Your March Horoscope

Whew, that was a weird Mercury retrograde, right? Well, it's over now, and March is bursting with dynamic energy. Mercury is back in action! The big boss taskmaster planet Saturn enters futuristic Aquarius offering a glimpse into the future. Is yours looking bright? Read on for your horoscope from our in-house astrologer, Lori Bell.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Aries, get ready for March Madness. March is gonna be one action-packed month, building in momentum each day. Remember those resolutions that you made in January? Well, you’ve got some extra celestial support from lucky planet Jupiter and strong ruler Mars to actually check them off your “to do” list. This applies most to your house of career. Manage those emotions and stay focused at work. No hissy fits in front of colleagues or pissing off your boss. This is the month to indulge in CDB oil, meditation, exercise, and lots of sex. I hope you chilled out last month because it was the last of the calmer ones for a while. I’m sorry. We are all dealing with some crazy currents in the sky. On March 9th, the annoying snafus of Mercury retrograde is finally over, providing a slight reprieve from chaos (at least in your world). On March 21st, the planet Saturn moves into Aquarius for three months, giving you a glimpse into 2021-2023. Saturn is the big badass planet, directing us all in new directions. When he changes signs, you’d better be on guard. Saturn may mean a new boss, new rules, and new goals. He also rules time and karma. Are you burning off bad karma from a past life, dear Aries? Are you working too hard? I’d say “yes” as Saturn has been in Capricorn, your 10th house of career, since 2017. Take a breather with Saturn’s move into Aquarius. Instead of all work and no play (which would make you so dull), tap into the Aquarian energy of service and science. The last time Saturn was in Aquarius, the World Wide Web was invented. Get the magnitude? Saturn activates your 11th house of technology. Please stay on top of the latest software, apps, social media, and whatever technological advances are happening in your industry. Ask your younger relatives if you get stuck! They may roll their eyes at your naivete, but you’ll need to stay humble in order to stay relevant. March is also the month to connect with your tribe, the social collective, and future hopes. So, hang out with your wonderfully weird friends. Join a political campaign; learn about artificial intelligence; make digital vision boards; visit your resident astrologer. On March 24th, the yearly new moon joins up with Chiron in your sign. This new moon is giving you the opportunity to heal old wounds and release stuck patterns. Anger issues stuck in your gut? Are old grudges still being held? It’s time to deal with them. The planetary alignment will help keep you on toes, improving and moving forward this March. Meet the madness of the month with cool, and you’ll inspire us all. Got it, courageous Aries.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Taurus, March is beckoning you to blossom. The enchanting Venus, your Goddess ruler, slides into your sign on March 5th. You've got the magnetism and charm to beguile everyone in your orb, Taurus.  Your natural sensuality can be hypnotic.  Try to be selective and not take on multiple lovers at once! These planetary alignments only come around once a year.  Turn off Netflix, get off the sofa, leave the house, and seriously socialize. On March 9th, the full moon in Virgo activates your 5th house of love, romance, creativity, and fun! This lunation is powerful, with seven planets in earth signs beaming positive vibes your way. Indulge in this full moon. Later in the month, the energy is explosive.  A few hours after the full moon, Mercury goes direct!  Retrograde is finally over and the skies have shifted. The major planetary shift occurs on March 21st, when Saturn, the badass planet of the sky, enters Aquarius for a three-month visit in your 10th house of career. It is a sneak peek of what 2021-2023 is going to look like. Saturn rules the collective when he changes signs; it’s like having a new CEO in charge. Saturn has a unique vision with clear and strong objectives. Aquarius is the humanitarian, who embraces all and spurs positive change. Stuff happens when these two converge. Saturn was last in Aquarius during the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, and clearly present in 1963 when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech. What will you do, Taurus to leverage this celestial alignment? Don’t you dare stand still. Make that change. Saturn will activate your 10th house of career and public image. Review your LinkedIn contacts, read Smart Entrepreneur, and watch Shark Tank. Create something totally new that we don’t know we need yet! Aquarius is innovative and you can be that rebel, especially when it comes to work, Taurus We need positive change. Find the initiative and let spring bring renewal to you and to those you touch.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Spread your wings and welcome Spring! On March 9th, the ruling planet, Mercury, is back in action. Yes, it was the weirdest Mercury retrograde in a long time, so you can breathe a sigh of relief and bid it goodbye! You need laser focus this March. It’s going to be a month full of activity, so I hope you can multi-task! Eat while working (sorry, wellness coach), catch up on calls while working out, watch primaries while entertaining the kiddos. Technology is going to be your BFF; I see two cell phones, one on each ear, Airpods omnipresent. Then get ready for change. The major astrological event of the month occurs on March 21st, when the big boss Saturn moves into Aquarius. For the next three months, you'll be watching a trailer of your life over the next three years. I hope you like what you see. If not, redirect! You're in charge. Well, actually, Saturn is a director of this change, providing you with a new script and new plot. Learn your lines or you'll get edited out of your biopic. Then enter Aquarius, your soulmate and the humanitarian sign of the zodiac. This is the stuff of purpose and service. Saturn was in Aquarius in the early 60’s, ushering in the Civil Rights Movement; nearly 30 years later, Nelson Mandela brought an end to apartheid during this same celestial alignment. Our world really needs some epic social change now. How are you going to contribute? Saturn lands in your 9th house of long-distance travel, learning, and spirituality. No more lounging on exotic beaches vaping and napping. You'll be traveling and working with a conscience instead. You may take off in search of the holy grail, teach English abroad, or take new classes. Meditate to find your higher purpose if it hasn't yet found you. Make those 2020 resolutions again, this time sans excuses or retorts. This new moon is also energizing your 11th house of social community, friends, and colleagues. This is where you most shine, Gemini: networking, newness, and spring renewal. Get it, Gem!

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

It’s renewal time. The full moon on March 9th highlights your third house, ruler of the mind, thinking, and communication. This is a supermoon, meaning it is closest to the earth and off-the-charts emotionally charged. It may prove tricky for you, Cancer, because we know how you can be moody with emotions that shift hourly. Most importantly keep a positive attitude; negative thinking could turn tragic. It will be key for you to take a pause before you speak. Declutter your mind, get centered in a kundalini class or download a meditation app. A few hours later, Mercury goes direct. That was one strange and stalling retrograde, huh?  Now, March is packed with action-oriented, dynamic energy. Use it! The major celestial event occurs on March 21, when Aquarius enters big boss planet Saturn for a brief three months. Do what Saturn says and you’ll reap the rewards; if not, well, negative karma can be a bitch! Humanitarian Aquarius is the zodiac’s Utopian idealist, and Saturn helps brings those visions into form. Some of modern history’s most influential developments in social justice happened under this transit. Think the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, The North American Free Trade Agreement and the end of the USSR. Though you likely won’t be affecting change on a global scale, you do get an opportunity to write your own next chapter. Make it juicy and impactful. Saturn will enter your 8th house of finances, sex, and psychological patterns. Wise Saturn wants you to start “adulting” around your finances. You crave security, Cancer. Be a grown-up and think long term. Call a financial advisor, start a savings account, and invest in proven markets. You’ll also want to book a therapy appointment. It is time to truly drop the emotional baggage that’s been weighing you down. Do you want that stuff in your story? This is the time to nurture intimate relationships with yourself and others. Cancer, “the lotus flower grows in the mud the more beautiful the lotus blooms” May you blossom like a lotus flower during this period of change. Happy Spring, Cancer.

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Spring looks good on you, Leo. March ushers in a hotbed of activity and change. Thankfully, Mercury, the planet of communication goes direct again on March 9th. It has been one baffling retrograde, right? Mars, the planet of drive and ambition, hooks up with lucky planet Jupiter in your 6th house of work and self-care. Projects you hoped to start in January, when making those champagne-inspired resolutions, can now actually take flight. Then, get ready, Leo, for Saturn's entry into Aquarius on March 21st. This celestial event has major implications for your sign. Planet Saturn is the taskmaster, demanding you to be responsible, disciplined, and hard-working. This sounds intense, but without Saturn, you'd be idle and bored, making yourself and loved ones crazy. So, get to those projects. Stay on point and, you'll see the results in your career. Maybe a promotion, a new project, or team to manage? Then enter Aquarius: rebel, humanitarian, and mad scientist. Historically, when Saturn and Aquarius merge, sweeping social changes and life-changing inventions occurred. During the last tenure of Saturn in Aquarius, the world wide web was launched. On the one prior, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech and spark plugged the U.S. Civil Rights. Dear Leo, how will you show up to shake things up for the better? There are a million opportunities. Saturn will activate your 7th house of committed relationships, both personal and business. Those of you old enough, think back to 1991-1993, the last time Saturn graced your 7th house. How did you handle your relationships? This time around, you're older, wiser, and, hopefully, more mature. Saturn isn’t out to get you, he just wants you to get it right. What you do now will serve as a preview for what's to come in 2021-23. Be extraordinarily mindful right now, with no rash decisions. Get creative, as Aquarius likes freedom and is granting you space to be your most honest self. You can choose to live apart from your honey; sleep in separate bedrooms; pursue separate interests. That all sounds ideal to me!  Leo, you are the most loving, generous, and fun of the zodiac signs. People gravitate toward your sunshine. On March 24th, the new moon in Aries lands in your 9th house of travel, learning, and spirituality. It is the astrological new year! Aries, your partner in crime, is pulling you to get out of town, expand your world, and have a blast. A spring escape is just what your astrologer ordered.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Virgo, you're like the energizer bunny this month.  You’ve got to move it, move it. March kicks off with your yearly full moon in Virgo. This is no ordinary lunation. It is a supermoon, much closer to the earth, causing feelings and emotions to be amped up higher than usual. It might be best to take a personal (mental health!) day off in March. There are seven planets, all your BFFs, residing in Earth signs! This cornucopia of Earth energy pushes for productivity and you're up to the task. The supermoon falls into your first house of identity and the image you present to the world. Don’t you want it to be radiant?  Indulge in some serious self-care, dear Virgo.  Spend the day at the spa, go shopping, tend to your personal grooming, and get shit done.  Mercury, your CEO, is finally coming out of hiding and turns direct. I dare not ask how you’ve been coping. Seriously, this has been one of the most confusing Mercury retrogrades. But you made it through!  On March 21st, the planet Saturn moves into Aquarius. Saturn is the big daddy planet, insisting you abide by the rules, act responsibly, and show discipline. He also rules time and karma. Then there’s Aquarius, the rebel, humanitarian, and mad scientist. Together, they invite an opening for revolutionary change.  We need a movement of this magnitude, don’t you think?  The last time Saturn was in Aquarius, the world wide web was invented and futurist Ray Kurzweil’s book The Age of Intelligent Machines forecasted the wild popularity of the ‘net as we know it. Think big and futuristic during this celestial season. Maybe you’ll teach Alexa to somehow clean the house?  Stage a coup for higher wages at work?  Design that new fitness app we didn’t know we needed? For you, Virgo, Saturn will provide a peek of what the future holds. He will only stay for a short three months, landing in your 6th house of health, work, and daily routine. Virgo, you love innovation and you are the master of efficiency. It’s like a match made in heaven. Enjoy the momentum of March, Virgo.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

All roads lead to love this month, Libra. March is going to be a momentous one, with passion, intensity, and energy abounding. I am not saying it will be an easy month, but it will certainly be action-packed. And hot! Venus, your Goddess ruler, slides into sensuous Taurus on March 4th, landing in your 8th house of sex, intimacy, and money. She’ll hang out there all month long, luxuriating in her sexual power. Those partnered, we know where you’ll be when you do not return texts for days. Pay passionate attention to your lovers. Prepare yourself for the commitment convo. Yep! Maybe pop an edible prior. Single Libras, look up your list of friends with benefits. You’ll likely want to reach out to one of them this month.  It’s hard to ignore the lure of Venus. The celestial event of the month occurs on March 21st when Saturn moves into the air sign of Aquarius. Saturn rules boundaries, structures, caution, and hard work.  He is the taskmaster. When Saturn changes signs, think of it like getting a new boss, with a new set of rules and vision for your life. Aquarius is a brilliant rebel, and humanitarian. He is the idealist of the zodiac, while Saturn helps bring those visions to form.  What an amazing opportunity for you to create positive change for yourself and the greater good.  We certainly need it now. Modern history’s most influential developments in social justice happened under this astrological transit: The Civil Rights Bill and Voting Act, end of apartheid, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s appointment to the Supreme Court. How will you contribute? No pressure Libra, but you are the sign of justice!  Help us rebalance. On a lighter note, Saturn will enter your 5th house of romance, fun, and creativity for a brief stay, giving you a glimpse of what 2021-2023 holds. Aquarius is your soul mate, full of levity and light. After years of heaviness with all the outer planets in Capricorn, you deserve a ray of sunshine. March 24th brings a new moon in Aries. This once-a-year new moon lands in your 7th house of committed relationships and marriage. See above! Your March is bright, busy, and love-filled. Be proactive and do your best to pay it all forward, lovely Libra. 

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Springtime, renewal time, Scorpio!  March is one action-packed, dynamic month. It kicks off with lovely Venus, the planet of love and beauty, infusing your 7th house of committed relationships with some much-needed tenderness. She’ll be hanging out there all month.  Luxuriate in this dose of sweetness, Scorp, you need it. On March 10th, Mercury goes direct once again! You’re welcome. It was such an insane retrograde, right?! Your compadre Mars will be hanging with the big boss planets throughout March. The action takes place in your 3rd house of communications, mind, and attitude. Stay positive, no dark or chaotic thoughts, okay?  Instead, use this dynamic, inspiring energy to create a happier, clearer, and more focused self. The major celestial event of the month occurs on March 21st when Saturn moves into Aquarius. Historically, Saturn in the sign of Aquarius generates technological breakthroughs and vast shifts in social justice.  Think the Civil Rights Movement, the invention of the worldwide web, and appointment of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court. We certainly are in need of this shift-worthy planetary energy!  Scorpio, you are the most fierce and powerful sign of the zodiac. Use this celestial time to wield your power for the collective good; it’s so needed in this wacky world we are living.  Aquarius is the sign of the rebel, genius, and humanitarian. In counterbalance, Saturn governs structure, form, and boundaries.  Saturn will make a brief visit to Aquarius, giving you a sneak peek into what 2021-2023 holds. Then, Saturn enters your 4th house of home, hearth, and inner sanctuary.  This house is intimate and deep, rooted in your DNA. You may have to tend to aging parents and address old family issues never healed. Let go of those old grudges. Let the skeletons out of the family closet. And learn to parent yourself already.  You don't want to end up calling in your Mom's help at 50 years old, do you?  On March 24th, the new moon lands in Aries. This potent new moon conjuncts the healer Chiron, activating your 6th house of health, routine, and work. You’ve got deep, healing energy coming your way. Aries’ energy is invigorating and a bit bossy. It wants results ASAP. So, book your doctors’ appointments, improve your diet, shake up your workout routine. Focus on the holistic mind-body-sprit connection. Your work also benefits from the spark of Aries’ energy; just be mindful not to take on its bossy aspect. We need harmony.  You, Scorpio, are perfectly poised to lead the call.  Bring on the Spring!

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Welcome to March Madness, Sagittarius. It’s gonna be a busy, yet productive one. On March 10th, Mercury goes direct!  What a strange retro it has been. Mars, the planet of action and energizer bunny of the skies, is hooking up with all of the outer planets this month. It will have a similar vibe to January, yet not as tumultuous. Mars teams up with expansive Jupiter in your 2nd house of cash and talents on March 20th. Look out for a lucky, money-making project and stay open for new opportunities to create one. The major celestial event of the month occurs on March 21st when Saturn, the taskmaster, moves into futuristic Aquarius for a brief three-month stay. Saturn is the big boss; when he changes signs, you’ve got to step into line with a new vision and set of rules. If your performance is stellar at work, you will be awarded praise and a raise. If the opposite, I’m sorry to say a demotion or firing could be your fate. So, let’s stay on Saturn’s good side. He really can be the most benevolent of bosses, bringing all kinds of positive change. Saturn was last in Aquarius from 1991-1993. If you’re old enough, think back to what was happening in your life. While this won’t be quite a repeat, similar themes will present, to make your life a better place. Epic developments in technology and social justice happen under this rare transit. The Civil Rights Movement, End of Apartheid, and the invention of the worldwide web are key examples. Aquarius’s aim is to improve and make the world more equalitarian. Please rise up, Sag. We need you. Saturn lands in your 3rd house of communication, governing your mind and the local community, helping you speak, write, and present yourself with authority. You always have an opinion, Sag, so share it now. It’s a perfect opportunity to start a podcast, a blog or book. Your community can also benefit from a soapbox leader, especially now. Aquarian energy can inspire you to generate novel ideas and spark innovation. Accept the challenge. The month ends with the new moon in Aries, highlighting your 5th house of love affairs, creativity, and fun! In this area of your life, you are a risktaker. Text that cutie who caught your eye, hang out with kids, and get goofy. It’s playtime, and you need it. Here’s to a meaningful Spring, Sag!

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Capricorn, March may seem a little like Groundhog Day. Remember January felt like six months? March will be similar, yet not as intense, and much more productive. The yearly full moon in Virgo occurs on March 9th. It is a supermoon, very close to the earth, and emotionally charged off the charts. This powerful lunation highlights your 9th house of learning, travel, and spirituality. Pack your bag, get out of town, and meditate under the light of the moon, rather than squelching your emotional intensity at work or deal with crazy colleagues. Mercury will go direct, finally, after one wacky retrograde. I know it couldn’t come soon enough. Clear thinking and communication will be back on track. The action-driven planet Mars is in your sign, Cap, joining up with the lucky, expansive Jupiter. This dynamic duo will re-energize projects you initiated in January, this time bigger and better. Then the major celestial event of the month arrives on March 21st when Saturn moves into Aquarius. The energy is about to change, Cap! Saturn is your new boss. You’re very much hardworking, disciplined, cautious, and resourceful. Saturn isn’t so strict, so loosen up. You can be both busy and light. Saturn enters the humanitarian, futuristic sign of Aquarius, which is about community and equality. In modern history, momentous breakthroughs in technology and social justice occurred during this cycle. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was appointed to the Supreme Court, The Civil Rights Movement took shape, Apartheid ended, and the worldwide web was invented. Wow. Given the state of our world, the timing is ideal. For you, dear Capricorn, Saturn will enter into your 2nd house of self-worth, talents, and money, which old astrology books say brings financial loss. It does not have to be so; the more profound interpretation is that Saturn wants you to question your values. Where are you spending your time and money? You could come up with a second business for added income or brilliant ways of reinventing yourself. Aquarius wants you to be innovative and think outside of the box. Embrace this new, weird, and unconventional March madness, Capricorn! Cheers to Spring. 

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Aquarius, Spring welcomes you and your weirdness! On March 10th, Mercury goes direct. It cannot come soon enough; wasn't this retrograde insane? Perhaps you actually resonated with it. Well, the celestial skies have cleared and are brimming with activity all month long. March's momentous date for you dear, Aquarius, is March 21st.  Saturn, the big boss planet who rules time, structure, and karma, moves into your sign. Pay attention! This markes the beginning of a new, nearly 30-year cycle of Saturn traveling through your 1st house of self-identity. Obviously, this has enormous implications for the rest of your life. The last time Saturn visited your sign was in 1991-1993; if you are old enough to remember it, similar themes arise again now. This time around, you’re older, wiser, and hopefully, will not repeat those old mistakes. Saturn offers an opportunity to mature, evolve, and live your most authentic self. Aquarius, it is essential that you follow your own, distinct (sometimes wackadoodle) path; do not succomb to the dictates and pressures of family or society. We see what happens when people lose their voice and herd-like sheep, especially now. Don't be a sheep. With such a liberating opportunity to reinvent yourself, who are you coming to become? How can you improve upon yourself? The world at large? You are the rebel and humanitarian of the zodiac, so uniquely different from all the other constellations. Saturn will only stay here for a brief three months; use the time well. It will provide you a glimpse into what 2021-23 holds. Its as if the skies a producing a preview for your biopic. But you get to produce it, Aquarius! With the rare transit of a Saturn and Aquarius merger, epic developments in technology as well as social justice result. I'm talking about events like the Civil Rights Movement, the end of Apartheid, and invention of the worldwide web. Aquarius aims to improve and make the world more equalitarian. “We must be willing to get rid of the life we have planned to have the life that is waiting for us.” Can you write that quote on a Post-It and see it daily?On March 24th, the new moon in Aries marks the astrological new year. You get a second go-around to make those 2020 resolutions you may have been too tipsy to recall. Aries' energizing new moon falls in your 3rd house of communication, thinking, and community.  Be aware of your mental noise. Mind over chatter! Aquarius, you're known for thinking outside of the box and having flashes of brilliance. Please rise up and share these ideas for positive good. Channel Aries' energy into community activism; we certainly need new, progressive thinkers leading the way. Figure out how to file a lawsuit against unnamed political figures. Teach a course on a subject you love. Your personal revolution has officially begun. You can take your place in history, on however large or small a scale. That's one wild month of March madness, Aquarius!

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Happy Birthday, lovely Pisces!! The world requires some Pisces tenderness. Being the most selfless sign of the zodiac, please spread your kindness daily this March. We’ll need it! Think of it like your birthday gift to the universe. March 9th is the yearly full moon in Virgo, activating your 7th house of committed relationships, both personal and business. This is not your average full moon, but a supermoon, which is closest to the earth, translating into exponentially lunatic behavior. It will be interesting. There are seven planets in grounded earth signs; think, uber practical, realistic, and providing clarity. If you’re questioning your relationship status committed or not, think about if you're happy. Those committed can take it more profound, or part ways. Single? Make an effort to socialize! As for business relationships, the same goes. Do wait a few hours after the full moon to announce what your intentions are, then Mercury will go direct. Mercury went retrograde in Pisces; it is such tender, inspiring, creative, and intuitive energy, not so good for practice everyday detailed work. I am sure you enjoyed it, though. Glad somebody did. The celestial event occurs on March 21st, when Saturn, the big boss, enters Aquarius. Saturn is the new guru, giving you stern guidance, whose aim is solely in your best interests. Follow the advice; you’ll grow and evolve for the better. If not, you stay stuck. Aquarian is the rebel, the mad scientist, and the humanitarian. When these to merge, momentous change in social justice and technology has occurred. The world wide web was invented, the Civil Rights Movement, end of apartheid, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg was appointed to the Supreme Court. This cycle happens every 30 years, the last one was in 1991-1993. The themes are similar, but it doesn’t have to be a repeat. Saturn will activate your 12 house of solitude, spirituality, and service. It is an incubation period. An ending can happen both literally or figuratively; outworn habits drop away. It is an ideal time to face addiction issues. Do go easy on yourself, be kind and gentle. You have the universe watching your back, all you have to do is do the work. Pisces, please help us make the world a better place. Happiest of birthdays. 


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