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The Carry Nation Goes Disco

Sunday, January 31st, The Carry Nation plays disco and classics over Le Bain's skyline with a surprise: the fabulous Shaun J. Wright from Chicago.
LE BAIN: So good to have you back at Le Bain, and in a disco mood, and with the fantastic artist and DJ Shaun J. Wright! How did you meet Shaun?
THE CARRY NATION: We were connected with Shaun when we were asked by Sydney duo Stereogamous to do a remix for their track with Shaun called Face Love Anew. After this, we ran into him in New York, London and at Glastonbury. We were already fast friends by the time he and his partner Alinka invited us to play at their TWIRL party in Chicago and remix tracks for TWIRL, the label. 
Stereogamus Sweat feat. Shaun J. Wright
(The Carry Nation remix)
We love your remix of Sweat by Stereogamous feat. Shaun. How did that come together? 
We got to know the Stereogamous guys in the same way we got to know Shaun, by running into each other in various cities, including their native Sydney, Australia. 
We loved Sweat when they sent it to us to see if we wanted to do a remix. It was unsigned at the time, and when we completed our version we sent it to TRIBAL which had recently relaunched. They signed it and it was even included on our mix compilation for the label! 

Could you pick one of your favorite record to embody 2015? 

The Way To Go by Gene Farris! We first heard Hannah Holland play this at the Genosys stage at Glastonbury the day before we played that same stage and the track turned us out. We immediately asked her who had done it. The familiar Jacksons sample is handled so nicely here. It is deep and sweet and full of energy all at the same time. We ended up closing our set at The Pines Party After Party with it. 
Gene Farris The Way To Go
What are you looking forward to in 2016? 
Really looking forward to debut gigs for us this year at Club Sandwich in Paris, Ministry of Sound in London and Plastic Club in Milan. Institutions!

Who's your muse for what's coming up?
Xander. Always. He embodies everything we love and that is unique about NYC nightlife. 
Hannah Holland Live It feat. Xander
(The Carry Nation Remix)

Sunday, January 31st, Le Bain presents Nouveau York featuring The Carry Nation and Shaun J. Wright. 9pm-3am. The Standard, High Line. 

Header: Nita Aviance and Will Automagic aka The Carry Nation (photo by Jason Rodgers)

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