Your March Horoscopes

Buckle up for a wild month! Our favorite astrologer Lori Bell breaks down the key astrological transits and readings for March 2023.

The Full Moon at 16 degrees of Virgo arrives on March, prompting us to find that elusive balance between practical tasks and our emotional, spiritual life. It is a cerebral moon that over-analyzes problem solves and offers ways to make our lives more efficient. It is about simplicity and paring down where we want to streamline our life. Virgo loves to organize everything into categories, yet with Pisces in the mix, we need some intuitive and creative inspiration. Listen to music for inspiration, as it may guide you straight where you need to go with some subliminal messaging. Clarity may be elusive, but if you drop into your intuition for the answers and not your rational mind, you may find it. Mars squares this lunation — creating tension, irritability, and impatience. It is wise to channel this energy into a project, so organize your home, routine, or something else. This Full Moon is a bright light in the dark part of the sky — are you a light for others, or is someone an illuminating force for you? 


Saturn in Pisces is an epic shift, as we have a new big boss for the next three years. This is a paradox of two opposing energies — Saturn is boundaries, strict but rewarding as a ruler, while Pisces is boundless, ready to dream up fantasy worlds with little to no doubt in their mind at all. Because Saturn is the planet of tough love, hard work, structure, and reality checks are all that can become a part of the norm. In contrast, Pisces swims in the realms of emotions, dreams, and mysticism. Pisces has little interest in rules, schedules, or keeping appointments — whereas Saturn is all about rules and structure. Pisces seeks unity and connection, but Saturn is all about setting those important boundaries. As a result, we will need a more flexible and fluid approach to life. Spiritual practice, emotional care, and creative expression will require our attention over the next three years. 

Saturn's harsh reality checks can be uncomfortable when filtered through Pisces' dreamy imagination world. It's like pulling off our rose-colored glasses. But it'll also give us discipline and focus for turning those ephemeral daydreams into something lasting. It will prompt us to outgrow our escapist fantasies, fully face our feelings, and find strength in vulnerability. We must be gentle with ourselves and others as we navigate new terrain for the next three years. What long-term patterns or habits are you ready to change? Saturn teaches us to overcome obstacles, strengthen our boundaries, and grow through our struggles. Saturn in Pisces can help us move beyond the superficial to connect us with the divine and all sentient beings. 

Pisces will bend fluidly and flexibly — it gets around things that other signs do not. Saturn in Pisces is about legacies that permeate and continue on and on. The Dalai Lama was born with Saturn in Pisces, exemplifying the noblest qualities of Saturn in Pisces. Pisces is the sign of sacrifice; while stepping away from the world's distractions, you will hear your calling ring out in the silence — we hope you're ready.


Venus enters Taurus on March 16 — so she is in her natural domicile. The lover is finally home — offering warmth, a hug, and a good meal. At her fullest in this transit, she is offering a calming stabilizing energy. Venus in Taurus is sensual; she invites us to slow down, relax, and indulge in the pleasures of life. She brings connections that are lasting, loyal and trustworthy. Do spend time in nature, parks, or green spaces; it soothes and heals. She brings sweet affection and simple, earthly pleasures — so eat your favorite foods, listen to music, garden, or sit under a tree and read. Just be, Venus is asking you to indulge in life and be present. 


Welcome to Aries Season, which is symbolically the start of the astrological New Year. This is an energizing time, full of new beginnings, a chance to reset and refocus for the next twelve months. Aries is the courageous, enthusiastic initiator, blazing fearlessly forward. The first sign of the zodiac loves risks and challenges, for there is enthusiasm and drive; it builds confidence. Aries is exalted in the Sun, infusing us with clarity and a purpose. It is a revitalization that is both rejuvenating and refreshing; you will start to come out of a deep winter hibernation and feel like anything is possible. Mars, the ruler of Aries, will be in Cancer, another cardinal sign, ready to spring into action. So as we enter the fiery Aries season, there's no better time to get invigorated and set new challenges for yourself. What will ignite your fire? What will this year look like for you? 


The new moon at 0 degrees of Aries arrives on March 21, bringing exciting fresh starts and new beginnings. It is a high-energy lunation that encourages you to envision the future and imagine the goals you wish to achieve that are meaningful to you. In addition, Mercury is closely aligned with the New Moon, adding an intellectual quality, or you need information before initiating new projects. Ruled by Mars at the end of Gemini indicates that variety and the ability to get things started will ebb and flow.   This lunation brings a burst of motivation, enthusiasm, and an increase in energy so that you can take on the new initiatives. Get moving and embrace the way you feel! 


On March 23, Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time since the 18th century. The planet will stop at 0 degrees in Aquarius from March through June 2023 before a brief final tour of Capricorn. After this, on January 21, 2024, Pluto will station in Aquarius for two decades. These next few months will become what is the trailer for the movie, the preview, and the taste of the massive cosmic shifts to come. The God of the Underworld, Pluto, represents subconscious forces, ruling everything below the surface. Pluto is associated with wealth, power, secrets, mystery, death, and underworld journeys. The revealer of secrets, it is death and rebirth, the destroyer and transformer. Pluto’s transits reveal what must be broken up and rebuilt for the betterment of humanity.  

But, first, it destroys before it can rebuild. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was in 1776 through 1798 — it brought epic changes in social structures with the French Revolution, the ratification of the American constitution, and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. These Pluto cycle themes relate to information, technology, data, travel, science, education, ideas, AI, and how it is made available or controlled. There will be a massive transformation over the next 20 years in these areas of life. Our perceptions will change completely, and perhaps technology can help humanity evolve. The Aquarius area of your astrology chart is calling your attention; it will be a source of intense interest, and transformation for the next 20 years. We get the sneak preview now, so track what goes on in the world to get a taste of the months to come starting early next year.


A shift from air to water happens towards the end of the month. We had Mars in Gemini for the last seven months, an air sign — this means we were overstimulated mentally, and our nervous systems were out of whack. Now that Mars is in Cancer, the pace is slower. It is about feelings, tenderness, protectiveness, and sensitivity. Mars is about motivation, so our mood affects us more during this time. We will have fluctuating energy and motivation. When inspired, go for it; when you feel tender or sensitive, honor it. We must feel safe to make decisions with Mars in Cancer or else anxiety will rule over our daily lives.    

The most important transit of 2023—the whole year!—arrives on March 7, when Saturn plunges into watery Pisces. Here's how that epic moment will affect your sign...


March brings the most important transit of the year as stern Saturn enters dreamy Pisces. These two make for strange bedfellows — Saturn is strict and goes to bed early every night, while Pisces drifts away in a fantasy land and stays up late while binge-watching Netflix. On March 7, Saturn enters Pisces, holding court there for the next three years, where he will reside in your 12th house of retreat, a place Saturn rejoices in! Aries, you always follow your impulses, blazing off to conquer your next quest. However, Saturn has other plans, directing you to withdraw inward and listen to your intuition and innate wisdom to guide you. You are wrapping up a significant cycle, clearing the past while making room for a new beginning. It is a time of reflection as you clear away and process self-sabotaging behaviors, habits, or people; it may be subtle or glaringly obvious. Drop into the dreamy world of Pisces, be gentle with yourself, and do not let the past define you. Cheers to letting go and moving forward in a bigger and better way than you've ever imagined. 




A new boss arrives on March 7 as the taskmaster Saturn enters into tender Pisces. Saturn is boundaries, structure, and time, whereas Pisces is boundless and expansive — this is a paradoxical pairing. Saturn dwells in your house of friends, aspirations, and ambitions for the next three years. So, Taurus, you'll reevaluate your social life and who is worthy of your time. Ask yourself, who is your tribe? The people you truly connect with? Do they align with your values and support you? This long transit brings compassion, insight, and connectedness. You'll aspire to be like those deep, soulful connections that inspire you, which will become more apparent and urgent now. It is also a time of achievement; if you have done the work for the past three years, you can reap the rewards. Cheers to soulful friendships and connections that transcend time and space! 



Saturn, the planet of mastery and authority, will hold court in your house of career for the next three years. It's a big deal; the last time Saturn graced this house was in 1994 to 1996. It is a time of achievement; the rewards are bountiful if only you work for them. With Saturn in Pisces, you must be flexible and fluid — it is a tricky thing to learn, but you will mold yourself into someone who can pivot when needed. Gemini, staying grounded while nurturing your imagination and creative side is critical. Pisces needs space to dream and they are not keen on schedules, rules, or structure. Yet, Saturn's harsh reality checks are required when filtered through Pisces's dreamy imagination world. Saturn in Pisces is like the relaxed, cool Dad — not the nagging Mom who is set on getting things done in a certain way. Saturn may seem scary and harsh, but he is really a teacher who puts lessons in your life so you learn from them, on your own. So even if it is difficult, you need Saturn to make those dreams into a reality — it will be so worth it in the end. Gemini, stay focused, because what you can achieve now is limitless. Have a little faith in yourself, you are capable of everything you set your mind to! 


Cancer, prepare to expand your horizons for the next three years. Saturn's entry into Pisces is giving you just that, as he will reside in your house of spirituality, travel, and learning. Saturn in Pisces wants you to move beyond the superficial, dive into the unknown, expanding your worldview. Pisces swims in the realms of spirituality, transcendence, and connectedness. Seek mentors, gurus, and teachers who deepen your knowledge and understanding. Saturn's presence offers discipline and structure for study and spiritual practices — the ideal time to return to school, travel, or find your Guru. Most importantly, what has meaning for you? Let go of the self-defeating attitude, and find ways to develop confidence, hope, and vision for the future. Once this transit ends, you will move through the world with a vastly different and more connected perspective. Basically, the student becomes the teacher.




It's time to get real, Leo. Saturn, the taskmaster, enters dreamy Pisces on March 7 for a three-year tour. He'll reside in your house of money, shared resources, hidden matters, and transformation. Fierce lion, you'll have to face your innermost fears, vulnerability, and inhibiting factors that get in your way. But don't fret as you are  courageous, so you can overcome all obstacles. It is not three years of angst like it may seem — it is an opportunity to clear away what holds you back. Control, power struggles, and attachments will arise, and it will not be easy for you to relinquish either. But, once you loosen your grip, there is more spaciousness and freedom. Finances, obligations, and shared resources are the other areas that need your attention. It is not the time to take financial risks; instead, work to eliminate debt and invest prudently. By the end of this transit, you will have faced your innermost fears; you can move on with strength and wisdom.




Relationships will become a priority for the next three years, dear Virgo. The planet Saturn will dwell in your 7th house of committed relationships. Virgo, you are a devoted partner, sometimes to your detriment. Saturn brings maturity, structure, and hard work. Pisces makes for a strange combination; Saturn wants boundaries and structure, while Pisces wants connectedness and flexibility. This transit invites you to set clear boundaries, discern who is genuine, and trust your intuition. To level up, take responsibility for your actions, not your partners. Are you projecting your stuff onto your others while trying to fix everyone? Who is truly worthy of you? Do they inspire you and have your back? Solid relationships can grow, and mature during this transit, while others may fall away. You've got three years to work out the relationship kinks and find who is your ride-or-die. So don't stress or freak; surrender to love, dear Virgo!


Saturn in Pisces will reside in your house of health, well-being, and work for the next three years. Saturn in Pisces is an odd pairing ¸—Saturn is about rules, structure, and hard work whereas Pisces is about feelings, intuition, and connectedness. So, Libra, you must put everything in order, from your health to your home; it's non-negotiable. Saturn in Pisces, you'll have to find outlets that inspire you, from exercise to organizing. Prioritize your mind/body/spirit connection, learn to meditate, take tai chi and yoga, and incorporate alternative healing modalities. Finding that delicate balance between living a healthy lifestyle and attending to daily responsibilities will be your challenge during this time. Find ways to eliminate the excessive stressors from your life, and set boundaries for self-care. Your well-being is a priority for the next three years.


Scorpio, March brings epic change, a glimpse of what's to come. Saturn enters Pisces on March 7, ushering in a new three-year cycle of maturity, responsibility, and growth. Saturn is the stern teacher who likes boundaries, structures,  and hard work. Yet he is softer, less rigid, and more malleable in Pisces. A fellow water sign, you may find this transit very healing and creative. You are about to go on a three-year journey as Saturn will reside in your 5th house of creativity, romance, and joy. Pisces is the dreamer; now it's your chance to turn those dreams into reality. Saturn will help shape the creative processes with discipline yet gives you the spaciousness to imagine. Creative output, and spiritual practices, need a firm hand. Take the time to play and actively participate in your joy — creativity, love affairs, and experiences that imbue us with life. Scorpio, surrender into this house daily and get lost in your imagination. You will thrive in your creative self-expression; at the end of this long transit is a greater sense of creative freedom and inner joy. 



Sagittarius, it is time to set down roots. You're the nomad at heart, not keen on dealing with messy family matters; you'd prefer to race off on your next adventure. Sag, your next journey is calling you home. Saturn will reside in your home and family for the next three years. Saturn in Pisces is not a likely duo; Saturn is boundaries, strict, cold, and authoritative, while Pisces is fluid, emotional, merges, and moist. Saturn will be less rigid and more malleable. Yet it is like the confused stepdad who doesn't know where their authority lies and would prefer to hang out with you than be disciplinary. You'll have to deal with added responsibilities and family dynamics, which can be tricky. Set firm boundaries, show up when needed, and be the mature one, archer. You may buy a home, expand your family, or reconnect with your roots. Whatever it may be, you'll need a solid foundation, which Saturn offers. Get the support you need, do the hard work, deal with family issues, and establish your own home for yourself, dear Sagittarius; you will find it liberating.



Your ruler Saturn will enter Pisces on March 7, staying until 2026. For the past six years, Saturn has been in planets that he rules, holding a firm grip on our lives. Now, it will enter into a foreign domain, emotional, tender Pisces — this is fluid, flexible, and nonlinear. In contrast, Saturn sets boundaries, time, and structure. As a result, Saturn will soften and be less rigid; he is like the lenient parent, letting you do your thing. Your house of communication, short trips, and learning will be under Saturn's dominium for the next three years. The endless text messages, emails, and social media scrolling are under review. Instead, call, speak with them, and meet in person. Connectedness, emotion, and tenderness are what Pisces teaches. So ditch the cell and lose yourself in poetry, novels, and music. Capricorn, you must embrace Pisces. Dream, listen to your intuition, and drop your imagination. There is endless wisdom; you just have to listen deeply.




You are officially set free on March 7, when Saturn will leave your sign and enter Pisces. You've been under Saturn's firm grip for the past three years as your identity underwent many transformations. Saturn is not as rigid nor stern in Pisces; he is more like a neglectful parent. So you are free to do whatever you please. However, there is a catch: Saturn is now focusing on your finances and self-worth. So it is time to tighten the purse strings. If you haven't managed your money wisely or have been frivolous, Saturn is here to teach you how to be a responsible and mature adult with your money. The desire for financial security is important to you now. Whereas Pisces is more flexible, you'll have to be disciplined and set clear boundaries with your spending. So hide those credit cards, and find creative ways to spend less without feeling less than others. Pisces invites you to dream and showcase your unique talents to the world. Do make sure that your invoices reflect your worth. You've got three years to sort this out.




Hold onto your horses, Pisces, because your world is about to change. On March 7, Saturn, the stern taskmaster, will enter your sign for the first time in 28 years. The last time Saturn graced your sign was May 1993 to April 1996; for those old enough to recall what was happening then, similar themes may arise. Saturn is tough love, the strict parent, yet being in Pisces; he is softer, less ridge, and is the easy-going parent. Pisces, this is the start of a new cycle, inviting you to reinvent yourself and consciously shape your life. It is a time for internal growth, pruning away aspects of your life that are no longer valid. As a result, you can accomplish more now than ever before. The responsibilities will be heavy, but the rewards will be worth it. It is a reflective time to understand yourself better, your needs, boundaries, and dreams. Your identity may go through many phases for the next few years, be flexible and gentle with yourself. The questions to ask yourself are, who do you want to be in the world? Dream it, and make it a reality. You've got three years to figure it out; take your time. You, dear Pisces, bring magic to the world; please share widely — we need that larger than life mentality now more than ever.


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