A Festive Tease

A Festive Tease

Get into that holiday spirit at Tease—we've got festive decor galore by Saran Yen Panya, storyteller and founder of the creative Bangkok-based 56thStudio, to accompany our sweet and savory afternoon tea. Naughty or nice, Panya's Christmas tree installation is here to remind you that you're the best gift there is. Placed at the center of our space, the tree is adorned in kitschy, multicolored mirror pieces designed to capture all your best angles.

The Afternoon Tea Menu:


Green Goddess Cone
Avocado, asparagus, broad bean

Smoked Salmon Mousse
Short crust, Ikura, basil pearls

Foie Gras Roulade
Pistachio, raspberry, artichoke

Christmas Club
Turkey breast, glazed ham, cranberry, omelet

Spiced orange, apricot jam, chantilly cream

Chintzy Box
Chia Tea, mango, passion fruit, coconut

Silky Pop
Mandarin, Italian basil, hazelnut

Pinkie Drop
Mixed berry, citrus, cream cheese, eggnog

Toasty Nox
Chestnut, roasted coffee, blackcurrant, dark rum

Chrissie Top
Green apple, rosemary, kiwi, allspice, Greek yoghurt

When: December 1, 2023 - January 31, 2024
Price: THB 980++