Miami Beach

Flight to Monterrey: SelvaRey

Flight to Monterrey: SelvaRey

We're serving up a selection of a special flight of SelvaRey's finest rum, exclusively at Monterrey Bar.

SelvaRey Flight
$40 per person (excludes tax & gratuity)

White Rum 
this three-year-old rum brings youth and vibrancy of fresh-cut sugarcane which is rounded out with notes of caramel and butterscotch

Coconut Rum
this rum breaks the mold by adding elegance, quality, and sophistication to a downtrodden category. infused with a velvety coconut essence into a vibrant two-year-old rum - the result is tropical paradise in a glass.

Chocolate Rum 
rather than use a neutral base spirit like most flavored products, a selected delicious five-year-old rum whose inherent richness is enhanced by the infusion of natural chocolate.

's Reserve
legendary Maestro Ronero hand-selects the best rums from across the best vintages in his collection to create the ultimate blend for this unique rum