Concert of a Lifetime

Artist, flaneur, editor, lover, friend, André Saraiva's latest project, currently on display at Los Angeles' MOCA Grand Avenue, feeds into our collective concert fantasies. Residents of most cities are used to tattered show posters lining their streets. With a wry nod to this bit of urban life, Saraiva's paintings depict lineups that only exist in the corners of his own mind. The paintings are made to look like worn classic concert posters, complete with faded bits and misspellings. The lineups are epic and an unknowing observer could easily become overcome with anticipation but, upon closer inspection, they'd soon realize that while the date and time of the concert is listed, the year is conspicuously absent and the concert is nothing but a dream. The French call it coquette. The rest of us: a tease. Love you little André!

André Saraiva's installation entitled, André Saraiva: Dream Concerts, will be on display in the Broad Lobby of MOCA Grand Avenue in Los Angeles through October 7th.

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