Director of Security

Company Background

The Standard is one of the most culturally engaged hotels in the world. Hotels with real cultural life, an inclusive spirit, and a true creative attitude. A destination layered with events and amusements that leave you with an uplifted feeling.

The Standard's irreverent and playful sensibility, combined with careful consideration of design, detail, and service, has established its reputation as a pioneer of hospitality, travel, dining, nightlife, and beyond. The Standard hotels are known for their taste-making clientele, their pioneering design, and their unrelenting un-Standard-ness.

Mission Statement

To create experience by embracing and empowering a diverse collective of team members, collaborators, and guests, who choose to call The Standard home.

Our Purpose

The Standard’s commitment is to be an anchor for each neighborhood in which we reside as well as a platform for culture and creativity. Bringing people together in its spaces to interact with each other in genuine ways.

Our promise is to ensure that a stay is an experience and that memory means making friends and having stories to tell.  To understand why it exists is to understand that The Standard, is a platform for people to meet, to engage, to learn, to dine, to sleep, to dance, hideaway, make-believe, and do so whilst being yourself and having fun doing it.

We think of ourselves as a stage, not just a hotel. Here, you can become whomever you like, even if for just a night. Here, you will meet new friends, find new challenges, eat new food, stay up late, sleep in later, and at times, never even leave the property. We are unapologetically comfortable with disrupting expectations. It’s WHO WE ARE!


Job Title: Director of Security

Department: Administrative and General

Location: The Standard, High Line

Reporting to: Managing Director

Responsible for: Security, Safety, Fire Protection

Job Purpose:

The Director of Guest Relations manages the wellbeing of internal and external guests in and around the property.

Main Duties & Responsibilities  

Maintain complete awareness of:

Scheduled group activities and house count

Hotel facilities and services

Hours of operation

Facility layout

Fire and emergency plans

Departmental rules of conduct

Review department log records and be familiar with pertinent information relevant to all daily shifts. Review the hotel status and follow up actions with all shift agents.

Issue keys and equipment to designated hotel personnel. Maintain accurate records and ensure the safekeeping of such in accordance to hotel procedures

Ensure all non-hotel personnel arriving at employee entrance are properly documented while on property according to hotel policy

Supervise the inspection of employee packages, purses, etc as employees enter or leave the property as designated by hotel policy

Provide escorts for employees in accordance with departmental standards

Ensure that afterhours access into secured hotel areas are properly authorized, monitored and documented in accordance with hotel standards

Hand deliveries received during non-business hours following hotel procedures

Work with outside agencies (i.e., police, fire departments, and emergency services) cooperatively and follow established hotel regulations

Coordinate emergency situations as specified in departmental manual

Monitor surveillance cameras

Investigate all alarms and comply with respective procedures

Patrol the property with specified equipment, checking all designated points and document all actions taken in accordance in departmental standards. Review Deggy logs for all agents.

Resolve safety hazard situations.

Ensure all guest room doors are secured; assist guests with room access in accordance with hotel procedures

Challenge suspicious persons on hotel property in accordance with departmental procedures

Conduct designated investigations of theft or lost items, noise,  and assault complaints, food poisoning and other guest complaints; complete documented reports in accordance with departmental procedures

Responsible for properly handling and documenting any and all lost or missing items from hotel guests, employees, or visitors.

Respond to the scene of guest/employee accident promptly; administer first aid/CPR in accordance to guidelines and comply with all departmental procedures; communicate specified information to EMS/medical personnel as required

Comply with state regulations and hotel guidelines for handling intoxicated guests

Maintain confidentiality of all incidents and hotel reports/documents; release information only to authorized individuals

Promote positive relations with guests and employees alike

Accommodate all guest requests courteously


Answer the departmental telephone within 2 rings, using proper salutations and telephone etiquette

Communicate by radio with designated hotel personnel in accordance with hotel standards

Monitor and handle guest complaints by following procedures and ensuring guest satisfaction

Monitor and maintain cleanliness and working condition of departmental equipments, supplies and work areas

Legibly complete designated reports as specified in departmental guidelines

Document all pertinent information in the daily log

Complete all paperwork and closing duties before leaving

Review hotel status and any follow-up actions with on-coming Guest Relations Agent

Uphold all hotel policies and procedures as outlines in the employee handbook

Observe and report any and all actions, incidents, events, and behaviors to the Managing Director

Specific Requirements:

Understanding: Ability to read, comprehend and carry out instructions according to established procedures

Comprehension: Fluent in the English language

Organizational Skills: Work efficiently, utilize multi-tasking, prioritize tasks

Hygiene and Sanitation: Adherence to uniform, grooming and personal hygiene standards and expectations per SOP’s

Punctuality: Adherence to posted schedule and arrival time and attendance at mandatory meetings when scheduled

Responsibility: Personal comportment in line with Standard, New York policies, standards, and expectations



Prior work experience in a related area

Physical Requirements

Ability to stand for long periods of time

Must be able to walk consistently throughout an 8 hour period

Satisfactorily communicate with guests, management and co-workers to their understanding.


 Compensation and Benefits

This job description is not an exclusive or exhaustive list of all job functions that an employee in this position may be asked to perform from time to time. Due to the nature of the hospitality industry, employees may be required to work varying schedules to reflect the business needs of the hotel which may include overtime, weekends and holidays.

Standard High Line Employer, LLC (the “Company”) is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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