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Why We're Voting: Issue 02

Members of The Standard team share their most personal and important ballot issues, and what's powering them towards the polls for this monumental election.
Why are you voting?

It seems like a simple question, but if we've learned anything over these past four years, it's that our country's voting process is complicated, disjointed, and at times incredibly inaccessible. But with a monumental election just days away, we need to fix what's broken, rally together, and head towards the polls unified and relentless. What empowers that strength is a true and authentic reason for voting. Of course, this includes the key ballot issues focused on racial equality, climate change and gun control, to just name a few, but equally important are those nuanced, personal reasons for casting a ballot. Everything is more effective when there's some heart behind it.

Throughout the weeks ahead, all uniformed team members will be wearing these "I'm Voting Because ___" shirts, to raise voting awareness and engagement for our guests, visitors, and surrounding community. We asked some of our team members what's powering them towards the polls this year, and what voting in America means to them, their families, and their future. Read through below. 

Crispy Soloperto

Director of Guest Experience, The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

Why are you voting, and what does this historical election mean to you personally? 
With the continued unapologetic racism, the threats that I may lose my rights as a gay woman, and just the lack of compassion and decency for humanity makes my core hurt.  I cannot stand next to anyone that stands behind this current administration.

Anything else you want to include or say about this year’s election and the importance of voting in general?
We are starving for a future where we ALL are equal and afforded the same rights. To this I say, Toot-A-Loo Trump!

Christian Parker

Front Office Manager, The Standard, High Line

Why are you voting? 
I am voting for the wellbeing of our country and with the hope that future generations no longer have to deal with the reality of police brutality and racism. A future where global warming is seen as a real threat and preemptive measures are taken; a future with a better healthcare system, and a future where humans do not have to fight for basic rights because of the color of their skin, gender or sexual orientation.

I think my choice in shirt speaks for itself. Racism has many faces and systemic is one that white superiority still feeds off. The structure of our country is set up for African Americans and other minorities to be at a continuous disadvantage, so until we have leadership that is willing to dismantle racism of all forms, we will never truly be seen as equal.

What does this historical election mean to you personally? How about to your family?
Being Black and gay, nothing for me ever feels like it is guaranteed, so it's super personal when my basic human rights are always a topic “debate."

Which issues are most important to you?
We are at a point in history where every issue is on the table and every issue is to be taken seriously. It’s very important to not just think of myself when voting, but to consider the country as whole and how my vote affects not just me, but people from all different walks of life.

Anything else you want to include or say about this year’s election and the importance of voting in general?
I think just reflecting on 2020 and everything that has unfolded, we cannot afford another repeat. I am blessed to have a job and my rent paid, but the reality is many are not as fortunate. We need to vote and continue to fight for a government that we can truly trust.

Anthoni Cordova

Sous Chef, The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

Why are you voting, and what does this historical election mean to you and your family?
I’m voting because I believe in equality. Coming from a family of immigrants, with my grandmother migrating to America from Ecuador, I’ve cherished culture along with morals. I’m voting for the families of others that walk in the same path. My vote is my chance to make a change for not only myself but for my family as well. This is my opportunity to have my voice heard. This is my opportunity to take charge of my life and make a difference. 

Which issues are most important to you?
The issue that is most important to me is the inequality in America today. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave. A nation built on immigrants that have been treated with injustice since the beginning. I’m voting to make a change.


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