KAWS Light Bulbs

(Introducing Limited Edition KAWS Bulbs with The Standard)

Calling all KAWS fans! The Standard is proud to announce a Limited Edition series of light bulbs (yes, you read correctly, light bulbs). This is the first time KAWS has created an item so unique compared to his existing body of work which includes the highly coveted toys, shoes, T-shirts, wallets, etc.

“I love The Standard and the different projects they have been doing” shares KAWS, “when invited to create something I wanted to redesign something basic that could be found in every hotel room in the world so we decided to make a light bulb.” 

Recently, KAWS released a book, a monograph of his prolific work detailing his early street days, commercial products, and insight into his world. The book was released with an exhibit at the Aldrich Museum who published a comprehensive backstory to KAWS’ illustrious career. 

In 2011, KAWS begins with a bang introducing this exquisite collection of light bulbs, each set packaged with 3 bulbs each - Red, Purple, and Green filaments bearing the KAWS’ signature XX. Dimensions of each globe is about 4.75” x 2.25” and they screw into any standard incandescent fixture. Each bulb is crystal clear emanating 3 watts of electricity for a dreamy low light experience. To use his own words, “I like the low colored glow it gives, similar to a candle” says the Brooklyn-based artist who is now compared to the Jeff Koons or Keith Haring of our generation. 

The packaging is traditional KAWS inspired with a clean strong aesthetic… a collectors joy to display, designed specifically and exclusively for The Standard. The rare items will be available online for $65 per set. Did we mention there are only 1,000 sets in existence? Run don’t walk. 

Available online at starting today. If you’d like to behold and purchase them in person, the sets will be available at each of the Standard hotels inside the Shop — Hollywood, Los Angeles Downtown, New York, and Miami.  

(KAWS Announces New Limited Edition item, Light Bulbs, with The Standard Hotel)

KAWS Light Bulbs from Standard Hotels on Vimeo.

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