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Crispy the Concierge Answers Your Burning Questions

Meet Crispy. She has a PhD in Miami Studies, a Masters in Magic City, and a Bachelors in Bottom-tology. And as The Standard Spa, Miami Beach's concierge capo, she's answered every question under the sun. We thought we'd highlight a few of her most frequently answered queries here ...

FAQ #1:
What's the best way to get out onto the water?

Crispy: Well, if our StndSEA vessel is otherwise engaged, I'd recommend ringing up Ocean Force Adventures. Kim and her team will take you up the historic Miami River, out through Biscayne Bay and right up to Stiltsville, where you'll get to see porpoises in their natural habitat. Bring plenty of sunscreen, ice, and Rosé.

The appropriately named "Stiltsville"

FAQ #2:
What's up with "Wynwood" and all those painted warehouses?

Crispy: The Wynwood Walls is a community revitalization project started in 2009 where they transformed a bunch of warehouse facades into canvases for artists. Best way to see it is to rent mopeds from Roam Rides and scoot around all the amazingly cool murals. While you're there, zip up to Harry's Pizzeria in the Design District for the best meatball pie in town. For dessert, do some shopping in the luxe boutiques that are popping up all over the place.

Scooting around Wynwood

FAQ #3:
I'm here for two days and it's raining: Why does God hate me? Also, any recommendations aside from watching TV?

Crispy: I mean where do I begin? Here are some easy ones: Miami has two amazing private art collections — Rosa de La Cruz and the Rubell Family — and both are perfect for a rainy day.

From the Rubell collection

Looking for something a bit more ... drunky? Head to Mac’s Club Deuce, a legendary joint tailor made for shenanigans. (Not that I would know.) It's the oldest bar on the beach and, lordy, if those walls could talk. It's filled with tattooed biker boys and gals, beleaguered off-duty hotel workers and the odd 'Page Six' celebrity. It's also open from 8am-5am, which tells you everything you need to know. Remember to drink lots of water!

Nothing like a bar that opens at 8 AM

Planning a trip to Miami? Email Crispy today!

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