Q&A: Sunset Sets With Miss Monique in Miami

Spotted: Miss Monique, a rising YouTube talent/DJ on the rooftop at The Standard, Miami Beach, recording her 2023 Yearmix.

We caught up with Miss Monique as the sun set...

You’ve become one of the world’s most recognized DJs. How does that feel?

Well, when your output means something for so many people it’s exciting but at the same time it's a big responsibility. Anyway, I’m grateful for the chance to be heard and recognized by so many listeners.

What’s your earliest musical memory?

When I was 16, I had to lie to my mom that I was staying at my best friend's house because in reality I had started to visit nightclubs and explore electronic music. Since those days I’ve been in love with progressive house and parties where people fully enjoy electronic music.

What advice can you share for other female DJs who are just starting?

I don’t differentiate between male or female DJs. I would simply advise to be original.

Your streams are impressive! How did you feel when you started reaching such a wide audience?

I feel happiness because after many years of hard work I’ve got such an incredible present—my listeners.

What is your dream location to play, or record your live session?

As for the locations, I’ve never played at Coachella Festival, for example. It’s one of my dreams. As for the recordings of my podcasts, it’s really hard to say because there are too many incredible places for it.

Looking back on 2023, what was the highlight?

2023 was a great year for my DJ life. I played at Tomorrowland in Brazil, on the main stage of EDC Orlando and played an amazing tour in South America. Also, I had the chance to work on a remix for Robbie Williams as well as Blond:ish and Madonna.

What are you manifesting in 2024?

I’m very excited about 2024 as together with my team we have a lot of plans. This year I’ll play for the first time at festivals including Coachella and Awakenings. Also, I’m gonna visit new places like Singapore, Phuket and Ireland, where I’ve never played before. Of course, I’m planning to spend lots of time in the studio.

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