The Standard x Kouros: Serving Downtown Glamour on a Tray

Thursday night, designer Kouros Maghsoudi invited close friends, downtown celebutantes and en-vogue furniture designers to toast the launch of The Red Hug Tray by The Standard x Kouros. The Standard Grill’s private dining room was littered with Capri cigarettes, champagne glasses and Hug Trays—in unapologetic Kouros style.

When we first saw Kouros’ Hug Tray (inspired by the downtown hedonism of New York City) we naturally saw shades of The Standard—and simply had to have our own, in red. The object’s charismatic curves are tinged with liberation, opulence and self-indulgence. Kouros achieved the design via hand-poured ceramic and a complex electroplating process, creating a unique finish.

So what is it, exactly? Put simply, a tray—for keys, jewelry, caviar blinis, your next joint. It’s up to you. The design’s versatility speaks to all the ways the downtown glitterati indulges.

“I have a few colorful Hug Tray samples dotted in my apartment,” Kouros confessed to us. “I find myself using it in different ways depending on the room and its purpose. The chartreuse one in my bedroom serves primarily as a jewelry tray where I store my rings and watch every night. On my bookshelf near the front door, I have a white Hug Tray that I use for keeping my keys and as a general catch-all for small items. In my living room, the silver tray is an ashtray for guests (ironically, I don't smoke), and it also comes in handy during mischievous party moments. The versatility of the Hug Tray allows it to stand out in any room and adapt to different purposes with style.”

It's the general fabulosity and carry culture within the NYC downtown creative circles that inspired this piece. I find myself, for example, catching up with a friend at Cafe Gitane for lunch, then in a blink of an eye, I somehow end up in some actress's Bowery penthouse party at 4 AM. The spontaneity and glamour of NYC is so uniquely New York and moments like those, where you come home and wonder, "What just happened...", deserve an equally glamorous and spontaneous tray. — Kouros Maghsoudi

Above all, The Red Hug Tray promises to "bring Kouros's fantasy into your home." And who doesn't crave a little glamour now and then? We asked Kouros how he'd define that fantasy. 

"Unapologetic hedonism and honest design. I'm creating objects that we actually need and want, despite it being taboo, controversial, and even a little gauche. I want to create environments that encourage you to host friends and allow you to accommodate them through your objects. The fantasy is about creating a space where everything is well designed and designed with an intention, down to your ashtrays and party plates."

Visit The Standard Shop to get your very own Red Hug Tray by The Standard x Kouros. 


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