Miami Beach

Queer Tarot Readings: Kiki Slugqueen

Queer Tarot Readings: Kiki Slugqueen

A Queer Reading is a one-on-one, intuitive reading that draws insight and guidance from either four of your objects (any four will do!), or Kiki Slugqueen’s original deck of queer tarot cards. 

Kiki Slugqueen is a mystical drag queen who connects with all types of people through the medium of Queer Readings. To celebrate Miami Art Week and the launch of the immersive art experience, Daisies, Kiki Slugqueen is making her way to Miami Beach. She'll also be on site for our Lazy Sunday BBQ.

Wednesday, December 1, 1:30-6PM
The Oasis Terrace (located by The Shop)

Sunday, December 5, 3-6PM
Bayside Docks

First come, first read. Sign up upon arrival.