Your June Horoscopes

From our favorite astrologer Lori Bell, here's what the stars have in store in June...
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Mercury loves nothing more than to be in Gemini and that’s where he does his best work. Prepare for boosts in communication, a clear-minded sense of perspective and curiosity. You’ll feel eager to connect, seeking lively chats and witty banter. This clearheaded time opens us up to exchanging ideas. Successful negotiations and effective communication really thrive when Mercury’s in this position.

June 4 is Mercury Day. First, he aligns with powerful Pluto, offering persuasive, solution-driven, strategic clarity. Later, Mercury joins Jupiter, creating one of the month's best alignments, bringing wisdom, optimism and good news! Time for meaningful connections, generosity of ideas and a love for sharing, so reach out to others. Seize these two weeks of Mercury in Gemini!



On June 17, Mercury makes a grand entrance, arm in arm with loving Venus and the energy shifts from our heads to our hearts. On the 17th, we easily feel grateful, understood and close to those we adore; It's one of the best days of the month to let people know how much we appreciate them. Send that heartfelt text, call your parents and share those sweet memories with those you love.

As we settle into an emotional space, our minds tune into our feelings, home and family, making us more reflective and private. Listen to your heart and inner world. There's a gentle, caring approach to communicating: We can truly hear others and be fully present with them.



The New Moon in Gemini arrives on June 6, with five planets in the sign. It brings a social, lively, playful and mentally stimulating energy—imagine Gemini on steroids! The Sun, conjunct with Venus and Mercury, encourages us to engage and share new ideas with others. Our interactions and connections will propel us forward.

However, restrictive Saturn squares the New Moon, creating inner tension and practical limitations. It feels like a reality check as we are overloaded with ideas and innovations. Tap into your responsibility gene, but remain open to spontaneity.  Keep your schedule clear and don't let Saturn dampen the vibe too much. The Sun, closely conjunct Venus, is at the heart of this New Moon, emphasizing the desire for connection, belonging and enjoyment. Socialize, flirt and share ideas – it's time to let your curious side shine. 

This New Moon emphasizes mutable energy, a significant shift for the next 12 months. Embrace adaptability and flexibility, like a palm tree swaying with the wind. When setting your intentions on this powerful New Moon, think big picture and long-term, as it's linked to Jupiter in Gemini. Permit yourself to change your mind and plans; be spontaneous and adaptable. Navigate the changes gracefully and enthusiastically and watch your intentions unfold over the coming year.



The energy shifts dramatically as we leave fiery Aries and enter grounded Taurus. It may feel like slamming on the brakes as Mars makes his entry. We'll move slower and more methodically for the next six weeks. Mars in Taurus wants to plan before taking action…and while some find this approach frustrating, others prefer it. In Taurus, Mars is to his detriment. We must be creative in dealing with what arises. Mars in Taurus is determined and will plan before acting.

It's frustrating, but we need to consider what needs adjusting. Fortunately, the slower pace allows us to focus on details and ensure our actions are purposeful. Mars's energy in Taurus is inconsistent, so our motivation, productivity and confidence may fluctuate. Be patient with yourself and don't get discouraged by setbacks. How? The best antidotes to frustration are being in nature, listening to music, enjoying a good meal and indulging in simple pleasures. Appreciating beauty and abundance can help us stay grounded. 



Venus in Cancer encourages us to embrace the joy of nurturing ourselves and others. She exudes tenderness and deeply cares for all that we love. Relationships thrive when we lovingly tend to them. Venus in Cancer naturally makes others feel safe and emotionally supported: It's like a hug that makes us feel loved and secure. 

As the embodiment of feminine wisdom, Venus intuitively aligns with life's natural rhythms. She prefers simple pleasures such as home-cooked meals or expressing love through meaningful gestures. While we may feel more emotionally sensitive, it's an opportunity to open our hearts and be vulnerable. Embrace Cancer's tenderness and let it inspire you to spread that loving kindness everywhere!



Cancer Season begins with the Summer Solstice, a significant turning point for the Sun. This is a solar invitation to pause. It’s a turning point, an adjustment or a reorientation. Pause to reflect upon what you want to initiate or create for the next six months. 

Cancer Season is more protective, instinctual and emotionally responsive. There is a deep yearning for home, togetherness, safety and security. Food, family, home and history are lit up — who or what are you thinking of? You feel protective over those you cherish, with a yearning to belong. Nourish what’s really important to you! Time to soften and let your guard down while soaking in the tender, loving care of Cancer. Show your emotional side and express how much you love those around you. Now is the time.


The Full Moon in Capricorn on June 21 follows the busy, buzzy, overstimulating Gemini season. The energy shifts as we move out of our heads into our bodies, offering an anchoring and ground vibe. Now is the time to slow down and reflect. With Saturn in Pisces ruling the lunation, we might feel more reserved and take time to process our emotions privately. 

Capricorn's strong awareness of time encourages us to use it wisely, prompting us to rethink how we spend our time and energy. It's an excellent opportunity to set boundaries and be more intentional. Capricorn's influence pushes us to prioritize long-term security and stability, even if it means making sacrifices now for future benefits. Capricorn and its opposite sign, Cancer, have an instinct for self-care, prioritizing safety and stability over impulsive moves.

Here's what's happening for your Sun sign in June 2024...


Summer’s here and it’s time to be social! Lean into invitations, travel and family connections this month. The first two weeks of June are bursting with mentally stimulating energy and creative ideas as five planets align in Gemini. With Venus joining the Sun in this air sign, engage in meaningful conversations and share your ideas, as these interactions will catapult you toward your dreams. Jupiter, the celestial beacon of growth and abundance, is now in Gemini, showering its blessings upon your house of communication and daily life for the next 12 months. Embrace adaptability and carve out space for spontaneous opportunities and connections. This is where the true magic unfolds! As Cancer season begins on June 21, prioritize nurturing time with loved ones. Wanderlust will beckon toward the end of the month, so plan your summer getaway now!



Prepare for a wave of new ideas. You’re about to feel stimulated and excited, in ways that boost your financial situation. You’re pragmatic with money but five planets in curious Gemini will inspire you to take some leaps. The key word? Diversify. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, entered Gemini last week for a year-long stay in your houses of money and self-worth. To maximize this opportunity, try to be adaptable and flexible, even if it's not your natural inclination. Mars, the warrior planet, enters your sign on June 9, giving you an extra dose of confidence, charm and a magnetic presence. That said, resist the urge to boss everyone around. As the Sun moves into Cancer on June 21, the energy will slow down, which may be more to your liking. Your ruler Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is in nurturing Cancer, surrounding you with love and support. Take a moment to appreciate the love present in your daily life and the beauty around you. As the Full Moon illuminates your ninth house, start booking your next trip.



Happy Birthday, Gemini! The cosmos is celebrating your special season, promising an auspicious year. Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, bestows blessings upon you as he resides in your sign for the next 12 months. Mercury, Venus and the Sun join in on the Gemini party, amplifying your natural charisma and wit. Your charming ability to engage in conversation allows you to work the room like no other. On June 4, Venus conjuncts the Sun, commencing a new Venus cycle. This day is all about love; share it widely and surround yourself with those who appreciate your brilliance and enjoy witty banter. At the same time, brace for a period of overstimulation, restlessness and constant multitasking. Fortunately, the first New Moon after Jupiter's move into Gemini on the 6th will offer new insights into the possibilities. This New Moon, squares Saturn in Pisces, will help you stay grounded without losing sight of your dreams. As Venus and Mercury move into Cancer on the 17th, love and family will take center stage from mid-June through the end of the month.




In the first few weeks of June, you're in retreat, preferring to remain hidden and work behind the scenes. With 5 planets in Gemini, buzzing in your 12th house of solitude and release, you'll find contentment in privately processing abundant, stimulating, creative ideas. This is the incubation phase, so share those ideas with a select few. Jupiter, the celestial God of abundance, will reside in Gemini for the next 12 months, offering support and blessings to your inner journey. He brings healing, forgiveness and an opportunity to release emotional baggage. You're ready to emerge on June 21, as the Sun enters your sign, heralding the start of Cancer Season. The sweet spot is Venus, who graces your sign on June 17, enhancing your magnetism, loving nature and innate kindness. You'll be called upon to provide nurturing, comfort and solace to those around you. Prepare yourself, as others will seek you out for emotional support. The Full Moon in Capricorn illuminates your personal and professional realities. Continue spreading loving kindness, as it is much needed by all.



Ready to mingle? If you're not already out and about, now is the time! Gemini's abundant planetary lineup ignites your 11th house of friends and aspirations, filling your social life with curious, stimulating and creative people who inspire you. Embrace spontaneous, synchronistic connections that could lead to exciting new friendships and collaborations. Pay close attention to conversations and ideas shared in person or online during early June, as they may spark enduring connections. Leo, this area of your life is primed for incredible expansion and growth, with lucky Jupiter dwelling here for the next 12 months. He bestows abundance and opportunities, so seek out your tribe! Once Cancer Season arrives, take time to recharge from the whirlwind social life you experienced in recent weeks. Replenish and nurture yourself privately, gathering your strength before your grand entrance during Leo Season. 



The first few weeks are all about your career! An infusion of planets in Gemini works its magic, bringing a lively, social and playful vibe. Your ruler Mercury supercharges your mind with genius ideas and an insatiable curiosity that needs to engage and share all of your inspiring thoughts. On June 4, Venus and the Sun conjoin, marking a new cycle and creating a cosmic love story that brings opportunities and supportive, inspiring and enduring connections. Pay close attention to whom you connect with…ensure you’re seen and reach out to those in positions of influence. With expansive Jupiter also in the mix, lean into your power, as the possibilities are limitless! Virgos thrive on collaborating in an environment of mentally stimulating, curious and adaptable people. This is an excellent time to network, showcase your skills and explore new avenues for growth. Embrace the energy of this period and let your unique talents shine. June 21 marks the arrival of Cancer Season, officially welcoming summer. Lean into the nurturing support of your friends; now is the time to play. Take a deep breath and embrace the exciting opportunities that await you.




Your wanderlust is in overdrive! A planetary party in Gemini ignites your curiosity, sparks ideas and brings new connections. This fellow air sign breathes fresh, lively and charming energy into your life. On June 4, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and the Sun unite, urging you to seek greater meaning. They activate your ninth house, expanding your worldview through learning and traveling. Embrace this cosmic invitation to seek wisdom and knowledge, challenging the limitations of your perceptions and opening up to a world of diverse beliefs and insights. Your cosmic ruler, Venus, joins the Sun in Gemini on June 4, forming the Venus Star Point, blending wisdom and love in a new 8-year cycle and infusing love into all your relationships. Libra, your biggest challenge will be choosing which path to take. Your attention shifts to your career on June 17 as Mercury and Venus join together in Cancer, bringing the closest understanding, feeling heard and appreciated. Shortly after, they join the Sun in your house of career. Share your thoughts widely—you never know who's listening and ready to support your career aspirations.



Buckle up: June brings a whirlwind of financial and relationship matters to the forefront, Scorpio! In the first half of the month, your mind will be abuzz with inventive financial ideas. Do your research before making any significant investments. June 4 marks a significant day as Mercury aligns with powerful Pluto, providing strategic clarity and essential solutions. Later, Mercury joins Jupiter, forming a cosmic connection that brings wisdom, optimism and positive news. With Jupiter residing in your 8th house, luck and growth are on your side. However, avoid financial gambles. Prepare yourself on June 9 as Mars enters steadfast Taurus, shaking up your committed relationships—personal and professional—for six weeks. Mars returns every two years to push you out of complacency and remind you of the importance of compromise. Conflicts may surface, requiring flexibility and understanding. Mars in Taurus is determined and pleasure-seeking, so be ready to navigate any tension. Spend quality time in nature and indulge in simple joys with your partner to strengthen your bond.




Love is literally in the air, Sag! The celestial quartet of the Sun, Venus, Mercury and expansive Jupiter in the air sign of Gemini will cast a magical spell on your relationship realm. This month, be a bold, unabashed flirt—you'll want to! Personal or business, your committed partnerships will feel lighter, more playful and flourish. Connect with new people, share ideas and enjoy an overload of fresh, lively, engaging vibes. On June 4, a new romantic chapter begins; Venus and the Sun merge in a cosmic kiss called the Venus Star Point, creating an abundance of soulful love. Connect with your heart and let love guide you. Jupiter, your cosmic ruler, is back in your house of committed relationships for a year-long residency. He returns every 12 years, bringing blessings and abundance. Saturn is in the mix; he will rein Jupiter, providing the necessary guardrails and discernment. Thrust yourself into the action! In those committed relationships, Jupiter brings blessings and opportunities for growth. Embrace the cosmic energy and let it enhance your relationships, Sag. Trust in the journey and open your heart, you could fall in love? 




Run your own race, Cap. You're on a mission to improve your daily routine while eliminating the daily stressors undermining your health. The daily routine can become a daily grind, which becomes dull, robotic and overscheduled, sapping your happiness. The cosmos is urging you to make changes yet giving you the support you need. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and abundance, has entered curious and communicative Gemini, enhancing your sixth house for the next 12 months. A quartet of planets in lively Gemini for the first half of June infuses the sixth house with lightness, optimism and a fresh perspective. You're buzzing with brilliant ideas, stimulating exchanges with others and sharing information while Jupiter amplifies it all! The challenge lies in staying focused while the information overload that pulls you in various directions. The latter part of the month exudes a tender ambiance as Venus, Mercury and the Sun nestle into Cancer in your house of relationships by the 20th. When the road ahead seems daunting, consider who you turn to for support and choose as your long-term ally. The relationships that bring you comfort and strength during challenging times and nurture those connections as you navigate the daily grind.



Here’s a piece of advice: Indulge in fun. It's essential for your well-being! A planetary abundance in Gemini illuminates your 5th house, the realm of joy, creativity and romance. As a fellow air sign, you form a dream team with Gemini, with ingenious ideas and possibilities. The vibe is playful, flirtatious and witty, as intellectual rapport ignites your passion. Jupiter, residing in this house for the next 12 months, amplifies growth, abundance, generosity and optimism. It heightens your creative potential, sparking a cascade of brilliant ideas and the desire to acquire new skills. Jupiter in Gemini intensifies information, leading to an influx of mentally stimulating ideas and perceptions. On June 4, Venus and the Sun merge, forming the Venus Star Point, embarking on a new cycle—a cosmic lovefest of the highest order. Endless possibilities await you, with myriad pursuits and people ready to captivate your attention. You thrive with stimulating partners and creative projects, but the challenge lies in discerning which to prioritize; narrowing your focus may be daunting. Be flexible and open-minded, allowing new opportunities and relationships to unfold.



It’s all about home this month. You're buzzing with creative and innovative ideas, and it may produce a sensory overload! A bevy of planets in Gemini are throwing a fabulous, over-the-top party at your home. They bring gifts of generosity, abundance, harmony and witty playfulness. On June 4, Venus hooks up with the Sun, absorbing its wisdom and creating a Venus Star Point. A new Venusian cycle begins, enveloping your home and heart with love. The New Moon in Gemini on June 6 invites you to set your aspirations. This year, it's even more potent with your ruler Jupiter in Gemini. This celestial beacon of growth and abundance is now showering blessings and opportunities upon your house of home and roots for the next 12 months. Pisces, it's time to dream and imagine. What’s your ideal home? Once you envision your inspirations, they are set in motion. This year-long journey is perfect for refocusing your priorities and inspirations on new goals, dreams and adventures. The vibe shifts more to your liking as we move into Cancer Season on June 20. Summer is officially here; it's time to play, have a romance, be creative and embrace all the love around you, Pisces!


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