Your May Horoscopes

From our favorite astrologer Lori Bell, here's what the stars have in store for May...
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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio at 14 Degrees: May 5

A new moon lunar eclipse arrives on May 5 in Scorpio at 14 degrees. It is dramatically emotional, think of a full moon on steroids. The full moon is in a water sign, so expect an overload of emotions. The ruler of the eclipse is Mars in Cancer, bringing more aquatic energy but in excess. As both rulers, the Moon and Mars, are in their fall position, this time can be very uncertain and unsteady. This lunation is emotionally messy, bringing up uncomfortable energies such as hurt from the past, anger, betrayal and agitation. Secrets may be revealed on the world stage, if not in your personal life.

This south node eclipse brings our attention to the past, unresolved emotional hurts that need to be released. South nodal eclipses urge us to heal, release and let go. In Scorpio, the focus is on intense emotional wounds. This is the last lunar eclipse in Scorpio, not to come around again for another 18 years. It can be immensely cathartic and healing; we only have to face the parts of ourselves that we tend to bury. This lunation will bring it up, allowing us to tend to our afflicted emotions. It is a potent time to release emotional hurts and wounds and to be free from what holds us back. Lunar eclipses are culminations, endings and releases. The moon opposes unpredictable Uranus, adding a quality of unexpected disruption. On a lunar eclipse, it is wise to lie low, rest and stay home if possible. The energies are chaotic and unpredictable, especially with this highly emotional lunar eclipse. Be mindful of emotional reactivity and stay out of the fray. May these lunar eclipses bring you the most immense healing and forgiveness.

Venus in Cancer: May 7 - June 5

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters Cancer on May 7 - a welcome reprieve after the intense full moon lunar eclipse on May 5. Venus in Cancer invites us to nourish ourselves and others. In Cancer, she is tender, protective and caring. She helps to repair all while enriching all our relationships. Not overly social, Venus in Cancer wants intimate gatherings with loved ones and dear friends. She is sentimental, loves reminiscing with friends and loved ones. There is the desire to make others feel safe, emotionally supported and protected. Yet, we can become emotionally needy, highly sensitive and easily impressionable. Cancer is moody and tends towards sulking and giving the silent treatment - not a good look. Be mindful to pivot if you start going in that direction. Relish in Cancer's tenderness because simply loving and caring for others is her gift.

Jupiter in Taurus: May 16 - May 25

One of the most significant transits of 2023 arrives on May 16 as the planet of the gods, Jupiter, enters opulent Taurus. It brings a major shift, leaving fiery, impulsive Aries into calm, earthy Taurus - more measured, thoughtful and embodied. Jupiter is expansive yet abundant so it opens doors for new plans and future possibilities. In Taurus, there is a stabilizing and consistent quality. Ruled by benefic Venus, Jupiter in Taurus relishes comfort, beauty, music and nature. We seek pleasure, enjoyment and connection. Taurus loves comfort and luxury and values its self-worth. Jupiter goes big and possibilities expand, as well as self-destructive behaviors. However, we must be aware that the planet of optimism and abundance can run wild and out of control. Fortunately, Taurus is a cautious sign, more prone to overindulgence. This is a critical cycle for collaborations and creative expression. The last Jupiter in the Taurus cycle was in 2012 so similar themes may arise. This time we are older and wiser, though. Jupiter in Taurus invites us to connect with nature, the arts and beauty, slow down and truly enjoy life's simple pleasures. So stop and smell the flowers - embody self-worth and love for the Earth.

New Moon in Taurus at 28 Degrees: May 19

A New Moon arrives on May 19 in Taurus at 28 degrees. It is a gentle, lovely lunation - a gift from the cosmos after the intense lunar eclipse. It is full of reset and gives us clarity, so set your New Moon intentions this month. Venus in Cancer rules this lunation, inviting us to prioritize and spend time with those we love and cherish. The combination of Taurus and Cancer is nourishing, grounded and tender. So do indulge and satiate what pleases you. Dreamy Neptune cozies up to the lunation - inviting us to connect with spirituality, music, poetry, dreams, surrender and be gentle with ourselves and others.

Mars in Leo: May 20 - July 10

Mars enters fiery Leo on May 20 for close to two months, leaving the sign on July 10. Mars in Leo is decisive - the vibe is confident and energizing, captivating almost. At this time, Mars is finally in its power. He fires up our confidence and summons our leadership skills while at the same time igniting our sex drive. It infuses us with bold, assertive, expressive and extroverted energy. We have clarity now and can enthusiastically tune into our goals and visions. It ignites us with motivation, determination and decisive action. Are you ready for a challenge? Mars in Leo is inviting you to do so! Make sure you go for it in dramatic Leo style.

Sun in Gemini: May 21 - June 21

The Sun enters Gemini on May 21, ushering in warmth and a prequel to summer. Gemini season brings variety and playfulness, so now is the time to socialize! Gemini is a social sign that thrives on variety and mental stimulation. The energy of this sign is keenly perceptive and quick-thinking but also has the gift of combining intellect. Gemini's intuition is unlike any other. In ode to Gemini season, you'll want to venture out and socialize while remaining adaptable and flexible. Remember to shake it and let go - embody duality as you go through this month. This Gemini Season wants variety, fun, witty conversation and versatility. It's time to get out there and connect.

Here's what's happening for your Sun sign in May 2023...


The celestial event arrives on May 16 as Jupiter enters calming Taurus for a one-year tour. The pace slows down as it is now measured, thoughtful and embodied. Jupiter is expansive and abundant, opens the doors for new plans and tunes one into future possibilities. With all the projects and grand plans you've initiated while Jupiter was in your sign, now is the time to get grounded and refocus. Jupiter will dwell in your 2nd house of money and material possessions — offering an opportunity for a decisive earning period. Embrace this financial luck because it could provide a nest egg if you use it wisely. Jupiter in Taurus is tenacious, cautious and determined. Fortunately for you, Aries, Taurus ruling your house of cash can assist in reining you in, as Taurus is pragmatic, not a risk taker like you. Jupiter goes big and possibilities expand, as well as self-destructive behaviors. Be aware that the planet of optimism and abundance can run wild and out of control. Be prudent, Aries; you don't want to blow your hard-earned cash. Cheers to financial abundance!




This epic celestial event arrives on May 16; Jupiter enters Taurus in your first house of self-expression, vitality and identity. Nothing can stop you as the Great Benefic planet Jupiter ushers in a new 12-year cycle of optimism, expansion and abundance. The last time Jupiter graced your sign was June 2011 to June 2012; similar themes may emerge this go-around you're older and hopefully wiser. Jupiter opens the doors for new plans and tunes one into future possibilities. You are infused with energy and confidence, enabling you to shine dynamically out into the world. So keep focused on the future, dreams and aspirations because Jupiter is the manifester. Time for a reinvention or perhaps a move? Maybe you'll even start a new business — we advise you to do it, don't wait. You can't sit on the sidelines any longer. You've basically got the cosmos on your side. But beware, Jupiter, magnifies everything it touches so keep it real and in check, especially your eating habits. Cheers to wondrous new beginnings!


Gemini, it's your time to reflect, rest and reboot. Jupiter has been in dynamic and fiery Aries since December so you've been on a full-on socializing, collaborating and networking tour. Do you feel a little burned out, Gem? Now you get a respite as Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion enters calming Taurus and ignites a new 12-year cycle in the house of retreat. Think back to the summer of 2011 to 2012, when Jupiter was last here and similar themes may emerge. Jupiter in Taurus is calm, steady and consistent. It invites you to connect with nature, your body, the arts and sensory pleasures. Dwelling in your 12th house, you are gifted a respite, an opportunity to rest, recharge and reflect. Take time out to lose yourself in music, the arts, spirituality, volunteering, or helping others will be most fulfilling during this cycle. You can also rid yourself of those inner psychic closets which sabotage you. Lose yourself in nature, music, the arts and meditation — great music, art and film emerged during Jupiter in the Taurus cycle. Jupiter dwelling here is like a guardian angel watching over you. Cheers to sensory overload, in the best way possible.



Since December 2022, Jupiter has been in fast-paced fiery Aries, lighting your career on fire. You've been in full-on work mode but maybe a touch burned out. But things are about to change — as the most significant celestial alignment of 2023 arrives on May 16. Jupiter, the Great Benefic, enters Taurus, beginning a new 12-year cycle. Think back to the Summer of 2011 to 2012 when Jupiter was last here; similar themes may arise. Jupiter is the planet of optimism, expansion and abundance. Cancer, this is your gift from the cosmos; Jupiter will dwell in your 11th house of collaborators, friends, hopes, dreams and future aspirations. The pace is slower, measured and consistent. He opens the doors for new plans and tunes one into future possibilities. Ruled by benefic Venus, you'll relish in creature comforts, beauty, music and nature. At this time, connection is vital; this is the time to socialize and collaborate. It's not time to start projects solo; you need partners to support you. You will find your dream team if you are so inclined. Please do not let this window of wondrous opportunities go to waste; seize them. Cheers to friendships and aspirations!




Leo, the most significant celestial event of 2023, arrives on May 16 as the planet of the King of the Gods, Jupiter, enters Taurus. It is the most auspicious professional time as Jupiter will activate your 10th house of career until May 2024. The last time Jupiter transited this area was in 2010, so similar themes may resurface. In Taurus, Jupiter is consistent, cautious and steady. The pace is slower, measured and embodied. Jupiter ignites your motivation and confidence to release any self-imposed limitations you have set. As you move confidently in your professional world, your reputation and worldly aspirations elevate with Jupiter's expansive influence. As doors suddenly open and tune into future opportunities. Leo, this is not a brief moment in the spotlight but a permanent role shift. Be it Lion or Lioness, it's your time to roar! But be aware of stubbornness, self-aggrandizement and over-expansion. Wherever Jupiter goes, it expands and self-destructive behaviors spin out of control. Cheers to your dreams coming true! 



The year's most anticipated celestial event manifests on May 16 when benevolent Jupiter enters Taurus. The pace slows down as it is now measured, thoughtful and embodied. Jupiter is expansive and abundant, opens the doors for new plans and tunes one into future possibilities. In Taurus, there is a stabilizing and consistent quality. It has a slower pace, which is measured, consistent and embodied. Taurus teaches you how to enjoy life, simple pleasures, being in nature, gardening, the arts, music and food. There is wisdom in its keen common sense. Jupiter activates your 9th house igniting the quest to search for greater meaning and direction in your life. You will expand your worldview through spirituality, wisdom, knowledge and long-distance travel as Taurus rules the Earth, the arts and sensory pleasures. Commune with nature, dive into the healing world of plant medicine, drop into the intuitive realms, meet a Guru, or return to college. Whatever path you choose, you're inspired to have more meaning in your life. Expand your consciousness to develop into your highest potential. But be mindful that wherever Jupiter lands, he expands; this can play out through overt optimism throwing caution to the wind, or self-sabotaging or destructive behaviors may arise. Cheers to awakening! 




The celestial event of the month arrives on May 16, when expansive Jupiter enters Taurus for a year-long residency, initiating a new 12-year cycle. The last time Jupiter was here was in 2011, and it may bring echoes of the previous cycle. Jupiter is expansive and abundant; suddenly, doors open, do tune into future possibilities. In Taurus, there is a stabilizing and consistent quality. Jupiter in Taurus relishes comfort, beauty, music and nature. Taurus loves comforts like luxury and values its self-worth. Jupiter will dwell in your 8th house, igniting your shared resources, investments and inheritances. Libra, you love to partner up and collaborate and this cycle urges you to do so. It is an optimal time to combine resources, such as a business partnership. People are more willing to be of help during this cycle. Your finances and investments can expand, or if you need financing, now's the time to apply for it. However, be mindful of being overconfident, impulsive, or careless regarding your investments or shared resources. Avoid deals that promise too much and seem too good to be true. Cheer to financial abundance!




The celestial event of the month arrives on May 20 when Jupiter, the planet of abundance, enters Taurus for a year-long stay. Jupiter, in Taurus, is consistent, steady and sensual. Ruled by Venus, Jupiter in Taurus relishes comfort, beauty, music and nature, but it is not to be rushed. Jupiter wants pleasure, lushness and connection. Jupiter will dwell in your house of committed relationships; the last time he was here was in the Summer of 2011 to 2012. Your relationships take precedence now. If they've felt stale, they'll get an infusion of growth, excitement and renewal. If you desire one, this is your chance. Jupiter is the planet that manifests. Committed personal and professional relationships get an infusion of emotional well-being and stability. What do you need to learn within your relationships, Scorpio? How do you wish to relate to those closest to you? Let go of the emotional intensity and drop into the wisdom of Taurus — it's calm, trustworthy and knows how to let go and enjoy life. Jupiter is about personal evolution, and you're all about personal transformation. Cheers to all of the future love! 




May brings an epic shift for you, Sag, as your ruler Jupiter exits fiery Aries and enters calming Taurus for a year-long residency. Jupiter in Taurus brings a slower measured pace, teaching you to pause and enjoy the simple pleasures — stop and smell the flowers. Jupiter will dwell in your house of health, well-being, service and work. Taurus brings stability, consistency and embodiment, just what you need. It is time to shift and refocus your priorities. How are you taking care of yourself? Drop into the wisdom of your body, listen to it, and pay attention. It is an excellent time to improve your health and develop a daily wellness routine. Add alternative healing modalities, learn to meditate, and follow your intuition. Any physical activity which gets you outside and in nature is essential is also beneficial. Think back to 2011 to 2012, as this was the last time Jupiter was in Taurus — similar themes from then may resurface. Taurus rules the Earth, food, the arts and pleasure. You tend to push yourself more than most but you are not invincible. So get willing to take risks and get out of your comfort zone, like slowing down and taking care of yourself. Jupiter is your preventive medicine and can even ease ongoing health issues. Cheers to vitality and happiness!


Capricorn, rejoice! Jupiter, the King of Gods, leaves fiery Aries, where you've dealt with home and family dynamics. Then, on May 16, Jupiter enters calming Taurus, igniting your house of pleasure, romance and creative experiences. Jupiter in Taurus is all about opulence, slowing down, enjoying life and sensory pleasures. Taurus is in sync with your nature, measured, consistent, and embodies. You have an abundance of creative energy, self-confidence and joy! However, life is not all about work; this is an epic shift for you; think back to the Summer of 2011 to 2012, the last time Jupiter was here; echoes of the previous cycle may emerge. Ruled by benefic Venus, Jupiter in Taurus relishes comfort, beauty, music, nature and sensuality. Taurus loves luxury as much as you, Cap, so indulge; you deserve it! During Jupiter in Taurus cycles, your creative expression amplifies. Historically this cycle produced great music, art and films. Jupiter goes big, and possibilities expand, as well as self-destructive behaviors. However, we must be aware that the planet of optimism and abundance can run wild and out of control. Cheers to romance, fun and creativity!


The benevolent planet Jupiter enters grounding Taurus on May 16 for a year-long residency. It refocuses your priorities and inspirations on new goals, dreams and adventures. A new 12-year cycle begins igniting your 4th house of roots, home and family. As a result, your family relationships can flourish, and their dynamics can heal. You are seeking inner peace and security now; with Jupiter in Taurus, you may achieve that! In Taurus, there is a slow pace that is consistent and cautious. Taurus teaches you how to be embodied and enjoy sensory pleasures. Comfort, food, the arts, beauty, nature and connection are gifts this cycle offers. The last time Jupiter transited this house was in 2010; similar themes may resurface. You may move or renovate your home as Jupiter is expansive and abundant. It opens the doors for new plans and tunes one into future possibilities. Now's the time to imagine your ideal home life and set those intentions. Be mindful that Jupiter expands everything, even those self-sabotaging behaviors; reign it when needed. Healing family dynamics and personal growth can also be a benefit of this cycle. Cheer to roots and inner peace!



May brings an epic shift as your ruler Jupiter enters calming Taurus on May 16 — a welcome reprieve from fast-paced fiery Aries. The pace slows down in Taurus; it has a measured, consistent, embodied quality. Venus rules Taurus, so the sensory pleasures are activated. You'll want to relish in comfort, beauty, music and nature. Jupiter ignites your 3rd house of communication, siblings, learning, neighborhood and short trips. You'll seek pleasure, enjoyment and connection here. An exciting new 12-year cycle begins, so think back to 2011 to 2012, the last time Jupiter transited this house; echoes from the previous cycle may emerge. It illuminates the areas where you can weed out all your old negative patterns and behaviors. Pisces, your mind can wander, as you prefer living in your imagination, but this time your consciousness can expand while becoming more grounded. It is a critical cycle for collaborations and creative expression — through writing, poetry, music and the arts. It will open up more social connections within your surroundings. Jupiter brings new opportunities and tunes you into future possibilities. Seize them, as this benefic cycle will not return for another 12 years. Cheers to new connections and illuminations! 



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