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Bartsch with a Boom!

We sat down with the Queen of New York, Susanne Bartsch, before she rules over the 18th floor of The Standard, High Line (Le Bain AND Top Of The Standard), Friday, December 2nd.
LE BAIN: Summer is definitely over, but you’re back to the Standard with a bang…a Boom! actually…taking over the whole 18th floor. 
SUSANNE BARTSCH: It's a return! We took over the 18th floor two years ago for our On TOP summer season and it was fabulous. For this episode's takeover, we've tweaked the programming and I'm excited to bring together a couple essential nightlife elements for one big BOOM of a party: glamour and entertainment in TOTS, sweaty beats and sexy babes for OUI! Disco at Le Bain. Think of it as a society cocktail party uptown, followed by a trip to your favorite sleazy jukejoint...all in one place. That's the basic concept.
Susanne Bartsch

"A society cocktail party uptown, followed by a trip to your favorite sleazy jukejoint...all in one place."

The mood in the nightlife community is not really uplifted right now. Some think politics will be balanced by more creativity, more expression, and more art. Do you believe in fighting back with looks, love, and parties?
We not only dress to impress, we now dress to PROTEST! One of my favorite designers, Vivienne Westwood, has been turning politics into fashion for years. I think we should look to her as our guide and embrace that particular marriage. I'm predicting lots of rabble rousing graphics turning up on catwalks for the next four years. Occupy Madison Avenue!

Picture yourself alone in the dark, by the piano at TOTS. It’s the middle of the night and you’re looking at the skyline, through the window. What are you thinking?
I think Jimmy and Robert had a premonition when they wrote "Stairway to Heaven", but seriously...I think I'd actually be thinking about how SPECTACULAR the view is and how glamorous and warm the room feels. The aroma of TOTS is romance and has me thinking of that very special person, long gone (with whom I had such great times here), and all the fun and adventure that are yet to come. 

"We not only dress to impress, we now dress to protest!"

You’re now standing on the TOTS bar. The place is packed, music is booming. Kevin Aviance is performing, people are smiling. What are you thinking?
Feeling tremendous joy. I am too busy having a great time in the moment to do much thinking. This is the state of being in which I aspire to exist on as permanent a basis as possible.
Could you share a memory with us of a party you did not organize that inspired who you have become today?
New York, 1980-something. Midtown. The Gilded Grape. The flying trapeze transvestite disco. My date was Divine. THE Divine. It was Divine!

What’s up with the Bartschland documentary? When can we expect it?
We're in phase three with editing. We're getting there! I'm very excited. It will be out spring 2017. It's gonna be a wild ride, baby! 

Friday, December 2nd
Le Bain presents Boom! by Susanne Bartsch
10pm | The Standard, High Line


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