Standard: New York Fashion Week is upon us. What's the mood?

Edda: Mood for party. Scandinavian friends invasion time of the year as well. Should be fun.

Tell us about your DJ project - Noshow. You have a lots of DJ friends, what were they missing you wanted to bring to the party?

Måns: Noshow came out of two friends who like good music. Simple as that. I have been behind the tables for almost 15 years and Edda felt she wanted to jump on that horse as well. We offer ourselves which means extremely good vibes. As far as the name we haven’t lived up to it yet. We probably have to book us something really shitty so we can do a full on no show.

You are doing your night on Sunday at Le Bain and bring the one and only Eric Duncan. What could you share about him that we do not know already?

Edda: Dunks love steaks. If someone around the table is ordering meat and Dunks don’t, he’ll steal it.

Edda P & Måns E (Noshow) in the mix.

We'll celebrate the release of Sneeze Magazine's new issue. Could you introduce the new release?

Måns: We're homies with Nic and Bradley who do Sneeze and they've been doing it for about 4 years or so. All of the covers are shot by Kenneth Cappello, and it's a little (big) street magazine with a lot of push. Skateboarding, graffiti, dark culture, etc. You can buy it from the Sneeze street boxes here in New York. There’s one on Prince and Greene and another one on Prince and Lafayette. You can also go on the Internet and buy it from sneezemag.com. The new issue is out next week, pre order it now over on the site! Do it!

The party is also supported by Our Legacy - What's up with the Swedish label?

Måns: Our Legacy is on the roll, totally well deserved. The combination of some seriously good taste and the minimal brand marketing have made them grow organically to where they are today. The founders are our buddy’s so having them onboard feels solid.

Sunday February 9, Le Bain presents Nouveau York featuring Edda P & Måns E (Noshow), Eric 'Dunks' Duncan. The party is supported by Sneeze Magazine and Our Legacy. The Standard, High Line.

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