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Back in NY, Eric Duncan Plays All Night

After touring the world's beaches, NY fave DJ Eric Duncan returns to Le Bain's skyline on Friday, April 29th.
LE BAIN: It seems like you've been touring everywhere over the past few months. I hear you've became some kind of legend in Brazil. What do you think makes you the perfect fit for the beach?
ERIC DUNCAN: I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Brazil over the last few years. I think I just kind of fit in there. I love the culture, country, people and music that are born from all those things. I’m not sure I am a perfect fit for any single situation, but put me behind the decks at a nightclub, BBQ, or sunset and I’ll be OK.
"Bye, Formentera. Next stop: Jersey!" (Photo by Eric Duncan)
You've had a residency on the beach of Bali where you play everyday at sunset for a month. Did you learn something new during that experience? 
I just got back from that month in Bali. It was super. I was playing 3 to 4 sunsets a week, and traveling to a few other cities around Asia. We did a big party during Easter with Harvey that was killer! I actually got a couple tunes done while I was there. It was a very productive trip, I must say. Not sure I learned anything aside from getting to know my music a bit more as I was DJing several times a week.

What is the worst part of a one-month residency at the beach?
It’s not 2 months.
On the road to the Potato Head Beach Club in Bali. (Photo by Eric Duncan)
What's coming up? 
I did a 12” while in Bali. I teamed up with Jonny Nash who is living out there. We began a project called Rumours and managed to nearly finish 2 tracks. We are mixing them now and they're coming soon. I also have a release coming this summer on the new Not An Animal Records out of the UK. This is an original production with a remix from Daniele Baldelli, and a cool B-side I did with my buddy here in NY, Chris Munoz.

Could you share a sunset hidden gem of yours? 
Sad City's "What I Talk About" watched the sunset with me a few times. 
Eric and a friend. 
On Friday, April 29th, Le Bain presents Eric Duncan (Rub'N'Tug) all night.
Doors open at 10pm | The Standard, High Line 

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