Le Bain

In the Mood for Tony Humphries

Get in the mood for Tony Humphries with his "Tribute to Zanzibar" mix before he returns to Le Bain to play all night on Saturday, March 31st.

"My sound is a reflection of the culture I was fortunate enough to grow up in. My schooling, the neighborhoods I've lived in, and the night clubs I frequented in NYC truly exemplified the meaning of a melting pot society. Simultaneously, the diversity in my music collection and performances reflected the various tastes surrounding me. The same holds true today. I love taking chances, testing tracks or songs in uncommon musical genres. Embarrassing performance mistakes are difficult to handle, but there's nothing like the rewards of acceptance from different cultures while they're dancing. My approach is the same, only current songs are substituted." –Tony Humphries (read the full Q&A)

On Saturday, March 31st, Le Bain presents Tony Humphries
10pm | The Standard, High Line

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