Your March Horoscope: No Ides To Beware Of

There are no ides to beware of this mystical March, whose magical gifts are meant to heal our hearts. After 14 months of witnessing and experiencing the collective pain and suffering around us, we can pause and begin to recover. We start with the heart. Within each of us lies an awakened heart with the innate ability to love and have compassion for all beings. We all build protective walls around our hearts; only a chosen few can enter. Pisces season helps us crack these walls, letting the light in and bringing forth our love and compassion. 

The Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Neptune are swimming in Pisces' deep waters the first few weeks of March, culminating with a new moon on March 13th. On this wondrous, magical, mystical, loving moon, immerse yourself in nature, beauty, music, poetry, and love. This transit is an inspiration for artists and spiritual seekers who contemplate the ephemeral nature of existence. Be aware of the shadowy side of this beautiful energy; you can quickly lose yourself through escapism, addiction, your emotions, and tendencies to feel victimized.

On the March 20th Vernal Equinox, expect an exciting shift from the Piscean dreamy love fest to Aries' passion. The Sun and Venus will join the ‘fest, igniting our creative fire to burst forth as we enter into the promise of spring. As the great French laureate Antoine de Saint Exupéry said, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Here’s to perfect vision! 
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Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Aries, exhale, March has arrived! Finally, we have a much-needed reprieve after the past nightmarish 14 months. Use the first half of the month to chill, retreat, and relax, Aries. There is a plethora of planets in dreamy Pisces camping out in your house of withdrawal, self-reflection, and restoration. Go with the flow and surrender to the hypnotic trance of Pisces energy. The world's noise and complexity can be overwhelming; take a pause and don’t expect to be highly productive the first two weeks. Dwell in the imaginative, dreamy, creative, mystical, and emotional nonlinear energy. A new moon in Pisces arrives on March 13th, aligned with Neptune and Venus; it is tender, loving, romantic, and healing. It does fall on a weekend, so indulge and get lost in your inner world. Do take that compassionate energy back into the world, as we are in need of massive amounts of kindness. Mercury joins the Pisces party on the 15th; communication may be murky, deceitful, and emotional, and it is best to follow your gut and tap into your intuition before making any decisions. Your ruler, warrior Mars, enters Gemini on March 3-April 23, activating the 3rd house of learning, communication, your mind, and community. Mars in Gemini is restless; he gets bored quickly, and, being the ultimate multitasker, jumps from one task to the next. Reign in that Mars energy and focus or you will get nothing done, and that’s just not a good look for you. Be mindful of your words; except for feisty verbal exchanges, try not to provoke others. Please do triple-check all your communication before sending that bitchy message. Mars will join up with the North node on March 24-26. Aries, you left the Piscean haze, now you are in the realms of insatiable busyness where you can't get enough information, find yourself mentally overstimulated and extroverted, so at the very least, pace yourself. On March 20th, the Sun moves into your sign and Venus joins on March 21st, kicking off a new Venusian cycle. Venus is love, relationships, and beauty. Now we are in we are in Aries territory and you are back in action, so watch out, world! The month ends on a full moon in Libra, highlighting your committed relationships. You have to learn to compromise without sacrificing your own needs, but thankfully, you are good at that. Aries, it’s been an exhausting run, but at last, you're healed, restored, and ready to lead and we are here to follow.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Welcome to spring, Taurus!  The first half of March offers us feelings of hope, generosity, and positivity—a vastly different energy from the last two nightmarish months. Days of calm are within reach. Mars, the warrior planet of action and drive, arrives in Gemini on March 4th. Mars in Gemini is a sneaky mofo, pushing to you to be dizzyingly busy, multitasking to the extreme, and somehow causing you to get bored quickly and too scattered to accomplish anything. But fret not, Taurus, as you won’t let that happen, especially since Mars is activating your 2nd house of money, self-worth, values, and talents. Taurus, please do not equate your self-worth with your bank account statements. Many of you have lost your jobs and resources due to the pandemic. Focus on all you have to offer: your talents, gifts, and, yes, ways to increase your cash flow. Do be mindful of overspending or placing too much value on your things; you do like your stuff. Glass half full: you will be in overdrive with new ideas, businesses, and ways to make money. The new moon in Pisces arrives on March 13th at 23 degrees. This healing, dreamy, and compassionate lunation joins with Neptune and Venus in a cosmic dive into the ocean of transcendence. Fortunately, it occurs on the weekend; escape, indulge your senses and open up your compassionate heart. The new moon activates your 11th house of dreams, future aspirations, friends, and collaborators; start envisioning the seeds you want to plant for the future; it always begins with a dream and vision. The energy shifts in the third week of March, when the Sun moves into Aries, joined by your ruler Venus on the 21st. On March 23rd, Venus makes superior conjunction to the Sun, bringing a new Venusian cycle spinning love, relationships, desire, and your visions the future. Venus is also the planet of fairness and social justice. Taurus, put your compassion into action and do whatever you can in the long term to help elicit a kinder, healthier world. The rewards will be endless.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

You’re back, Gemini!  Last month's Mercury retrograde was a weird one; he is direct along with all the outer planets, propelling you forward, so no more procrastinating or hiding out. You'll be your extroverted, curious, lively, talkative, multitasking, social butterfly self again. Mars, the warrior planet, arrives in Gemini on March 3-April 23; as you dive into new projects and complete old ones, your energy level will support your enthusiastic spark. You’re prone to overstimulation, bouncing from one idea to the next, zipping around, doing too much, and accomplishing too little. As we all know, you get bored quickly, so strive to focus and be in the moment. Mars is getting support from the older planets, Saturn and Jupiter, anchoring you with stability, creativity, and expansion; use this alignment mindfully. While in Gemini, Mars is the warrior, fighting with words and proving that, indeed, the pen is mightier than the sword. Your pen is a blade this month so think first before you verbally slash others. Mars conjuncts the North Node on March 26th, moving into Mars on steroids, where he is out of bounds and impossible to contain. Gemini, you'll want to go for it, but think twice. Mercury, your ruler, enters Pisces on March 15th. Pisces in Mercury is imaginative and fantasy-prone. Who cares about facts? When Mercury is in Pisces, facts are boring, but creativity is on fire. The new moon arrives in Pisces on March 13th, aligned with dreamy Neptune and loving Venus; all the most incredible love poems, music, art, and spiritual transcendence can occur with these aspects. Immerse yourself in music, nature, a lover, a dream, and imagine your future aspirations. Luckily this alignment falls on a weekend, allowing you to escape and indulge in this compassionate, healing lunation with energy activating your 10th house of career or mission in the world. This new moon plants seeds for new beginnings such as the new Venusian cycle beginning March 25th as the Sun and Venus make superior conjunction. Venus is love, beauty, relationships, and social justice. Your approach to love becomes more mature and gives you a heightened understanding of what makes you and other people happy. Gemini, spread your clever wit, keen intelligence, and charm widely. We need it!

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

March is a time of renewal, Cancer. Take a break the first two days of the month—at the very least, try to carve out solo time. Mars, the planet of action, lands in your house of solitude as it enters Gemini on March 3rd. It is a time of self-reflection and working behind the scenes. Cancer, time to clean out your psychic closets, to forgive and heal the past. Be that spiritual warrior and ruthlessly release old wounds. Mars in Gemini has a hard time focusing; it gets scattered and fights verbally. Be aware, dear Cancer, while you are sorting through your emotional debris, while multitasking, and texting those with whom you still have unresolved issues. Certain confrontations during this time may not be in your best interest. Stay focused, argue with yourself and not with others, meditate, walk in the woods, or just clear your mind. The new moon in Pisces arrives on March 13th as Neptune and Venus join the lunation, gifting you a healing, loving, and mystical energy. The lunation activates your 9th house of wisdom, travel, learning, and expanding your worldview. This beautiful, healing new moon is inviting you to step back and look at the big picture, basking in the beauty and love surrounding you. The energy shifts dramatically on the spring equinox as the Sun enters Aries on March 20th, activating your 10th house of career. On March 24th, Venus joins the party as it conjuncts with the Sun, sparking a new Venusian cycle. Woot! Professional and personal relationships are highlighted. What qualities do you wish to have and project in aspiring partnerships? If you are already partnered, how can you show up more maturely and less reactively? Cancer, most importantly, be sure to share your compassion and nurturing with all beings. There’s certainly enough to go around.

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Leo, it is time to shine! You are yearning to socialize, collaborate, and network. The pandemic has been hard on you, especially for those who live alone. You thrive with people around you and you need an audience. Mars, the planet of action and desire, enters Gemini on March 3rd, highlighting your tribe, social networks, technology, and future aspirations. The energy is ripe to formulate your goals and work with the right collaborators; the key is finding the right ones. March is not about working solo. Mars in Gemini is cerebral, restless, extroverted, and curious; it’s also scattered, distracted, and gets bored quickly. Expansion Jupiter and structured Saturn support Mars; it is a very stabilizing and creative time. You'll be bursting with ideas and expressing all of them to everyone! Enjoy, Leo. The new moon Pisces arrives on March 23rd, activating your 8th house of intimacy, transformation, and shared resources. The new moon conjoins both Neptune and Venus, empathizing the desire for close, intimate relationships. Pisces is tender, emphatic, creative, imaginative, devotional, and highly intuitive. Leo, dive deep into your tender, creative, magical, empathic side, shed the walls you build around yourself on this dark moon. Be mindful not to hook up with anyone just to feel loved; Neptune is blurring, and beware of illusions that may appear as fantastic, because, they’re not. Do try to be discerning. Sun and Venus, conjunct in Aries on March 24th, illuminates your 9th house of travel, learning, and worldview expansion. Venus brings a sense of ease and diplomacy, whereas the Sun is vitality, joy, and passion. This dynamic duo is joyous and passionate. Leo, as you shine your light, lead us out of the darkness, or at least entertain us in the process.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

You’re in the mood for love, Virgo. March is a much-needed reprieve from the intensity of the past two months. Wasn't that the most baffling Mercury retrograde? Fortunately, he is direct along with all the other outer planets, signaling a green light, so get moving! Mars, the planet of action, enters Gemini on March 3-April 23; he will be energizing your 10th house of career and purpose in the world. Virgo, you'll be hyper-focused and proactive in your career or in your contributions to society. Mars in Gemini is extroverted, curious, loves to be busy, and verbally expressive. Virgo, don’t get distracted or overstimulated and avoid multitasking to the extreme. Do be mindful of getting into petty arguments; please choose your battles wisely. You can be very critical, but not everyone is receptive to your critiques. The magical new moon in Pisces arrives on March 13th, highlighting your 7th house of personal relationships. The is one of the most beautiful, tender, romantic, and mystical lunations of the year. Neptune and Venus are conjunct on the new moon, adding a dimension of ethereal love, transcendence, and harmony. Virgo, surrender to Pisces' nonlinear energy; for those coupled, it is a glorious time to be with your beloved. Single Virgos, set your intentions for bringing in a partner. Immerse yourself in nature, music, beauty, and love. Do share your love generously on this magical new moon. Mercury, your north star, enters Pisces on March 15th, so be patient; Pisces is murky, thinks nonlinear and is not precise. Breathe, surrender to the creative, imaginative, and inspiring vibe which Mercury in Pisces offers. It will be there for two and a half weeks; live in your imagination until then—you may want to stay there. Virgo, live in gratitude, fall in love, be creative, and be of service to the world. March is gifting many aspirations; I know you will rise to achieve them. Share your love and kindness, widely Virgo. It is much needed.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Libra, March is a gift, beckoning you to expand your horizons. Mars, the planet of action, enters Gemini on March 3rd, igniting your desire for excitement beyond your present reality. You'll be restless to travel, learn, and expand your worldview through experiences that evoke a deeper meaning. Mars in Gemini is insatiably curious, extroverted, social, and needs to be in motion. If you can't fly off to an exotic locale during a pandemic, don't fret; you've got the internet to take you places, to learn anything and expand your mind. You may be distracted, overstimulated, and searching for proud truths. The new moon in Pisces arrives on March 13th conjoined with ethereal Neptune and loving Venus—a transcendent match. This magical lunation activates your 6th house of wellbeing, work, and the daily grind. Libra, devote yourself to self-care on this new moon. The energy invites you to find beauty in the everyday and create rituals in life's mundane tasks. Beautifying your office space creates a calming, peaceful environment where you can thrive; you are the essence of beauty and harmony. Take a deep dive into the mystical waters of Pisces and care for yourself as you do others. The energy of March shifts radically as we enter into Aries season. The Sun and Venus, your ruler, enter Aries, activating your 7th house of committed relationships, both personal and professional. Libra, you are wired to connect with others; being alone is detrimental to your wellbeing. It is time for you to be social, but please continue with the pandemic protocols. Venus adds ease and harmony to your relationships, while the Sun is infusing your passion and magnetism. The month ends with the full moon in Libra, your yearly lunation, on March 28th. Pamper yourself—you do know how to do that well, but just as well, Libra, is your ability to share your gifts of social justice, harmony, and beauty widely. We thank you in advance.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Hold onto your stingers, Scorpio, the energy has finally shifted! March offers a well-deserved break from the intensity of the past few months. Your ruling planet Mars enters Gemini on March 3rd, energizing your house of transformation, intimacy, research, and shared resources. You thrive here; transformation is your mantra. Mars in Gemini is cerebral, talkative, curious, and easily distracted. Mars is mining this area of your life for the next seven weeks. Scorpio, release the past, purge the emotional debris from your interior world. This psychological spring cleaning does not have to feel like a root canal, though. It is in playful Gemini, so make it fun. And yes, only a Scorpio could make cleaning fun. Your intimate partnerships also receive some extra spice. Be aware of verbal exchanges that sting; rise above it and speak your truth with kindness—or at least try to. The glorious new moon in Pisces arrives on March 13th  along with Neptune and Venus in close conjunction, infusing the lunation with creativity, love of beauty, and compassion, encouraging you to lose a sense of time and place. It is a Pisces love-fest, a dream world of beauty, unconditional love and creative self-expression. Lose yourself in music or dance as boundaries blur and time ceases. This beautiful new moon activates your 5th house of creativity, love, romance, joy, and children. Fortunately, it falls on a weekend, so plan accordingly. Scorpio, the gift of this powerful energy is to tap into unconditional love and pay it forward. The energy makes an abrupt shift on March 20, when Aries season begins. The Sun and Venus move into your 6th house of work and wellness. Back to reality, Scorpio, you feel the collective sorrows of the world more than most, but channel that global woe into purpose and change the world in ways only you can.

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

It’s been a wild ride, Sag, but at last, March is your month! In the first half of the month, focus on your home and partnerships by pausing your everyday, dizzying life. Mars, the warrior planet, enters Gemini on March 3rd, energizing your 7th house of committed relationships, both personal and professional, for the next seven weeks. Mars is a fighter, unearthing all repressed grievances and issues harboring within. Healthy partnerships can thrive if you both put in the effort to work through your difficulties. The nature of Mars in the 7th house is to use the energy most effectively—be brave, talk it through. Mars in Gemini can be distracted, curious, cerebral, talkative, and social. Be aware of these tendencies rising to the surface, mainly your MO of self-expression, and stick to Gemini's wit and charm rather than cutting zingers. The new moon in Pisces arrives on March 13th, joined by mystical Neptune and loving Venus, in a Pisces-produced cosmic lovefest. This lunation is one of the most healing, loving, and beautiful lunations of the year. This magical vibe activates your home and family. The conjunction of Neptune and Venus elicits unconditional love, compassion, and beauty. Sag, this is a gift to heal family relationships and to create a more beautiful and loving home environment. New moons are planting seeds for new beginnings; set the intentions of your ideal, loving, healing, and beautiful home base. Aries season begins on March 20th, with Venus joining the party on the 23rd, igniting your passion, creativity, and joy. It’s time to play, and being a Sag, you never need to be coerced into having fun. Enjoy this well-deserved playtime. It’s not all play, though, as you are encouraged to bring forth your exuberance and noble convictions to make our world a kinder place. Spread your joie de vivre! Nice work if you can get it!

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Forget spring cleaning, Cap, and just make a few tweaks this month, starting with a bit of an attitude adjustment. March begins with energy focused on work and wellbeing. Capricorn, give both equal amounts of attention. Mars, the planet of action, enters Gemini on March 3-April 23, activating your 6th house of work, wellbeing, and the daily grind. Mars is proactive; your work ethic and desire to be productive are in hyper mode. Prioritize Cap, take care of your wellbeing; each should receive equal billing. Mars in Gemini is a highly cerebral, curious, multitasking pro that gets easily distracted and spars verbally. Cap, stay on point, stay mentally alert, and be mindful of how you express your grievances. Mars, in Gemini's cleverness, adds the Capricorn tone; translation: your words can be lethal. A new moon in Pisces arriving on March 13th, joined by the mystical Neptune and loving Venus, feels like melting into a sea of loving compassion. This beautiful lunation activates your 3rd house of communication and your attitude towards life. Neptune and Venus invite the love of beauty, gratitude, and unconditional love; lose yourself in poetry, music, dance, and nature. Capricorn, bring forth this compassionate, empathic energy into how you communicate; it is deeply healing. Do reach out to your siblings, friends, and neighbors. People are suffering right now; just a kind text message goes a long way. Capricorn, your attitude and your innate loving nature are expressed through Piscean tenderness. Keep it positive, keep it flowing outward. On March 20th the energy shifts into Aries’ season; Venus joins the Sun on March 23rd, activating your 4th house of home and family. Venus infuses it with harmony and, for the remainder of the month, your home is where your happiness lies. Capricorn, bring forth your loving, tender side, through your words, your wisdom, and your deep sense of responsibility in contributing to the world with purpose. This is an adjustment from which we can all benefit.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Aquarius, creativity, self-expression, and joy are this month's offerings, and after the past two months, you are most deserving of all of them. Mars, the planet of action, enters Gemini on March 3rd, activating your 5th house of creativity, joy, and romance. Be proactive in finding your happiness. This is not a trite inspirational request; it is essential to your wellbeing. Mars in Gemini is insatiably curious, mentally alert, social, playful, and talkative. Set aside your need to be disciplined or self-denying, give in to self-gratification. No guilt, please, just blame it on Mars. There is a purpose to reclaim your joy, romance, self-expression, and creativity. A little romance could spark some happiness too, y’know. A new moon in Pisces arrives on March 13th with Neptune and Venus tagging along for the ride. This out-of-this-world duo sparks one of the year's most beautiful lunations. The energy you’re evoking brims with creativity, beauty, the arts, healing, empathy, and unconditional love. Aquarius, the 2nd house of your talents, self-worth, finances, and whatever else you value is where the new moon takes place. Appreciate all that you have to offer and let gratitude be your guiding force. Share your talents and let the hidden ones emerge—most notably, value yourself and all you offer to the world. The energy shifts on March 20th, when the Sun moves into Aries, joined by Venus on March 23rd, activating your 6th house of work and well-being; it is back to work and working out with a passion. Aquarius, bring forth your joy, your talents, and your offering to the world. Your innate desire to serve humanity is just what the world needs. 

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Happy birthday, magical Pisces. An inspiration to those whom you encounter, you're wired to merge in all kinds of ways. This astrological ambidextrousness may pertain to people, nature, a transcendent cause, or even your cat, and will lift the lucky recipient of this energy to new levels. As the zodiac’s ruler of the creative right brainers, this month is devoted to spreading your signature artistry, healing, kindness, compassion and love. We know you won’t be running off to Mexico while your state shuts down in frigid cold leaving a beloved pet or friends alone to fend for themselves. And, as much as you like to share, you probably also won’t be sharing your text threads with the media. Although it’s your birthday, Pisces, your most treasured gifts are when you’re sharing these feel-good qualities with the rest of us. On March 3rd, warrior planet Mars arrives in Gemini. This isn’t the time for boredom or idleness. You can expect feisty verbal exchanges, mental restlessness, and an almost frenzied busyness worthy of a TikTok video. This takes the most action in your 4th house of home and family. You may act more assertively at home and your words will carry greater consequences in meaning, so stop and think before you speak. Remember, you’re acting as your best birthday self this March, even if you have to fake it under that mask. The Pisces new moon arrives on March 13th at 23 degrees, joining Neptune and Venus. Let the love-fest reign! Venus and Neptune conjunct brings the highest expression of universal love and romance. It falls on a Saturday, and as long as you’re COVID-safe, well, you know. I’m not talking only about sexual love, but about self-love too. You must plant your seeds of intention for the year; it is your solar new moon, after all. What do you envision your year to be? You give to others and the universe is gifting you in return, so set your intentions clearly on this most auspicious birthday moon. The Sun and Venus in Aries make a superior conjunction on March 26th, kicking off a new Venusian cycle. Landing in your 2nd house of talent, self-worth, and money, this vigorous energy propels you even further to do what you love and love what you do. The quintessential Pisces, George Harrison, said, "With our love, we could save the world.” And love, love you do, Pisces, and for that, we love you, too.


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