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We sat down with UK fashion's enfant terrible, Charles Jeffrey of LOVERBOY, as he explored New York for the first time and celebrated NYFW on Saturday, September 10th at Le Bain.
LE BAIN: It has been said that you "put club kids in couture." Would you say that's accurate?
CHARLES JEFFREY: I think that's a fairly accurate representation of what we do! The idea of celebrating our peers—the real people who inspire the work—is a big part of LOVERBOY. We've always cast our friends in our shows, for example.

Boldness, a bit of brashness, lots of love...and sweat.

LOVERBOY is the name of your club night, creative collective, and fashion line. Do you already consider it as a brand?
As bold as it is, I've always seen it as a brand...even before it was one. There was always the intention to create one "entity" in the nights, the collections, and the content we make.

You’ve been described as the "enfant terrible" of London fashion. In that sense, who are the fashion heroes of the past you feel close to?

Vivienne Westwood's trajectory covers pretty much everything that inspires me about culture and style. That idea of celebrating existing aesthetics and being part of the cultural consciousness is super important to me.
What’s your definition of a LOVERBOY?
Anyone fearless and anyone who looks good sweating in a polyester suit.

It's your first time in NY and you’re here to meet "the heroes of the New York alternative scenes." Could you share a couple of personalities you have in mind? 
It's a pretty diverse mix of people we're meeting. We're going thrift shopping with Sussi at Screaming Mimi's, meeting the guys from Vaquera, I'm meeting Marc Jacobs for the first time...I guess what brings these people together is a kind of fabulous extravagance mixed with anarchy. They're colourful, amazing people. They're the kind of people who turn up to my club nights.

Charles Jeffrey
You built the Charles Jeffrey SS17 show in 3 chapters, describing them as “this idea of ascendance, this idea of chaos, tension, and anxiety, and the comedown.” It's a beautiful description for a night out, but also for life in general. At 25, what stage of those 3 chapters do you feel you belong in right now?
Life right now is a mix of the first and second chapters: ascendance with a healthy dose of chaos in the best possible sense. Things are taking off in quite an unbelievable way. There are daily "pinch myself" moments.

It’s party time this Saturday at Le Bain and you're bringing your LOVERBOY energy. What can we expect?
Boldness, a bit of brashness, lots of love...and sweat.

Le Bain presents LOVERBOY on Saturday, September 10th
The Standard, High Line, 10pm

Header photo by Neil Aline

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