Put Your Finger On It! Acupressure Points to Cool and Calm

Under pressure? Look no further than your own fingers!
These are trying times, and a lot of us are feeling uncertain, tense, and anxious. We could all use a spa day, right?! Preferably at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach. Doesn't a scrub in the hammam, a steam, or a mud bath sound absolutely divine right now? Or a massage with essential oils? Or like, literally just a giant glass of wine while dipping our toes in the pool. Or like...OK, we'll stop. Will just continue adding to our must-do list for when we reopen.

But in the meantime, we're here to bring all that relaxation and restoration right to your home, with Miami Moments. Through how-to illustrations, videos, charts, wellness tips, shopping lists and more, we're sharing how you can recreate the best of our beloved hotel and spa on your own, through fresh new content to help you chill out and take a mental vacay from the madness. 

First up, from our very own, legendary Lori Bell is a series of six acupressure points that you can perform on yourself, your roommate, or your partner (and even your pets!) to mend and ease the mind and body: from aiding digestion to boosting your immunity. Scroll through the below, screenshot and send to a friend, print and post on your fridge, leave in your building's laundry room to help your neighbor stop pacing -- whatever it may be --  keep these in mind as a free and easy way to take care of yourself. Until we can take care of you again! 

Interested in learning more? Book directly with our in-house astrologer and doctor of Chinese medicine, Lori Bell, for virtual readings, wellness guidance, and more! Email her at

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Large Intestine 4: Joining Valley

Find it: The depression just beyond the meeting point where the thumb and first finger bones meet, in a “V” shape.

Uses: Provides relief for any conditions related to the head, neck, or face. Headache, nasal congestion, toothache, pain in the body, or general mind ease, this is the point to press. Also a key point for boosting the immune system and regulating digestive function.

Large Intestine 11: Pool at the Crook

Find it: On the outside tip of the elbow crease when the arm is bent.

Uses: Clears heat from the body. Helps reduce fevers, sore throat, or infections. When there is excess heat in the body, we can become hot-tempered,  hyperactive, anxious, and have difficulty sleeping. This point is a master immune booster, also! If you are too hot, cool it down with Large Intestine 11.

Lung 7: Broken Sequence

Find it: Above the wrist on the inside of the arm.

Uses: Boosts your immune system, strengthens your lung's energy to ward off viruses, and quickly eases breathing. Feeling flu symptoms? Give some love to Lung 7, and she'll love you back. 

Heart 7: Spirit Gate

Find it: On the wrist crease at the pinky end when the palm is facing up.

Uses:  Soothes the mind and spirit, eases anxiety, sadness, depression, and mania. Also helps with insomnia, restless sleep, and calming the mind. Spirit Gate is the door to your heart and will help wash away the worries of the world.


Find it: Midway between the eyebrows.

Uses: Calms the mind. Better known as the third-eye point, Yintang also reduces stress, anxiety, and insomnia. A must. You can do this on your beloved pets as well!

Stomach 36: Leg Three Mile

Find it: Four finger widths down from the bottom of the knee cap, along the outer boundary of the shin bone.

Uses: Invigorates the body, eases digestive pains and nausea. Press this point daily for your immune, and energizing boost!  Press hard and you'll feel that zap!


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