Standard Talks

Long Days, Short Films

Short films, great talks, and The Standard, Hollywood's new poolside snack menu (try the popcorn - it's delicious!) are the makings of a near perfect evening. Standard Talks, New Filmmakers LA, and The Standard, Hollywood have picked some great films for this month's Short Shorts screening, here's the line-up:


Director: David Aslan

A down on his luck salesman and a young bride-to-be make an unusual connection when they meet in the bar of an airport hotel lobby while they each wait for their flights.


Director: Jesse Atlas

A malfunctioning cassette tape captures more than just audio in this sci-fi love story.


Director: Nadia Bedzhanova

Benji is an insecure teenager, tagging along with his older brother John, and John's risk-taking girlfriend Molly. When he joins in an asphyxiation game to impress John, Benji finds existential clarity in the visions that surface. He sees himself falling, drowning, lusting after the unattainable, while frightened John and Molly try to bring him to life. When Benji wakes up, he brings with him a sense of self as the trio heads home.


Director: Francisco Lorite

A divorce mediation spirals way out of control for a husband, his soon-to-be ex-wife and their court appointed mediator.


Director: Brett Sorem

Life can be ruined in 140 characters.

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