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Gina Turns Us Up

Le Bain: How did you two meet?
Gina: We met through mutual friends and one day I came into the Club Cheval studio and we got to talking and instantly referenced a certain sound in an Oscar G track and we did it at almost the same exact time! It definitely was a great first impression.

Canblaster: It turns out we have a lot of the same musical references, especially when it comes to old school New York House. I thought nobody knew about this classic tribal house track but when I described it, with its deep chants, and that moment just before the drop where this guy shouts "Shock!" - she knew exactly what I was talking about. Now any time I play or hear the track, I immediately think of Gina.

Oscar G & Ralph Falcon Dark Beat (Murk Monster Mix)

Gina, which record describes Canblaster the best?
One of my favorite Canblaster records is his Drop the Lime Hot as Hell remix, it's so legendary! But clearly we bonded over a very specific track so that will always be what makes me think of him!

What seriously turns you up this summer?
Gina: I'm working on New EPs all over the place, as well as juggling a post baby fitness routine and BEING A MOM, of course! But music wise, I'm super excited about This Turn Me Up EP on my label, as well as a new collab' I have coming out in mid-July!

Gina Turner, Turn Me Up

Canblaster: I'm really excited about finishing up the Club Cheval album - we're finally at the end stages, just putting the finishing touches on everything, making it as perfect as we can. It's been a crazy ride over the last two years, so it's really satisfying to see it all coming together now.

Which recent record really impressed and surprised you?
Gina: Wow, its so hard for me to pick just one piece of music! but I really love everything on the Ultramajic imprint right now as well as Jimmy Edgar stuff!

Canblaster, I Think About You

Canblaster: Pelican Fly's latest releases - the new Nadus and Lido EPs - were both really ambitious. I'm also really proud of Para One and Bobmo who both just released their respective albums on our French label, Marble. Lone's new LP on R&S definitely impressed me too, I've been a fan of the label for a long time.

Gina, what is your favorite thing about Paris?
The air. I know that sounds crazy but there's a certain type of magic scent in the air outside that just makes me want to be creative! I always hang with Surkin in the studio while I'm there as well as I try to catch up with my long time Parisian friends over drinks!

Para One You Too

Canblaster what is your favorite thing about New York?
I always make a point of going to Nick Hook's studio. It's just an awesome space and he's got all this equipment that only he knows the secrets to. The music scene in NYC is just so amazing as well, because of all the history here - especially when it comes to house and funk grooves. There's a really special energy here that you just can't reproduce.

On Friday, July 11th, Le Bain presents Gina Turner and Canblaster. The party is hosted by Tribes NY. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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