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Mudding Around

Let's rake some muck, shall we? Mud is wet dirt. The word "dirty" is the adjective form of the noun "dirt," and is synonymous with that which is unclean, tarnished, grimy, sullied, soiled. Thus, smearing yourself like a bagel with the actual substance that is dirt itself seems an unlikely way to become clean. This explains the often visceral reaction one has when presented with such opportunities.

And yet ... not all dirt is "dirty," as the fastidious among us might conclude. Mud – well, the mud we sell at The Standard Spa – sits at the opposite end of the spectrum. It's actually one of the more pure, ancient and cleansing substances on Earth. And that's the point. It is Earth, literally, filling your pours and drawing out last night's Stoli.

Here's everything you need to know about those people covered in yellow and green slime over past the docks. Enjoy.

It's Ancient
Long before chi-chi spas as we know them, the indigenous people of Mesopotamia used mud and clay for both medicinal and aesthetic purposes as it's chock-full of botanicals, enzymes and minerals.

It's a Ritual
Mud is surprisingly ritualistic. Spa Director Mina says, “Warm the body up by visiting the hamam, steam room, sauna, full-length soaking tubs and relax. Doing so will lower your pulse, de-stress you, and soothe all your worries away — repeat as needed!” In other words, relish the centuries-old customs — slathering, showering, bathing, steaming — associated with mud services for maximum enjoyment.

It Detoxes.
Mud detoxifies, releases muscle tension and tightens skin. Mud and clay masks have oil-controlling properties, absorb toxins and purify the skin. Minerals in mud aid in detoxification and provide nutrient support to the skin — which in essence, tightens pores, clears toxins and improves skintone.

It's Pure Joy
You always feel a bit ridiculous, but let's face it: therein lies the fun. Pretentions and insecurities tend to melt away when you look like a monster. And when it washes off, your skin will be smoother than a baby's ass and that's a promise.

At The Standard Spa guests get to pick their flavor of gooey goodness, such as Red Earth Detoxifying Mud, Purifying Golden Mud or Spirulina Smoothing Mud ($40 per serving). Come slather some on this weekend!

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