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Le Bain Gets Rinsed

The Standard: What's the sexiest thing to do in NYC right now?

Blacky: Go outside, take a walk, stay out all night. There are millions of beautiful people in NYC. On hot summer days, they're barely wearing clothes. Unplug, go outside, take a walk in the park, go to a party, stay up all night, meet some of the beautiful people.

Dan: Rockaway is on fire this summer. With PS1 Rockaway and more intimate galleries like Topless popping up, it's becoming a destination not only for normal drunken beach vibes, but also arts and culture.

Apop: Escape. And most likely post about it on Instagram. (laughs).

Wall Shaking, Sex Basement Mix by Rinsed's Dan Wender and Blacky II.

What work of art really impressed you this summer?

Dan: I spent some time in the Utah desert and it was pretty mind-blowing. The rock formations are like ruined cities. The isolation and solitude add a really unique element to mother nature's artistic hand. I've never felt more martian.

Blacky: Dominique Petrin first piqued my interest when I noticed this nightclub, Les Katacombes, in Montreal get a full makeover virtually over night. This club was transformed from an intimidating biker bar into a forward-thinking night club with an emphasis on street art and surrealism that drew on some of my favorite artists: Keith Haring, Invader, MC Escher, Magritte. Dominique's blending of organic, technologic, and psychedelic elements remains aesthetically pleasing, while providing an intense experience. It's exactly the type of thing that we try to achieve at Rinsed.

Apop: La Sagrada Familia, but even generally speaking, the city of Barcelona. The Basilica is one of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring, and magnificent forms of architecture I've ever seen. It has also created an immense amount of controversy since the beginning of its construction, which sort of proves that with serious talent, and without compromising integrity, you can gain a respect and support system that will last past a lifetime.

Eliphino Lay Me Down "It just screams sex", says Dan.

What recent record makes you want to get Rinsed?

Apop: The resurgence of Octave One's Black Water. I'm really a classics head at heart, so nothing makes me happier than hearing people like Jackmaster throwing that into their sets now.

Blacky II: That pure, classic, unadulterated piano sound has been huge this year in dance music, and I love it. I'm a sucker for a sexy piano break. There have been so many good ones this year but the one that I'm really feeling at the moment is Gerd's Still Believe. It slowly builds and changes without ever losing momentum.

Dan: When I hear the new Eliphino record, Lay Me Down, I can't control myself - I completely lose my shit. It's so soulful and perfect that it just screams sex. That sound defines Rinsed for me. A lot of classic house elements like a great vocal and really harmonic arrangement, but updated in a completely new way. I'm playing it right now.

Friday, August 15th, Le Bain presents Most Excellent Rinsed featuring Paul Raffaele, Blacky II, Dan Wender and an installation by Apop. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

Pieces of Dominique Petrin's latest installation are on display this week in New York at Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran.

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