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Safer at Night, Then We Take Berlin

Saturday, January 30th, Safer at Night returns to the New York skyline with two New Yorkers (Total Fitness and Cranks) and one Berliner (Curses). The 100% New Yorker explains why he decamp for the creative freedom of Berlin.
LE BAIN: Luca, You're a 100% New Yorker who decided to move to Berlin. How does it feed your creativity?
CURSES: NYC will forever be my home. The energy is addictive, but I became too comfortable. I didn't feel challenged anymore, and needed an environment that embraced being honest with your creativity. I got caught putting the emphasis on being popular versus being brave. Berlin challenges me and allows me to make and play the music I love.
Safer At Night Take Over
Curses' exclusive mix for Le Bain
What do you miss the most?
I miss friends of course... and the food. So much delicious fooooood.

Your favorite track to embody 2015? 

Just by Bicep. I spent a lot of my sundays last summer at open air day time partys in Berlin, and this track was such an anthem, no matter how tired you may be from dancing, it never ceased to pick you back on your feet and keep going.

What's your inspiration for 2016? 
I'm really getting into mixing the slower and more industrial and early electro type sounds with my productions. Listening to a lot of early Hashim, Coro, but then Alien Sex Fiend, Chrome, Front 242... 
Curses Jetzt Oder Nie EP (TEASER)
Is it the sound we can expect on January 30th? 
The three of us all have similar but different styles. Lawrence (Total Fitness) likes his house and disco. Cranks holds his heart in the harder techno, and I am a sucker for those gritty italo arpeggios. Somehow it all works together because in the end we are a nocturnal techno label, so expect a blend of it all.
Lawrence, what are you up to in 2016?
I have an EP coming out on Safer At Night in February as well as a few EPs outside the label including one very special vinyl release on Parka Records. I'll also be Berlin for a large part of the spring/summer into the fall...

And you Alex, are you taking Berlin?
CRANKS: I spent the tail end of 2015 creating a lot of new music that I plan to roll out this year. And yes, I'll also be spending a large part of summer in Europe with the gang!
Total Fitness Moments Us (Dubspeeka Remix)

Saturday, January 30th, Le Bain presents Safer at Night featuring Cranks, Total Fitness and Curses. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line. 

Header photo: Cranks, Total Fitness and Curses, the 3 masterminds behind Safer At Night

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