Your September Horoscope: Find Your Gratitude

While ushering in the productivity of a crisp, new fall season, September also asks us to turn inward, tread gently, and work collaboratively for a better whole. As green leaves may start to turn metaphorically and literally in our world, let us find our gratitude. As the late Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Mary Oliver, a Virgo, so eloquently said, "Believe us, they say, it is a serious thing just to be alive on this fresh morning in the broken world." We believe.
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Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Aries, Summer is so over and, whether you like it or not, you are now back in work mode. September begins with a highly productive New Moon in Virgo at 14 degrees arriving September 6, with positive aspects to rebel Uranus. This lunation promises to be exciting and is encouraging you to dissolve old patterns and habits. Your health, self-care, and daily routine get an infusion of fresh energy, so book those health appointments, nourish your body, shake up your exercise routines, and experiment. Virgo is a micromanager and is all about being efficient, practical, and productive. Stay focused, determined, and just a tad obsessive; you will be astonished at what you can accomplish over the next two weeks. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters Scorpio on September 10. Your 8th house of intimacy, sex, and personal transformation host Venus until October 6. Intimate relationships get real; the desire for emotional depth, honestly, and closeness is paramount. It is a reflective time when you prefer being with those with whom you have deep connections. The significant alignment for you occurs on September 14 when your head honcho Mars enters Libra, activating your 7th house of relationships. Mars comes around every two years, offering you the opportunity to compromise and collaborate. Take a pause, breathe, and listen to others' needs. Your innate strengths are to stand up for those without power or a voice. Do get into some good trouble and uphold fairness or justice for those who can not. Instead of getting into petty arguments with your partner, channel your energy and fierceness boldly and wisely. A full moon in Pisces at 28 degrees arrives on September 20, inviting you to slow down, retreat, and recharge. This lunation is highly emotional, sensitive, and can feel overwhelming. So, Aries, dwell in your tenderness, listen to music, tune out, and please be gentle with yourself. The fall equinox occurs on September 22 as the Sun ingress into Libra, emphasizing your 7th house of committed relationships, both personal and professional. On September 28-October 10, Mercury will retrograde in Libra, also in your 7th house of committed relationships. Slow down, listen to others' points of view, aim for harmony rather than disruption. Calm your fiery response, be objective, or at least try to, please.  This fall, the universe has a message for you to learn to compromise, dear Aries, be a team player, and stand up for the underdog. Be your bold, courageous, loving self this September!

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

“To connect” is your motto this September, Taurus, as the month kicks off with a new moon in Virgo on September 6. This lunation is powerful and aligns with disruptive Uranus in the best way.  You should feel the fall energy of back-to-school or work after summer vacay. You’re getting a wake-up call, but don’t hit decline. Answer it! Expect excitement and fast-paced energy to ignite your 5th house of creativity, romance, and joy! Challenge yourself to drop old habits that don’t serve you and adopt healthier ones, whether you pick up pickleball or completely shift career paths. The cosmos have your back with a bonus: you will receive all kinds of positive support through your interactions with others. We’ve been isolated long enough; just be safe as possible as there isn’t an all-clear quite yet. Virgo is a sign of productivity and efficiency. Get out there and find your joy or source of new inspiration. Venus, your Goddess ruler, enters intense Scorpio on September 10. Your 7th house of committed and professional relationships calls you to connect from a place of honesty; your gut will identify those who are not as honest. Venus in Scorpio demands intimacy, emotional depth, and merging. It is an introspective time, an opening to promote comfort and emotional safety with those to whom you feel the most connected. Have those uncomfortable conversations. As tempting as it may be to fall into the shadow traits of Venus in Scorpio—jealousy, control, and possession, you must actively listen and tap into love.  For those dating, beware of stalkers and tendencies toward OCD relational attachments. And Taurus, please don’t lead with your signature stubbornness. Use these connections to transform conflict into opportunities for growth and healing. Mars, the warrior planet, enters peace-loving Libra on September 14th. This occurs just once every two years as Mars spotlights relationships and compromise. With Mars in Libra, justice, fairness, and balance rule. You can’t tip the scales.  When it comes to health, find providers you trust.  At work, rapport is critical, even on Zoom! Do speak up for those who are afraid or unable to do so; they need Taurus’s calm, centered tenacity. The full moon in Pisces arrives in your house of friendships and social networks on September 20. It is a moon overflowing with feeling, emotions, sensitivity, and healing. Certain relationships fall by the wayside, creating space for new ones. Mercury goes retrograde in Libra from September 28-October 10, joining Mars and the Sun in your sixth house of health, work, and daily routine. Review and wrap up what you’ve started. You will be so productive this month. No overthinking and starting things anew, but do think twice before clicking send on any communications. As you connect this September, be true; be real, and be authentically you, Taurus!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Gemini, you like activity, and September promises to deliver. The new moon in Virgo at 14 degrees arrives on September 6, aligning with innovative Uranus and activating your home and hearth. The easy energy flow allows you to effortlessly break free of constraints. Your home and family life get an infusion of Virgo's attention to detail, efficiency, and precision. Get busy! Within two weeks, you can Marie Kondo your entire place, plant a garden, or digitize your home. Virgo is productive, aims for function, efficiency, and beauty. Venus, the planet of love, enters Scorpio on September 10. Venus in Scorpio is intense, passionate, emotional, possessive, dwelling in the deep emotional depths. It’s time for having those uncomfortable conversations, the ones that can lead to healing, so ditch the cell and be present. The daily grind, your self-care, and work receive Venus’s touch until October 2, allowing you an astute awareness of your motivations, of yourself, and the ability to identify those whom you can genuinely trust. Mars moves into Libra on September 14, igniting your 5th house of romance, creativity, and kids. Aim for having harmonious relationships and collaborations, Libra in Mars cares about fairness, justice, and equality, so speak up for those who do not have a voice, use your social media and savvy communications skills to benefit others. A full moon in Pisces at 28 degrees arrives on September 20. This potent lunation involves letting go of what needs to end while arousing your compassion and kindness. Be tender with yourself on this emotional moon. The most significant aspect arrives on September 28, when your CEO, Mercury, goes retrograde in Libra, joining Mars and Sun in your 5th house of creativity, fun, and romance. Utilize the retrograde to your advantage rather than to go full-blown Karen; it is a pause, a reset, redo, revise, and rethink, revealing what needs to be improved upon. Pay attention to your creative projects, your kids, romance, or simply finding you joy. Where do you need to shift? The energy is cerebral, similar to you, but be aware of your mind and excessive thinking or rumination. Please double-check all correspondence before you hit send! Welcome back to the glorious grind, Gem!

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Hit refresh, Cancer, because September begins with the arrival of a  new moon in Virgo at 14 degrees on September 6. This potent lunation aligns positively with Uranus, prompting you to liberate yourself from old patterns of behaviors or habits. As a result, your attitude, thoughts, and ways of communicating can dramatically improve, eliciting a major attitude adjustment. Start with the simple task of being grateful every single day. Gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Instead of ruminating about your inner thoughts, imagine ways to be of service. Virgo is analytical, efficient, productive, and organized. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters Scorpio in your 5th house of romance, the arts, kids, and joy. Scorpio dwells in the subterranean emotional realms, a soul-satisfying world for you. Channel your inner child and play! Be aware of obsessiveness in romance, creativity, or dealing with your kids. Mars, the planet of desire, enters Libra on September 14 for a 6-week stay, activating your 4th  house of home and family, prompting you to pour your energy into your living space and your loved ones. This may also reveal hidden conflicts in your home life, so tread lightly. Do consider others with your choices and actions, keep the peace and remain grateful. The full moon in Pisces at 28 degrees arrives on September 20, aligning with spiritual Neptune, the higher expression of love, compassion, and empathy. This lunation is a deluge of emotions, even for you, so be gentle with yourself. You are highly sensitive and feel the suffering of others.  Full moons are releases and culminations, creating an opening for something new to emerge. Listen to music, swim in the ocean, gaze at the moon, connect with your higher self. Do spread your caring compassion widely! Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde in Libra on September 28. Libra is an air sign so there is a lot of mental chatter, so do be mindful of overthinking and indecision. Use this time to revise, redo, and repair projects and plans. As busy as you may be, it is time to pause and slow down as you methodically maneuver your mastery throughout the month. Relish in every moment of it, Cancer!

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Put your best foot forward, as September offers many promising opportunities. A new moon in Virgo at 14 degrees arrives on September 6, activating your 2nd house of values, talents, and cash flow. This positive lunation aligns with disruptive Uranus, shaking you out of complacency with ease. While Virgo meticulously tends to the details acting borderline anal retentive, Uranus urges you to break free from old constraints. Never one to hold back, take that risk, Leo, start a new business, raise your fees, or release what holds you back in valuing yourself. You are worth it. Get your cash flow flowing and your bitcoin coming! Virgo’s new moon is like a strict accountant, and although it is tedious, do create a budget or talk to a financial adviser. Venus enters intense Scorpio on September 10 in your 4th house of home and family. Scorpio is private, intense, and desires deep emotional connection. It is an introspective time, giving you insight into hidden motivations with loved ones. So hang in at home, where you'll find your comfort, beauty, and emotional security. Although your home is your sanctuary, be aware of possessive or controlling behaviors. An obsessive Leo is way too much drama to handle; you may want to book that therapy appointment in advance. The tempo of life speeds up when passionate Mars enters Libra on September 14 in your house of communications, community, and your attitude. You may be busy with writing, editing, sharing knowledge, and getting involved with your community. Libra is cerebral; you can overthink or get indecisive, so it’s best to collaborate with others. Libra wants harmony, but in Mars he tends to be passive-aggressive, so refrain from sending those kinds of emails or texts; when in doubt, send a cute emoji. The full moon in Pisces at 28 degrees arrives on September 20, aligning with mystical Neptune. Your intimate relationships, shared resources, and personal transformation receive this lunation’s light. Leo, open up your tender heart and allow the emotions to surface, releasing old wounds and hurts. Toss the filters and show your vulnerable side. Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde on September 28 in Libra, doing so in your house of communication, so be sure to triple check all correspondence before hitting send. Then, take a pause, revise, review, and rethink; you get to edit all the projects and plans you've put in motion.  Use this time as an opportunity to get things right as opposed to getting things right now!

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Happy Birthday, dear Virgo! And even though you didn’t ask for any, the cosmos have a few gifts to offer you. September 6 is a high-energy day in the celestial skies. The new moon in Virgo at 14 degrees arrives, so get ready to pop some bubbles, because this is your personal new year. This positive lunation aligns with rebellious Uranus, freeing you from constraints you've imposed upon yourself; it is so liberating! On the same day, Mars in your sign teams up with powerful Pluto, bestowing upon you fierce determination and focus combined with strategic efforts and problem-solving. This dynamic duo is a powerhouse, your very own personal Jay Z and Beyonce, your Carville and Matalin, your peanut butter and jelly or your gin and tonic! Loving Venus aligns with expansive Jupiter, showering you with support, love, luck, and abundance. What a day! Do seize the opportunities it offers you. Be kind to yourself, so nix the self-critical, fuss-budget side of your personality. Aim instead to project the deeper, Virgo soul, the one who refines and elevates all you encounter. Venus, the planet of love, enters Scorpio in your 3rd house of communication, siblings, and community. Venus can make you aware of how much love and beauty you encounter daily. Virgo, don't look for the flaws; see the beauty through the imperfections. Would you please let others know how much you care for them?  Your words can heal; use them wisely. The planet of action Mars, moves into Libra on September 14, igniting your 2nd house of money, talents, and your values. Virgo, your success is realized through collaborations rather than working solo. Get creative, start a new project, launch a business or increase your fees. Please do not judge your self worth on your bank account; you are so much richer than that. The full moon in Pisces at 28 degrees arrives on September 20, in your 7th house of committed relationships. This lunation resonates with mystical Pisces, and it is an emotional, sensitive moon. Open your heart to soul-satisfying love and tenderness. Be gentle with yourself, and others, as we’re all feeling more vulnerable on this potent full moon. Lastly, your ruler Mercury goes retrograde on September 28 in Libra. Retrogrades are a pause, a chance to go back to review and revise. Everything occurs so quickly now; Mercury in retrograde is a reprieve from our fast-paced world. Instead of fighting it, embrace it! Cheers to another great trip around the Sun!

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Ready to kick summer to the curb, Libra? Fall beckons as the universe offers you a reprieve to recharge and get inspired in the first two weeks of September. The month kicks off with the New Moon in Virgo, activating your 12th house of solitude, reflection, and inner peace. It is where your hidden strengths dwell. Now's the time to book a wellness retreat, go hiking in the mountains, learn to surf, and take a solo vacation. You've got Virgo ruling this area of your life; she wants you to turn inward and focus on self-care. Venus will trine lucky Jupiter on this lunation, gifting you support and abundance. The cosmos have your back, Libra; just trust them. Venus, your Goddess ruler, moves into Scorpio on September 10. Venus in Scorpio is introspective, encouraging you to choose to spend time with those with whom you have deep emotional bonds. She also activates your 2nd house of self-worth, talents, and money. What hidden talents of yours have yet to emerge and how can you materialize upon them? Perhaps it’s time to launch a new business. Financial opportunities and negotiations are favorable.  Check out investing in NFT's digital art based on cryptocurrency or get in on the buzzy bitcoin action. You love beautiful things, yes, but pull in the reins on extravagant spending. Wait until your birthday to spend, deal? You are officially out of hiding on September 14, as Mars, the planet of desire, makes his two-year debut in Libra. You'll feel more energized and more ambitious than usual; it is a reawakening, Libra!  You can further your goals and assert yourself, and show the world what you can do, so go charm 'em, Libra. The full moon in Pisces at 28 degrees arrives on September 20 in your 6th house of daily routine and self-care. This potent lunation aligns with spiritual Neptune; it is an emotional moon. It can be overwhelming; tend to self-care, take the day off, gaze at the moon, or align yourself with a higher source. Having compassion toward yourself and others is the best medicine. At the end of the month on September 28, Mercury goes retrograde in Libra. In retrograde, you get to take a pause, to review and edit, so embrace the next three weeks rather than fight it. Be sure to handle miscommunications in your gracious Libra manner, by always taking the high road. Despite the old adage, you, Libra, won’t be falling behind anytime soon!

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Time to get to work, Scorpio! The month kicks off on September 6 with a positively productive new moon in Virgo at 14 degrees. This lunation ignites your 11th house of friends, acquaintances,  social networks, and community. Now is the time to connect with like-minded folks and curate meaningful connections that contribute to a higher ideal. Scorpio, you're never on the fence about anything; it's all or nothing with you. Virgo is all about the details; she creates order out of chaos, the perfectionist always seeking to improve and be of service. The Virgo energy is best utilized in organizing and leading groups. You're brilliant at it. Mars teams up with powerful Pluto, both your rulers, bestowing fierce determination. Scorpio, when you channel these energies, absolutely nothing can stop you, so gather your tribe, and make a difference in this chaotic, crazy world. Get into some good trouble! Venus, the planet of love, enters Scorpio on September 10. Venus affects your manner of self-expression; you'll radiate warmth with the desire to relate to others. In turn, people are attracted to you, so spend time with friends, socialize, and enjoy the feelings of graciousness that Venus bestows. Scorpio, you are naturally magnetic, and with Venus here, that magnetism is off the charts. A significant alignment arrives on September 14, when your head honcho Mars enters Libra. Mars burrows in your behind-the-scenes 12th house and makes his first visit in two years. While Mars hides out in the 12th house, you may not feel as assertive or ambitious or your efforts may go unnoticed. Therefore, it is best to work solo. At the same time, you may feel more inspired by releasing your ego and engaging in volunteer work or spiritual practice. Scorpio, you're private and do well working alone. So embrace these six weeks; in October, Mars comes out of hiding, so relish in the solitude while you can. The full moon in Pisces at 28 degrees arrives on September 20 in your 5th house of romance, joy, kids, and creativity! This creative, tender moon is aligned with mystical Neptune, so indulge your senses, gaze at the moon, dance, listen to music, have an aphrodisiac, and escape from the world's harshness. It is a magical lunation, creative and romantic, exuding emotion. You live in the subterranean depths of feelings, so go howl at the moon! Mercury goes retrograde in Libra in your 12th house of retreat on September 28th, so put the call on mute, tune out and tune in. Use this time to reflect, revise, and rethink; it is a pause, a reprieve. You're not going off the grid; after all your recent gregariousness, it is wise to spend time alone longing for those lazy days of summer in between working on your next big deals.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Mute the volume on your inbox alerts because it’s gonna be a noisy month with the sound of career opportunities pinging you! The new moon in Virgo at 14 degrees arrives on September 6, a positive lunation aligning with rebellious Uranus and freeing you from constraints you've imposed upon yourself. It is liberating! The new moon ignites your 10th house of career and standing in the world. It is a fresh start, a new beginning. Virgo is analytical, efficient, detailed, and a workhorse. Get focused and dream big as always, Sagittarius!  Venus will trine expansive Jupiter on the same day, with exciting opportunities that can enhance your life. It is a supportive and fortunate alignment. Seize the day! Venus, the planet of love, enters Scorpio on September 10; for the next four weeks, she will dwell in your 12th house of retreat and solitude. Venus in Scorpio offers you the opportunity to turn inward, face old wounds and hurts from the past. It is a time of healing and introspection. You'll want to be with those with whom you share deep bonds and trust. You may have to take care of a loved one, and it is a time of selfless giving. Mars, the planet of action and desire, enters Libra on September 14. Mars the warrior isn't too happy in the sign of love. In Libra, he has to play fair, cooperate, and consider others. He does best when speaking up for the underdog or those without a voice; fairness, equality, and balance are Libra's gifts. Mars comes around every two years to give you an infusion of energy and a cosmic boost, igniting your 11th house of friends, social networks, and like-minded people. Time to expand your social networks, be proactive, share information and ideas, and get involved. A significant full moon in Pisces at 28 degrees arrives on September 20, activating your home and family. Sensitivity, intuition, and a flood of feelings can occur. Please be gentle with yourself and your loved ones. Full moons are endings, a time to surrender, release, and to let go. This lunation is aligned with Neptune; you or your loved ones may feel overwhelmed or emotional. Listen to music, share comfort foods, gaze at the moon, and create space for yourself. Always the happy optimist, Sag, a good cry may be just what you need. Mercury goes retrograde on September 28 in Libra, in your 11th house of friends, community, and social networks. Take a pause; you may feel inspired to reconnect with old groups and friends rather than join new ones. To whom do you feel most connected? Remember, not every connection has to be your best friend, but some may end up being your best contacts. Work it, Sag!

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Capricorn, summer’s over, but don’t take off the sunglasses just yet because you're back in the spotlight! The new moon in Virgo at 14 degrees arrives on September 6, aligning with rebellious Uranus and adding excitement to this positive lunation. Virgo is detailed, analytical, and a fastidious planner. This lunation is activating the 9th house of travel, wisdom, and spirituality. Expand your mind, Capricorn; you are a wise soul, so tap into your innate wisdom through learning, traveling, or meeting a guru. Be sure to keep an open mind. On the same day, Venus will trine expansive Jupiter supporting you with exciting possibilities to enhance your life. Carpe diem because YOLO! Venus, the planet of love, enters Scorpio on September 10, igniting your social networks. Venus in Scorpio is reflective, dwelling in your emotional realm. She, like you, prefers being with a few close, trusted friends with whom you share deep bonds. You can enchant a room, yet the velvet ropes will only part for your chosen few. For those who are single, friends can become lovers. Mars, the planet of action, is in Libra for the next six weeks. Mars goes around every two years to jump-start your 10th house of career. Your ambition to achieve and succeed is lit! To achieve your goals, you have to adjust and consider others. Cap, you can not do this solo. You tend to be stoic while taking on all responsibility; ease up and collaborate. For the next six weeks, nothing can stop you, so map your ascent and start climbing! A significant full moon in Pisces at 28 degrees arrives on September 20, welcoming an intuitive, tender, and highly emotional lunation. Full moons are culminations, endings, releases, and surrenders, so be gentle with yourself, create space to self-soothe, and quiet your mind. Mercury goes retrograde on September 28 in Libra, joining Mars and the Sun in your 10th house of career. The projects you've been working on are now ripe for review, edits, and revisions. Take a pause and embrace this period to refine and improve upon all your hard work. Think of it as a blessing. Capricorn, you've always been a high achiever, but now you've taken it to the stratosphere! Keep those sunglasses on because your future looks brilliant!

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Get ready for some exciting transformations this September, Aquarius! A new moon in Virgo at 14 degrees arrives on September 6, aligning with rebel Uranus in your 8th house of transformation, intimacy, and shared resources. This potent lunation is an opening to look inward and let go of what holds you back. Allow yourself to open up to exciting new possibilities, to experiment and shake things up! But, first, you've got to release these old habits or entrenched patterns. Your intimate relationships can deepen as you open up. For the next two weeks, sort out your finances; Virgo is that strict accountant, thorough, efficient, and detailed. It is an ideal time to refinance and invest. Venus and expansive Jupiter, giving added support and abundance, manifest as a guardian angel by your side. Lovely Venus enters your house of career on September 10 when she enters Scorpio. Your professional relationships are favorable; your primary goal is to work harmoniously with others. You can radiate and attract attention to elevate your professional standing.  Those colleagues you trust, keep them close. As for the others, meh. Move on. Mars, the planet of action, enters Libra on September 14 for a six-week stay, shifting the energies by making his two-year return to stir up your 9th house of higher learning, philosophy, and travel. You can be drawn to pursue creative, intellectual work that expands your mind and worldview. Seek out experiences that open you up to new dimensions that enhance your present beliefs. Adventure is calling! Be sure that you harness your desire for new experiences into something constructive. A potent full moon arrives on September 20 in Pisces at 28 degrees. Full moons are culminations, a time to let go, to surrender. A Pisces lunation is overwhelmingly emotional, intuitive, and creative. Aquarius, you're cerebral and not too comfortable in the emotional realms; you will definitely feel this one. Dive into your creative side, tap into your talents, but be gentle with yourself. At the end of the month, Mercury will go retrograde for three weeks on September 28. Take a pause and slow down, especially if the work is too hectic. These retrogrades allow you to revise and rethink what you've been doing. He joins Mars in your 9th house, so be aware that if you made travel plans, they might not go as planned; after the past year and a half, we've all learned to go with the flow. Give your Mercury retrograde due diligence, back up electronics, double-check all correspondence before hitting send. Transformative months like these can be chaotic, but also cathartic so enjoy every moment!

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
Pisces, love, relationships, and more love are among September's many offerings. The month, with a favorable new moon in Virgo at 14 degrees, truly kicks off on the 6th, lighting up your 7th house of committed relationships, both personal and professional. The lunation trines with rebel Uranus, liberating you from old patterns with ease. It is exciting energy, with new possibilities, within your committed relationships. For those in committed relationships, this is the time to fall in love again. Single Pisces, time to mingle. Business partnerships can thrive now, and if you are looking to collaborate, do it. Pisces, you are so good at taking care of those you love. With Virgo ruling your house of partnerships, your natural inclination is to fix, organize, and bring order to your partner's life. Consider doing that for yourself sometimes. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters Scorpio on September 10. Venus in Scorpio, a fellow water sign, is the nonverbal communication, the look across the room, the deep emotional connection. Plan a trip to a place you’ve never been to or visit an art museum. Through new experiences, you will derive the most benefit. You'll be attracted to those who are different, exotic or those who expand your world. You're viewing love and all of its beauty with a more open mind. Mars, the planet of desire, moves into Libra on September 14. Mars returns every two years to boost and jump-start this area of your life. Pisces, your house of intimacy, transformation, and shared resources, has passionate Mars dwelling there for six glorious weeks! The real stuff within relationships happens here; love based on authentic intimacy.  You will not settle for less; you have deep, craving bonds. Do be proactive in your partnerships and finances. Refinance, sort out your taxes, credit, debt, and investments.Your full moon in your sign, Pisces, at 28 degrees, arrives on September 20. Mystical Neptune aligns with this lunation; it is highly intuitive, tender, emotional, and healing. Full moons are endings, a surrender, so let go of hurts, wounds, or misunderstandings. Pisces, you're devoted to others but direct that devotion to yourself on this Full Moon. Please be gentle with yourself; you teach us how to dream and get inspired by the universe. Mercury turns retrograde in Libra on September 28; take a much-needed pause during this time as life is beyond hectic these days. Retrogrades give you a second chance to review and revise. Although, in Libra, the energy is cerebral, do be mindful of overthinking and second-guessing. When in doubt, love conquers all Here's to love, dear Pisces.


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