Miami Beach

Miami Art Week 2023

Miami Art Week 2023


December 2 - January 13

Casa Asta graces The Standard Spa, Miami Beach, exclusively for Miami Art Week through January. Collaborating with store designer Costantino Di Sambuy, who effortlessly navigates between Europe and the US, they bring their vision to life by seamlessly merging tranquil Mediterranean aesthetics with the iconic allure of Miami. Immerse yourself in the unveiling of the “ART OF MIAMI” collection—a sanctuary of fashion, art, music, and design. A place like no other.

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Monday, December 4 - January 4

The Standard has teamed up with Swedish designer Gustaf Westman for a takeover in Café Standard. Westman will showcase his signature aesthetic by displaying some of his most beloved works, including the famed ‘Curvy Mirror.’ The designer’s distinct use of color, curvature and material will transform the space into a whimsical watering hole for locals and travelers.

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December 4 - December 10 

Meet Tilly Talbot, the world’s first AI designer during a site-specific installation, House of Tilly, featuring five ‘future living’ design prototypes co-created by TillyAI in collaboration with human artisans and makers. Tilly was created by Sydney-based Studio Snoop and is programmed with the studio’s core principles of heart-centered design that prioritizes nature and the elevation of positive human experience.

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Thursday, December 7 - Friday, December 8 

Join us for an exclusive two-day event for the mind, body, and spirit with world-renowned wellness experts including Dan Buettner, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Devi Brown, Case Kenny, Julius Thomas, Jillian Turecki, and Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.