Miami Beach

Big Bang: A Fusion of Culture and Creativity

Big Bang: A Fusion of Culture and Creativity

Step into the captivating realm of Big Bang, a Miami-based boutique curated by designer and treasure hunter, Paula Selby Avellaneda.

Big Bang is not just a store; it's an ode to the art of conveying culture through skilled craftsmanship. 

From New Delhi to Patagonia, Botswana to Uzbekistan, and everywhere in between, this boutique houses a collection of incredible treasures made by designers and artisans from across the world.

The boutiques mission is to reflect local cultures while presenting a contemporary and creative point of view. 

"It's all about celebrating the origin of the creative impulse and our unique ability as humans to transmit culture through our hands."

Discover collections by Manuel Manufactures (Lausanne/Chennai), Pierre-Luis Mascia (Lago di Como), Lido Swimwear (Venice), Tropic of C (London), Oseree Swim (Milan), Peninsula (Rome), and many more. Plus, a curated selection of vintage jewelry and special items found in Paula's travels.