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Nelleke Meets The Good Kids

Nelleke: I was at a wild party about a year and a half ago and I see this human I've never seen before, dancing with his eyes closed, wearing a Star Wars VHS box around his neck on a chain… It was Tiki Shack Funhouse of Good Kids I was to find out. The Good Kids are a family of friends. Individually talented and hard working in their own way. Together they form an exciting creative team, producing endless amounts of music and energy here in NYC. There is always a colorful flow of guests and rising stars bringing new life and love into the world with them, one song at a time. @thenelleke

Alberto H. Arensberg @AHARAW

Nelleke: Tell us about your upcoming album and who will be featured on it...
Alberto: Billy Scher and I did some growing up together in a small town outside of New York. When we were 14 year old we tried to start a band and got no further than a live rendition of When the Saints go Marching In. Ten years later we started writing songs together in his Bushwick studio and AHBS was born. Our first album Mate y Agave is a nod to my Argentinian heritage and the latin element in the work. It features vocals from Kay Rizz, Jay Boogie, Dyck Van Dyck, and Count Mack. This will be released on the Good Kids Affiliate Label, Doom Dab, which Billy and I run and operate along with HD and the Guru.

Hannah Daly @_____HD

Nelleke: What are you excited about for summer 2014?
Hannah Daly: Music. There's a lot of amazing music and work coming out over the next few months. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by really talented artists. I can't even explain how exciting and inspiring it is to watch your friends grow, becoming better and tighter at their craft. My friend and collaborator Thurmon Green's debut release is coming out very soon, and I'm also working on a video for Kay Rizz and AHBS. Their energy is electrifying.

Hunter Hawes @tikishackfun

Nelleke: Tell us about your new radio show? Hunter: Starting in July I will be doing a weekly radio show on NewTown Radio. I will have guests each week pulling mostly from the Club Yes line up of guest DJs and hosts, but also anyone I feel will be interesting to have on air. I want strange characters like how Howard Stern has the Wack Pack I want to develop relationships with weirdos. The format will be 2 hours every Wednesday 4pm to 6pm mix between live DJ sets and talk radio.

Lexis Ray @thepopguru

Nelleke: You have been photographing the Good Kids parties since they began. I feel like a there a lot of Good Kids party pics we haven't seen yet, do you plan on making a photo book?
Lexi: I have countless unseen photos and a soon-to-be published series of zines in the works, chronicling 2 years of Good Kids parties at Home Sweet Home.

Stryker Matthews @strykermatthews

Nelleke: You moved to London last year with your fantastic wife. I heard you are about to put out some music, when do we get to hear it?
Stryker: I've just finished a release, the Shook EP due out on Doom Dab that should be out by the end of July. It's all raw, stripped-back tracks focused on the dancefloor that combine a lot of sounds that were bouncing back and forth over time between the US and UK scenes like house, techno, grime, and R&B. I'm happy to say it'll be free for download so all my cheap friends can cop it!

Le Bain presents Club Yes. Every Wednesday at Le Bain, featuring The Good Kids and hosted by Nelleke and Melissa Burns. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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