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Thailand may not be known for its reggae scene, but that hasn’t stopped Roots Tone from spreading positive vibes and raw rhythms across the country. With influences ranging from Jamaican culture to Buddhist philosophy, this group of free-spirited musicians create sounds that are as unique as they are uplifting. We’re just about ready to rocksteady on May 20 at The Pool, but until then, find out more about the band’s evolving style, most memorable gigs and hopes for the future. Sit back, relax and let the good times roll with Roots Tone.

What inspired you to pursue reggae music?

We’ve loved reggae music ever since we learned about Jamaican culture. We are still influenced by bands like Easy Star All Stars, Dry & Heavy, Zenzile and Tooth & the Maytals.

How has your music style evolved?

Our music has evolved into having more positive vibes, zen and psychedelic energy. We believe in the meaning of “Dhamma” (nature) and it helps shape our music.

What has been your most memorable performance so far?

We played our first acoustic gig at Acoustic Weed Trip last month. Everybody smoked cannabis together. It was calm and focused and felt like we were doing a music meditation together.

Can you talk about some of the challenges you have faced as a reggae band based in Thailand?

Our biggest challenge is that we are free agents and we don’t play mainstream music. We have done everything ourselves, we’ve funded with our own wallets and taught ourselves how to spread our music as much as possible.

Do you see the reggae scene in Thailand evolving in the future?

Reggae music in Thailand is currently not widely popular. It is considered non-mainstream music. In the future, reggae will evolve to match hip-hop in popularity—young people listen to reggae music more than ever before. Reggae can be performed in a variety of ways—with a DJ, sound system, or live bands. They all have their own charisma.

How have your diverse backgrounds as a band informed your sound?

We each have our own style and unique background, but we share a belief in “Samsara” and our love of reggae music. So we come together as one and perform our own sound.

Is there anything you want to tell aspiring musicians?

We hope that young musicians will learn to understand true music and create something new to better their community.

Can each band member share their hopes and aspirations for the future of Roots Tone?

Brahman: Roots Tone is a band that will bring you into your free-spirited side using refined meanings from Dharma principles that can be applied to daily life.

Joe: I hope that we will continue our tour, collect experiences and that our next album will come soon. 

NamasteBoon: Roots Tone is a band that aims to be a positive power source. We help listeners regain their willpower to drive their lives forward. 

Khontan: We hope to spread our music to everyone and continue to create alternative sounds. 

Zol: We do not just make music, our desire is to heal the minds of our audience by intervening Buddhist philosophy into our lyrics. 

Mamam: Reggae is the beat of my breath. As a vocalist, we need to perform our music closely to our audience and be happy together whenever they hear our songs.  

What can we expect during your performance at The Standard, Hua Hin?

We hope our music will reach everyone's heart and make them happy. We will try to encourage goodwill for people to drive their life on. 

Join Roots Tone at The Standard, Hua Hin on May 20, 2023 for a night of good music and great vibes by the beach. 

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