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Fashion Week X: I'm Still Stan'ding

When I informed you last week of our imminent TENTH fashion week at The Standards in New York City, I was still pretty optimistic. Everyone dreads the week, but they also love it, because they love to complain most of all, and the week gives them ample opportunities to do so well. But I digress...

For me, there were some highlights. Some personal. Some professional. All vodka-infused. Let's recount them...

Five Years Booming

The week began with our annual Fashion Week kick-off party. We're officially the unofficial official start to the week, and this year was extra special. We celebrated the beginning of our fifth year at The Top. People called it an anniversary, but I called it just another night at my place. It was stellar. Everyone congregated on the Boom Boom Roof, which had been transformed into a jungle paradise. If you haven't been up yet to try our new Robataya Grill, go there NOW. All the regulars who have made that place what it is today came out in droves to wish us a happy one. Check the gallery for incriminating photos.

PRISM: Anna Laub

You know how much we love Anna Laub, the mastermind behind PRISM. This year she once again blew us away with her presentation on the Le Bain rooftop. Upon entering the club, the designer had redone the place with hundreds of orchids hanging from the ceiling on glossy black painted bamboo poles. Five models situated in the windows above our infamous jacuzzi gave a hint of what was to come upstairs. On the roof, models were strewn all over taking cover under Japanese-inspired parasols. Read Anna's dispatch on

Telfar Studs

Some of you may not know who Telfar Clemens is, but you should find out real quick. Mostly known by the boys who think going home at 4am is early, this menswear designer is the next hottest thing to hit the industry. He showed his latest collection at MADE at The Standard on our third floor. It was mindblowing. For me at least. Sheer tops. Speedos. Nylon shorts. Patent leather ballet flats for men? It was like I was revisiting my last Grecian vacation. Give me more.

Lady Gaga

The highlight of the entire week for me was Saturday night when I was invited to help fete Stephen Gan of V Magazine. The party was at Poisson Rouge, a live music venue on Bleecker Street. I didn't want to get too excited, but you had to be stupid not to know what could transpire that night. I was right. There were only 200 of my closest friends. Calvin Klein's Italo Zucchelli, Courtney Love, Jessica Alba, Inez & Vinoodh Matadin, Rose McGowan, et al. At 1am, the lights dimmed and who walked out on stage but Lady Gaga her bad self. Dressed up in seashells and nothing else, she put on the most spectacular 40-minute set I've ever witnessed. It was SPECTACULAR. I was so close to her, I almost had to slap her to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Our very own Joey Jalleo even captured it all on video. Dumbfounded.

Opening Ceremony

Sunday night brought with it the debut collection of my old friends Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of Opening Ceremony, the downtown fashion mecca nobody can get enough of. The show took place on the Super Pier, which, for that week only, Opening Ceremony had also taken over with a weeklong pop-up marketplace. When the lights went down, the curtains were pulled and out came a fleet of revving sports cars to deliver the models down the runway. One by one they emerged from the passenger seats to show the collection. The afterparty took place right on the pier so Rihanna and Justin Bieber didn't have too far to walk after. Incredible.

Pharrell, Daniel Arsham, Purple, Proenza Schouler & Chez André

The end of my week was just as manic as the start. Wednesday night brought with it not one, not two, but THREE parties at both The Standards at the High Line and in the East Village. On the Eastside, our beloved artist friend, Daniel Arsham, debuted his latest collaboration with Pharrell. He created four 1980s Casio keyboards made of glass, steel and volcanic ash. They were broken, chipped and made to look as if they were found 100 years in the future. That was a fairly tame gathering and nothing like what was to come.

On the other side of town, Olivier Zahm of Purple Magazine joined forces with Proenza Schouler at The Top of The Standard for his seasonal Purple Party. Right next door at Le Bain, André Saraiva brought his infamous rock 'n roll karaoke party to the club, hosted by Casey Spooner. I don't really remember what happened that night, which usually is a good sign.

There you have it. Another Fashion Week notch on my designer belt. If you need more fashion intel to suppress those fashion pangs, check out our week's worth of coverage all in one place.



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