Feeling Boxed In? Stressed?

Michal Gregus has spent his entire adult life working to help people remove stress and anxiety from their lives. He is the creator and founder of RESET, a stress management relaxation practice that uses breathing techniques and guided mediation to help users reset their bodies and their minds. When practiced regularly, RESET teaches participants how to handle stress in a more positive way, people describe feeling lighter, breathing better, thinking clearer, sleeping better and feeling healthier. Michal calls his technique breathypnosis and, beginning May 24th, he'll be offering RESET classes on The Pooldeck of The Standard, Hollywood every Saturday morning at 9am. Here are some tips from Michal to help you relieve stress between sessions:


ONE: Breathing - is the easiest way to de-stress. Take couple minutes to close your eyes and take deep breaths in through your nose out through your mouth. Slowly counting to 4 each time you inhale and each time you exhale.

TWO: Visualization - close your eyes and think of your favorite vacation spot, or a place you relax, spa, beach a place you hang out with friends and just enjoy that sensation of being there

THREE: Body scan - close your eyes and slowly scan your body from your feet all the way to the top of your head, nice and slow. Pay attention to each part. It will instantly calm you and connect you with your body more

FOUR: Stretch - when we get stressed muscles get tight. Stretch for 2-3 minutes and take deep breaths while you're doing it.

FIVE: Snack - bring to work healthy snacks that reduce stress. Yes, that's what I said, there is food that reduces our level of stress - avocados, oranges, blueberries and almonds all have those powers.

SIX: Tea - make yourself a cup of chamomile tea with a spoon of honey, it will soothe your soul your nerves

SEVEN: Entertain your senses - add a scented candle to your desk (if your office allows it) or a bouquet of lavender, or even a small bowl of potpourri can make a difference

EIGHT: Massage- give yourself a nice neck and shoulder massage, squeeze your forearms and smile.

NINE: Music - it goes without saying that music is healing and has many powers. If you can turn on some nice calming music to relieve stress.

TEN: Connect - nothing releases stress and brings joy to one's life as connecting with another human being. Take 5 to socialize with a friend over the phone or social media or a co-worker by a water cooler or via messenger. (no work talk)

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