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Songs From Away with Sophie Auster

We're really missing live shows. Especially since we're used to so much of them right in our own home, with the Annie O Music Series, featuring the coolest and most up-and-coming artists in music. During this time apart, we're gonna try and ease those pangs with Songs From Away, a video series featuring artists performing from various locations across all our hotels. First up is our dear friend Sophie Auster, live from The Penthouse at The Standard, East Village. Ahead of recording the videos below, Annie spoke with Sophie about how she's been finding inspiration and creativity during the pandemic, and the unexpected ways she's connected with her fans and herself.
You have been very active during this difficult period. Tell us about some of the things you have been doing.
I have been doing weekly Instagram lives every Friday. I alternate between live music, cover requests from my audience, and interviews and conversations. I am also a founding member of a political activism group called Writers Against Trump, and we are working hard to help mobilize people to vote in November.

Tell us about your Friday podcast. 
Because I can’t tour or perform in front of a live audience right now, I decided to start being more active on my social media. The IG Lives have really connected me to my audience during this time in a way I wasn’t before. The live [streams] have helped me stay in really good voice and on my toes, since every other week they request new songs for me to cover. So, I’m singing all the time and learning new material. I didn’t realize how appreciative my fans would be, but they really like it, and I do too. For now, it fills the void of performing live and touring.
Have you written new music?
Yes! I’ve been working on tons of new music and I hope to start working with a producer soon to create a new EP or album.

We are happy to start the virtual Songs From Away Annie O series with you. How do you feel about this new reality of streaming music on video instead of live?
Thank you. I’m happy to be the first musician to kick off this new series. I think in times like these we have to be able to adapt. I miss performing in front of a live audience, but our health and safety must be number one priority. I’m happy as long as I can perform and share my music in some way with people.

How do you stay inspired these days?
It’s not always easy. I try to practice a routine of waking up in the morning and sitting down to write till the late afternoon. I then have to move around, so I’ve been doing workouts with an app called the sculpt society. It’s dance aerobics, so I really get my energy out, and it helps me stay positive and calm. It’s a very uncertain time and anxiety is running high. I try to use all the mixed feelings I’m experiencing and put them into my songs.

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