Everything Is Going To Be OK

That wit, those graphics, that hair. We admit it: we're Ashkahn uberfans. We carry his stationary in our Shops; when SPiN opened we asked him to create the artwork; and last Summer he created a super fun Hawaiian-style shave ice cart for The Pooldeck of The Standard, Hollywood. Ashkahn's artwork offers a wry, playful view of the world and we couldn't resist letting him take over the 6th Street Mural at The Standard, Downtown LA. Here's what he had to say about it...

STANDARD CULTURE: Tell us about your installation for the 6th Street Mural?

ASHKAHN: The word 'OK' keeps circling around in my head. I hear it all the time so I had to do something about it. It also reminds me of the way I wish I could respond to everyone - with a bunch of OK's.

What do you like most about public art?

EVERYONE can see it. EVERYONE can interact with it.

We love your stationary and cards and carry them in our Shops. Briefly tell us how you got into the greeting card business?

By accident. I made a birthday card for a friend and everyone wanted to know where they got it from. The rest is history. The ideas kept flowing and I found that communicating within the medium is something that brings me true joy.

A small sampling of Ashkahn's cards. See more here.

Describe your perfect day in Los Angeles. Where would you go? Eat?

Walking around the reservoir with my two favorite girls: Heather and my puppy, Shadow. Eating oysters with beer. Making micheladas at home. Heading to Tiki Ti for a drink.

What’s up next for you?

I have no idea. Maybe open a bar. Maybe flee the country in search of paradise. I don't know and I am excited.

Ashkahn's installation for the 6th Street Mural at The Standard, Downtown LA will be on display through the end of October 2014. To see more, check out or follow him on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter.

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