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AHBS On Their Telepathic Writing Process

Thursday, January 28th, Doom Dab celebrates the release of 'Mate y Agave, The Remixes' by AHBS aka AHARAW and Billy Scher. NYC DJ Michael Magnan sat down with them before he joins the party in Le Bain's skyline.

MICHAEL MAGNAN: Tell me a little about your backgrounds and how you came to be AHBS? 
AHBS: We finally got in the studio together after talking about it for years. In the first session we wrote Duele Todo and had a blast so we just kept doing it. AHBS (abź) is a combination of both our initials.

Being from a collaborative duo myself, I’m always curious how others come to conclusions in the studio and how you find a balance between two brains. What’s your process and individual roles for building a track together? 
Alberto scrolls Instagram and sends his favorite images telepathically to Billy who then translates them into instrumentals. 

AHBS present a Latin infused electronic pop project with hopes of creating a bridge between NYC and Latin America,an album "with visions of summer, sex, and herbal lifestyles."

You guys have also made a big splash working with guest vocalists. What role do they play in the final product?
Songs sometimes aren't complete until a vocalist lends a bit of their magic, for example Spill was an just instrumental before K Rizz transformed it into a single.

Who would be your dream to work with in that regard?
We're waiting to hear from Sean Paul's people and Alberto also handed Pitbull some demos so hopefully that works out. 

AHBS Basura (Genghis Hans Remix) 
Thursday, January 28th, Doom Dab presents the album release party of Mate Y Agave, The Remixes, featuring Chico Sonido, AHBS, Michael Magnan and Essex. 8pm-12am. Le Bain at The Standard, High Line. 

The new album will be available for free download on January 29th. 

Header photo by Zach Wolfe

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