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Spelunking FriendsWithYou's "Light Cave"

25 feet tall, 55 feet long, and spanning the length of The Standard Plaza, FriendsWithYou's "Light Cave" – The Standard's latest public art installation at The Standard, High Line – rises over 13th street like a benevolent, incandescent creature from another realm.

If not quite an oxymoron, "Light Cave" is certainly a playful inversion of what one might expect from a "cave," casting an otherworldly rainbow glow upon the street scene and the people below. The LA-based collaborative duo of Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III set out to create a public piece that is as joyful as it is mysterious. Calling it a "cathedral of spirit," their goal with this piece – as with all of their public art installations – is to create "a place of wonder and awe, play and exploration. We feel creating a spectacle of this size allows for people to be present, conscious and that is our goal to expand consciousness. It will be different for everyone and different day and night."

Whether you're a fan of metaphysical, or strictly the physical delights, one thing is for sure: it's hard to feel anything but good when bathing in its incandescent glow.

Now through October 11th, use #lightcave in your 'grams and you can pick up a print of your pic at the Shop.

Co-produced by Art Production Fund
Video production by 2.35
Directed by Markus Marty

Photo by Alyssa Ringler

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