Your February Horoscopes

From our favorite astrologer Lori Bell, here's what the stars have in store for February...

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What insights and topics will dominate your attention for the next few decades? You’re going to find out. Mercury is about to enter Aquarius and conjoin Pluto there—a crucial meeting that will shift your mind toward the collective good, political reform, social justice and equality. Our ideas can become catalysts for personal growth and collective evolution.

Mercury in Aquarius is innovative, progressive thinking, logical and visionary. Let it open your mind to new ideas and possibilities—fresh perspectives on the status quo. This visionary energy invites us to tune in and imagine future possibilities. When Mercury conjoins Pluto, the power of words, information and truth are illuminated. The energy is intense and persuasive, balancing curiosity with a need for accuracy. Don’t get lost down a Google rabbit hole—instead, leverage those problem-solving powers to deepen understanding. It’s time for deep, honest dialogue that might touch subjects you’ve been afraid to talk through.


A new moon forms in Aquarius on February 9, closely squaring disruptive Uranus and meeting with Pluto there for the first time. This transit offers insight for the next few decades. Uranus brings a strong urge for freedom and independence, sudden emotional volatility and plenty of shocks and surprises. Pluto’s co-present only amplifies this chaotic energy, so learn to mitigate its influence.  

The good news: We’ll all learn something about adapting to tough situations. Uranus might be wild and unpredictable, but that makes him a pattern breaker. Use this moment to break those entrenched, negative patterns—and find the freedom you’re really seeking.

But there’s a silver lining. Saturn rules this new moon and interacts with expansive Jupiter, tempering the chaos with harmony and balance. This influence should anchor you through the ups and downs—those opportunities to grow or contract. That’s where you’ll find your center. Mercury squares with Jupiter as well—bringing optimism and stability. Focus on the task at hand (without starting new projects) and you’ll make it through. Cheers to a liberating New Moon!


Mars enters Aquarius on February 13, turning your attention toward progressive, intellectual endeavors. Innovation thinks outside the box while being self-reliant and deliberate. Don’t keep those bright ideas to yourself—share them! This transit fosters connection, so go deep on your own and pass what you learn to others.


Buckle up for a bumpy Valentine’s Day. On February 14, Mars conjoins Pluto—for the first of 10 times over the next two decades. Mars and Pluto together create harsh, extreme energy on the personal and collective levels. Hidden power dynamics, obsession and aggression may rear their heads in your personal life. On the world stage, ruthless characters do their nefarious thing. 

Fortunately, there’s a positive direction to channel this energy: determination. When you use the intensity for good, you’ll find the focus and drive to overcome a challenge. You’ll feel an intense desire to succeed, and ambition can be a healthy thing. Mars and Pluto are not team players, so find opportunities to work solo in your endeavors…or simply work twice as hard to respect others’ opinions. Grace and restraint—vigilance and mindfulness—will keep you in check.



 Phew, time to lighten up. When Venus enters Aquarius, your social side takes over. You’ll crave connection, intellectual stimulation and new friends who share your vision. Venus brings people together—fostering friendship, collaboration and community to serve a higher purpose. She values unconventionality, independence and freedom in relationships, so keep an open mind. Give yourself and others space to explore their freedom without feeling threatened by it. You never know—friends may become lovers, or lovers become friends. It's all intertwined with Venus in Aquarius.



When Venus conjoins Pluto, attraction is intense. I’m talking about the all-consuming, intense relationship energy that seeks depth, intimacy and vulnerability. We’ll feel that craving for loving relationships with our friends and our partners. This transit also gifts us with allure and magnetism others will respond to—the kind of attractiveness that brings new people into our lives. We’ll find it easy to persuade and charm.

Channeled correctly, we can bring beautiful new dynamics into our lives. But on the flip side, we can attract obsession, power and control—put simply, stalker energy. Self-awareness and self-reflection are your friends, and they’ll tell you when something is a healthy attraction or an obsession.


 Pisces season is an invitation to slow down and go inward. This season is about being in touch with your feelings, which means reactivating emotionally, yet tenderly. This fluid sign is open to adaptation and flexibility. At heart, Pisces is profoundly kind and has the capacity for limitless forgiveness and creative expression. Jupiter’s influence on Pisces season grounds Taurus, giving this sign a calm, nurturing, stabilizing tone. Let Jupiter in Taurus be your anchor as you navigate, honor yourself and find the space to access Pisces magic.  



Balance is elusive, but the full moon in Virgo is your time to find it. Spiritual growth and practical matters don’t need to conflict—you can walk and chew gum at the same time! Virgo Moons sometimes overanalyze, which isn’t such a bad thing when you solve problems and create a more efficient life. Now is the time to streamline. Pare back the habits and fixations that get in the way.

Virgo tends toward worry and self-criticism, but full moons are the best time to let go of a negative mindset. This moon’s ruler is Mercury in Pisces, who wanders in the mystical, creative and intuitive realms. During this time, he’s combust (hidden from the sun’s rays) and suggesting something underneath the surface. Pisces’ soulful waters are where you’ll find the intuition to read the hidden messages. Meditate, listen to music and seek clarity to find the answers—not with your rational mind, but with your intuitive mind. This Full Moon is a bright light in the dark part of the sky — are you a light for others, or is someone an illuminating force for you? 

Here's what's happening for your Sun sign in February 2024...


A new era began when Pluto entered Aquarius last month. She’ll reside in your 11th house of friends, social connection and networks for the next 20 years. This means your relationships with friends, community, society and humanity are in for a transformation. At first, you won’t quite know how to work Pluto’s energies—but this month, all the personal planets will arrive in Aquarius, giving you some insight. When Mercury meets up with Pluto on February 4, you’ll discover hidden truths about your thoughts and communication. Some of those old ideas deserve to be challenged, so open your mind and seek opposing viewpoints. Next, Mars joins Pluto on February 13, revealing hidden behaviors around power dynamics within your social groups. You’ll find a way to overcome those challenges thanks to Mars in Pluto. Finally, Venus joins Pluto on February 16, highlighting the hidden ways you relate to others through control. Venus-Pluto is about transforming relationships into supportive, deep and loving ones. Cheers to transformation! 



Don’t nod off in February—it’s a pivotal month, so pay attention! Lessons about how to work with Pluto in Aquarius are all around you. When the personal planets line up in Aquarius, they bring different energies. Pluto offers an epic shift, transforming your career and ambitions over the next 20 years. Mercury (February 4) emphasizes the power of words, information and persuasion. Get a fresh perspective on the way you communicate…do you use persuasion solely for your benefit? Mars (February 13) has a lesson to teach about power dynamics, obsession and aggression (and how you respond to those things). You can overcome those challenges and transform negative behaviors. And finally, your ruler Venus hooks up with Pluto on February 16, giving you the insight to transform relationships through self reflection. Pluto and venus are magnetic together, pulling in those you want to attract.



It’s all about insight this month, Gem. Since Pluto entered Aquarius in January, perhaps you’ve felt a little confused. Your personal planets are coming to the rescue with new ways of seeing this new era. It’s about expanding horizons and exploring study, travel, discovery and possibilities. The belief systems that hold you back are due for a transformation. First up, Mercury in Aquarius (February 4) reveals hidden truths about thoughts, intellect and communication. Eradicating limiting beliefs and opening your mind to spirituality will kickstart this transformation: Change your mind, change your life. Then on February 13, Mars in Aquarius conjoins Pluto—revealing hidden behaviors about power dynamics and aggression. Take a look at where (or who) those faulty beliefs came from. You’ll have the focus and determination to overcome challenges with Mars and Pluto together. Finally, Venus makes her appearance in Pluto on February 16, sharing insights about how you relate to others through power and control. Venus and Pluto come together to evolve your relationships into loving, deep, profound ones. Cheers to transformation!




February reveals what Pluto in Aquarius is asking of you. Imagine a party where all your personal planets are trying to tell you something. They have the insight you need to navigate this new era. First of all, it’s important to know that Pluto in Aquarius takes up residency in your 8th house, where self-transformation, shared resources and intimacy live. Those deep parts of yourself will be transformed and empowered over the next 20 years. When Mercury joins Aquarius on February 5, he reveals hidden ways you think and communicate: Are your words truthful? Do deep, challenging conversations trip you up? Remember that thoughts are powerful. When Mars joins the party on February 13, he shares insights about power dynamics and aggression—particularly as they relate to money and intimacy. You’ll be better off in both departments if you take the hint and change accordingly. Finally, Venus and Pluto link up in Aquarius on February 16, fostering your desire for emotional depth and vulnerability. Use this moment to make deep, loving connections.




We’re all beginning to learn what Pluto in Aquarius means for us. This new era brings epic shifts and significant changes, especially around how you relate and maintain personal and business partnerships. Settle in, because this slow, deep shift will happen over the next 20 years! In February, all the personal planets hook up with Pluto in Aquarius, shedding some light on how your life will change. When Mercury gets there on February 4, you’ll get some insights about how you think and communicate through persuasion and control. Take a brutally honest look at how you use those tools to get what you want, transform your mind and be careful what you say. When Mars joins Pluto in Aquarius on February 13, hidden behaviors about power dynamics and aggression will come to light. Translate this intensity into focus and effort to overcome challenges. Finally, Venus joins Pluto on February 16, generating intense relationship energy. Don’t use this energy to manipulate others, instead seek positive transformation in relationships. Cheers to profound and loving partnerships!




Pluto’s 20-year stay in Aquarius started in January, and February is going to teach you a lot about this new era. First, let’s talk Pluto, who rules the personal and collective underworld. You might confront old grief, profound reckonings and uncomfortable transformations. What’s your relationship to health, self-care, ritual and daily routines like? Those are your safe harbors. When Mercury joins Pluto in Aquarius on February 4, perceptive Aquarian energy turns the focus toward how you think and communicate. Words and thoughts can be toxic, so meditate for a quiet, healthy mind. On February 13, Mars brings insight about power and aggression to the party, revealing ways to resolve hidden behaviors and replace them with positive ones. At last, Venus hooks up with Pluto on February 15 and bestows the power of attraction—the ability to charm new (and old) people in your orbit. Enjoy! Cheers to a healthy transformation.




Brace for an epic shift, Libra. When Pluto entered Aquarius last month, you may have felt it beginning. In February, all the personal planets join Pluto there and illuminate productive ways to face the new, 20-year era. First, you should know that Pluto will affect your house of creativity, self-expression and pleasure. Remember that those are yours to cultivate—so step into your creative power. When Mercury crashes the party on February 4, you’ll figure out new ways to persuade and communicate. Thoughts create reality, so be careful how you spend your attention. Free your mind! Mars enters Aquarius on February 15, so lean into your fierce determination to succeed. Your ruler Venus hooks up with Pluto on February 16, shedding light on how you charm and control others. This ride-or-die relationship energy is a chance to reel someone in, but keep it positive. Your innate magnetism is powerful, use it wisely!




You sensed a shift in January…now February is here with the big reveal. Pluto recently entered Aquarius, transitioning through your house of home, foundations and roots. This 20-year movement will transform your relationships to family and domestic matters—slowly exposing your family issues. At first, the shift can be confusing. But in February, all the personal planets arrive in Aquarius to lend a hand. When Mercury gets there on February 4, you’ll get some insight about thinking and communication. You’re prone to obsessive and negative thoughts, and can be brutally honest…even hurtful. Use your words wisely and seek positive change. When Mars meets Pluto on February 14, two dominating planets clash. This reveals hidden behaviors around power dynamics and aggression, so be very careful not to let this boil over at home. Venus joins Pluto in Aquarius on February 16, shedding light on your relationship patterns and bad habits. She’ll help you deepen existing relationships and discover new ones, so open up and use your charms for good. Cheers to deep transformation!




Pay attention to your everyday encounters this month. In January, Pluto (the planet of transformation) started its 20-year journey through Aquarius, taking up residence in your house of communication, thinking and daily life. He’s planting seeds of awakening in your thoughts and interactions, so look out for them. In February, the personal planets conjoin in Aquarius, presenting insights. First up on February 4, Mercury will reveal hidden ways you think and communicate. Challenge entrenched beliefs and keep an open mind, Sag! On February 15, Mars will highlight your hidden behaviors around power dynamics and aggression. How do those things show up in your daily interactions? This transit can transform your bad habits into positive actions if you seize the opportunities for growth. Then on February 16, Venus hooks up with Pluto and gives you a boost of charm and magnetism. You’ll attract what you desire, but don’t become obsessed. Cheers to loving day-to-day life and transforming it for the better!




Pluto in Aquarius promises a seismic shift over two decades, but right now the details are a little foggy. This month, all your personal planets come together to dole out clues. This is a big deal! You need clarity and you’re about to get it from Mercury, Mars and Venus. But first, let’s talk Pluto. The “Ice Planet” deals with wealth—not just money, possessions and finances, but what you value in life. You’re beginning a long, slow process to get perspective on those open questions. When Mercury meets Pluto on February 4, ways of thinking and communicating come to the fore. Don’t obsess over money and material things, counteract Mercury’s influence with positive actions. It’s a clash of the titans when Mars and Pluto conjoin on February 15. It’s a power struggle that reveals a lot about how you handle obsession and power dynamics. Be honest, Cap. Finally, when Venus joins Pluto on February 16, you have a chance to remove the control and obsessiveness from your personal relationships. Find that ride-or-die relationship built on mutual trust and respect. Cheers to positive transformation!



Happy birthday, water bearer! Pluto’s in your home sign and a bold new beginning starts now. All three personal planets will enter your sign in February, meeting up with Pluto and sharing some wisdom for the 20-year transit ahead. Radical shifts are on their way, and if you play your cards right, they’ll empower and transform you. The long dance with Pluto is just beginning. On February 4, Mercury joins him in your sign and exposes the hidden ways you think and communicate. Open your mind to opposing views and set your stubbornness aside. It’s time to learn! When Mars joins Pluto in your sign it’s like a clash of dictators—strongman energy of aggression and domination. Channel this power into determination to overcome extreme challenges. The month lightens up when Venus joins Pluto in your sign on February 16, boosting your charm and magnetism to create new connections. You’ll have the power to attract what you’re really seeking, so use it carefully. Avoid obsessive relationships and focus on clear, honest communication. Cheers to self-empowerment!




A little winter hibernation is good for you. You’ll spend most of this month hiding out in your 12th house, where Pluto in Aquarius will dwell for the next 20 years. This long, internal journey will expose your subconscious blocks preventing you from connecting with your highest self. Pace yourself because it’s a time for healing, dreaming and discovering your inner, magical world. Pluto stirs up the things you’d rather not face. But fortunately, your personal planets are in Aquarius to guide the way. Mercury meets Pluto in Aquarius on February 4, revealing the hidden ways you think and communicate. Do you hold back the truth to avoid confrontation? Mercury in Pluto can lead you into bad mental neighborhoods, so stay balanced. Next, Mars joins Pluto in Aquarius on February 14, and these two dominating brutes spark power struggles and obsessions. Keep a level head to avoid controlling, obsessive behaviors. Instead, channel the intense energy into overcoming an obstacle in your life. On February 16, Venus joins the party and enlightens your relationships—your desire for profound, all-consuming love. May you find it and much more in February!


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