Cannabis Cures: 7 Products for that Healthy Weed Lifestyle

During these first months of the new year, we’ve been delving into all kinds of curesculinary, spiritual, mental—but we’d be remiss not to mention one essential (if not totally legal) cure...

Weed has come a long way in the past five years or so. With Washington and Colorado going legal for recreational purposes, California heading the right way, and many other states decriminalizing or legalizing for medicinal use, it appears that pot prohibition is finally falling.

One of the pleasant results of this movement towards legalization is the expansion (explosion?) of various pot-based products—from new and novel ways to ingest to topical pain relief to lubricants (you read that right). Yes, in 2016, your options run a good deal deeper than indica versus sativa. Yogis, hikers, gourmands, and good ol’ self-care advocates can all find something that eases their respective ailments at the local dispensary.

Here are seven of the new breed of weed products to help you incorporate greens into your health/self-care regimen.

Medicinal Salve

With upwards of 400mgs of CBD, topical muscle salves do a body good. CBD, for the uninitiated, is a medically-potent, but non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. In other words, it won’t get you high. The CBD is absorbed through the skin, treating pain, inflammation, tension, and sore muscles.
Use it for: Post-workout relief


A tincture is an alcoholic plant extract, and humans have been ingesting herbal tinctures of all sorts, including cannabis, for centuries. Tinctures can be taken in your drink of choice (water or tea are favorites). You can also take it under the tongue. A tincture made with THC will provide the same effect as any edible (a deep, sustaining high)—but there are plenty of CBD tinctures on the market that treat medical issues without making you loopy. 
Use it for: Pain relief or any occasion that requires discretion

Foria Relief

“Can marijuana really help ease menstrual cramps?” This was the question asked by a million blogs in early 2016. Anyone who uses weed for muscle pain probably could’ve answered that one. Foria Relief cannabis-infused suppositories consists of cocoa butter, THC oil, and CBD isolate. The suppositories are inserted vaginally and work to alleviate the pain associated with PMS. Pop them in the freezer 15 minutes before usage.
Use it for: Alleviating cramps, inflammation, and general pain in your party parts

Foria Pleasure

After gaining notoriety with the release of Foria Relief, the Internet found a renewed interest in Foria’s original product, Foria Pleasure—a.k.a. weed lube. The lube, a therapeutic oil consisting of three ingredients (cannabis oil, coconut oil, and love), is meant to enhance the arousal experience. Users have reported feelings of warmth, tingling, and relaxation. The lube comes in a spray bottle, which can be spritzed inside and outside the labia—but the coconut oil makes condoms susceptible to tearing, so you might want to use it for extra-curricular play rather than the deed itself. Because of its all-natural ingredients, Pleasure can also be ingested, but be forewarned: the stuff is strong as an edible. Like, might render you useless for a couple days strong. Everything in moderation, OK?
Use it for: Foreplay, an intimate night of self-love 

Shine Rolling Papers

Ever feel like your weed game isn’t half as luxurious as the rest of your life? Allow us to present to you the world’s first edible (a.k.a. smoke-able) 24K gold rolling papers. It may seem over the top, but Shine adds some shine to your weed experience. Slow-burning and easy on the eyes, these papers are a lovely addition to your arsenal. If you’re more of a silver person, Shine just released a white-gold line comprised of 50% silver, 50% white gold leaf called The White.
Use it for: A special occasion or a luxurious bath (the texture takes better to wet fingers than regular papers) 

Terra Bites Espresso Beans

Kiva’s chocolate-covered, THC-infused espresso beans are a tasty way to get your caffeine and THC fix in one shot. A hybrid of Tanzanian espresso beans and globally-sourced chocolate, people like Terra Bites Espresso Beans for their practical dosage (5mg) and delicious taste. They’re perfect for the edible newcomer (and if you’ve got yourself a tolerance, you can always pop a couple more beans to get you to where you need to be).
Use it for: A low-key Sunday morning (or a high-octane Monday morning) 

Pax Vaporizer

Vaping, or smoking from a vaporizer, is nothing new in the cannabis community, but it’s gotten a bad rap from the general public for being kind of…well, lame. Let’s be real—there’s nothing chic about smoking from a device that looks like a robot’s wang, even if it might be better for your health than smoking. But recent vape pens are increasingly more image-conscious, and the allure of vaping cannot be ignored. Unlike smoke, vapor disappears into the air almost immediately, making it ideal for indoor smoking. There’s also a lot less waste involved—you can hit it at your leisure, without leaving a graveyard of roaches in your wake.
Use it for: A casual pick-me-up, or a sneaky way to get high when you’re hosting judgmental house guests


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