7 Health Tips from The Standard Spa

Sometimes being healthy can be, well let's just say, difficult. Here are a few reminders from The Standard Spa of simple ways to make health and wellness part of your everyday lifestyle.

1) Become more in tune and listen to your body. It has its own intelligence that sometimes gets clouded by the persistence of the mind. Make healthy choices like, slowing down, taking time to meditate, and eating consciously. ~ Mary Robertson, Wellness Coordinator

2) Stay connected to your breath. Your breath stills your mind and draws you inward. It connects you to your truest essence, which is inherently free.~ Carol Garabedian, Anusara Yoga Teacher

3) Monthly massages and take time off for mental relaxation. ~ Arianne Traverso Vinyasa Flow + Acro Yoga Teacher

4) Perform your workout first thing in the morning. Wake up slightly earlier, and get moving. This will then set the tone and pace for the rest of the day. You will feel great, knowing that a major task is completed! ~ Brad Plotkin, Fitness + Health Coach

5) Move your body everyday. Drink more water. Get bodywork or a massage once or twice a month. Incorporate more greens into your diet. ~ Renea Perry, Massage Therapist

6) Experiment until you find the exercise that gives you your endorphin rush – the natural high you get will help you stick to your exercise regimen. Endorphins are believed to enhance the immune system, relieve pain, reduce stress, give that glowing look and ward off premature ageing. Whether you work out two minutes or two hours a day, you’ll still experience that feel-good-rush! ~ Mina Gough, Spa Director

7) A good sleep routine is vital to any exercise program, so make sure you rest and get a good night’s sleep. It's important to focus on both training and sleep, as the changes brought about by exercise take root while we’re at sleep. Sleep promotes immune function and restores metabolic balance. During sleep, brain proteins are increased which affects mental acuity the next day. ~ Amanda Fischer, Massage Therapist

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