Your June Horoscope: Newer, Freer, Weirder

June ushers in a dramatic month with Mercury in retrograde in the midst of eclipse season. Most significantly, we are confronted with the astrologically disruptive Great Conflict of 2021. On June 14, the Saturn-Uranus square peaks again. The world has felt the impact of this transit since late 2020. Saturn in Aquarius, the planet of boundaries, responsibility, and restriction, squaring Uranus in Taurus, the planet of freedom, rebellion, and change, elicits a significant planetary aspect that occurs every 14 years. It is a challenging and dynamic energy that can push us to make positive or disruptive changes. It can bring the progressive energy our world needs right now. It is the further breaking down of the old-world structures that erupted in 2020. The transit urges us to create a life that’s newer, freer, and, yup, weirder. As the Lizard King Jim Morrison once said about his songwriting, "I like ideas about the breaking away or overthrowing of established order. I am interested in anything about revolt, disorder, chaos, especially activity that seems to have no meaning." This month, let’s all break on through to the other side! 

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Keep your thoughts positive, Aries! June is a dramatic month that encourages the opportunity for growth and change. However, when the month gets too rocky, you'll find shelter from the storm at home. Venus in Cancer will be there to offer you nurturing, affection, and harmony. The month begins with Mercury retrograde in Gemini until June 22, inviting you to replenish your mind, reflect, and revise. Mercury will activate your 3rd house of communication, intellect, cognitive awareness, and mental attitude. Gemini in Mercury is curious about the world, on a quest for knowledge, sharing information, and active listening. It is a facilitator, showing you where to focus. Your mind will be highly active, but it is imperative to keep a positive attitude. Meditate, listen to music, quiet your mind, and please do pause before you impulsively send that email or post on social media. Do be diligent in reviewing documents and all correspondence, be it digital or verbal. You don't want to spend the month cleaning up misunderstandings and impulsive reactions, which you may regret. To add to the communication theme, a new moon solar eclipse arrives on June 10. Solar eclipses are unpredictable portals of energy, creating a new beginning and giving you a glimpse into the future. This solar eclipse is complex, urging us to move forward, yet due to dreamy Neptune squaring the new moon and Mercury, there may be a lack of clarity. Neptune can blur things so you can't see the entire picture. The remedy is to tune into your intuition, where you’ll find new ideas and inspirations. Share your knowledge! You are the best motivator, igniting others' passions, so speak up, Aries; we can all use some fiery inspiration right now. You will be buzzing with mental energy and stimulation. Mars, your ruler, moves into lit Leo on June 11 creating a lively alignment that adds some pleasure and joy to your life! Wherever Mars lands, he activates, infusing desire and activity. Your 5th house of fun, romance, creativity, and kids, is sparked. This summer, enjoy your kids, or bring out your inner child. Mars will be here for six glorious weeks, so indulge! June is a dynamic, if not bipolar, month; embrace the highs and lows and be that spirited warrior who leads the way. 


You are priceless this month, Taurus, and don’t you forget it. June is a dramatic month, one of the most pivotal of 2021. The month starts on a sweet note as your ruler Venus enters into Cancer, providing nurturing, love, and pleasure. But when the month gets too overwhelming, here is where you'll find your solace. Venus is activating your 3rd house of community, neighbors, your local hangouts, siblings, and communication. You are not alone and you have much love in your everyday life.  Although Mercury is retrograde in Gemini until June 22, do not fret; it is an opportunity to review, revise and rethink issues. On June 10, a new moon solar eclipse arrives in Gemini at 19 degrees, joining Mercury in your second house of self-worth, values, skills, and money. Eclipses are dramatic; they shake us out of complacency, with solar eclipses tending to create new beginnings and promising opportunities. Retrograde Mercury rules the eclipse; ideas are germinating, set to seed in the future. You'll be overloaded with creative ideas to make money and showcase your talents on a grander scale: think America’s Got Talent as opposed to TikTok. Most importantly, though, stop and think for a second: what do you truly value? There can be new opportunities for projects or money making opportunities. However, the second house rules self-worth; this eclipse could deliver a much-needed confidence boost. You might also change your daily habits, prioritizing your spending, time management, and routines to reflect what matters most to you. The ongoing tension, which is happening all month, peaks on June 14 and is the clash between two planetary powerhouses, Saturn and Uranus. Taurus, you crave stability and consistency and you’re not one to give up the golden handoffs; rebellious Uranus urges you to break free, not be restrained. This tension will be pervasive, but you got this! I, and the stars, have complete faith that you will figure this out. 


Look out world, it's Gemini time! June is a mercurial month in so many ways. Twitter will be ablaze with news about the "Former Guy," as this eclipse season is hitting him pretty hard. A birthday gift for you, Gem? Mercury, your head honcho, is in Gemini and retrograde until June 22. Don't freak; Mercury retrograde happens 90 days out of the year. It is not dire; use the energy to your advantage. It is an internal time to slow down, revise, review,  reflect, and complete projects you’ve put off. The big event occurs on June 10, with the new moon solar eclipse's arrival in Gemini at 19 degrees. This mighty lunation activates your personal power, propelling your individual growth. On solar eclipses, the moon blocks out the light of the sun, giving you time to pause, tune inward, reflecting on your life, your happiness, and how you envision all of it. This mighty eclipse offers a promising new beginning; you don't have to figure it out in a day because the energy lasts for a year. So, Gemini, drop into your intuition to get your answers, meditate, listen to music, do whatever works to quiet your mental chatter; you've got plenty of it. On June 14, the power planets, Saturn, the authoritarian, clashes full-on with rebellious Uranus; they will be at odds all month, causing an underlying tension. Gemini, balance is the remedy. Whereas Uranus is mining your 12th house of spirituality, healing, and cleaning out the psychic closets, Saturn gives you stability in higher learning, expanding your worldview and satisfying your wanderlust. While you may want to travel astrally, stay grounded and travel with your passport instead. Gemini, happy birthday. Cheers to new beginnings!


Share your love, Cancer. June is one significant and dramatic month. The sweet spot is Venus, the planet of love and relationships, sliding into your sign on June 2, enhancing your magnetism, positivity, loving nature, and sense of wellbeing. This month, you’ll be tasked with providing nurturing, comfort, and solace. Get ready, because we’re all coming to you for emotional rescue. Mercury is in Gemini and will be retrograde until June 22, adding the usual frustrating, annoying moments; please, no mercury retrograde whining and, instead, use it to your advantage, to go within and figure out what you need to tweak. The significant alignment arrives on June 10 with the new moon solar eclipse in Gemini at 19 degrees. The potent lunation joins eclipse ruler Mercury in your 12th house of solitude, retreat, and the parts of you which remain hidden. June is contradictory; you can be feeling very social the first week of June and then, boom, the solar eclipse hits and you want to crawl back into your shell. You’re used to this. Solar eclipses block out the light, but it’s not doomsday; it’s a pause to plant seeds of intention for new beginnings. This positive lunation offers you the gift of healing, forgiveness, and a chance to rid yourself of emotional baggage. Clear out those psychic closets, Cancer. If you struggle with addiction or emotional issues, resources and support will be there for you. The month’s ongoing tension comes to a crescendo on June 14 when the two powerhouse planets, Saturn and Uranus, clash head-on. You will be pulled between your intimate relationships within your friend squad and those who break from tradition and push you out of your inner shell. You’ll be tempted to ditch intimate relationships, which feel controlling or restrictive. Cancer, compromise is the remedy, so do try to find an even balance. While you are trying to sort out serious issues, we all need your loving support; the pressure is real, but you can handle it.


June is going to be dramatic, Leo, just like you! It all starts with Mercury retrograde in Gemini, until June 22, when you can expect confusion, misinformation, and miscommunication. Yikes, I know, but, Leo, be wise; use the retrograde to go inward, mentally slow down, and analyze before responding. Please don't be dramatic and blame everything that goes wrong this month on Mercury retrograde; it is so passe. The significant alignments arrive on June 10, with a new moon solar eclipse in Gemini at 19 degrees when Mercury, the eclipse ruler, joins the party. Eclipses are unpredictable life-changers; solar eclipses bring the promise of new beginnings. Neptune joins in the mix, adding confusion, so drop into your intuition, quiet your mind, and let your innate wisdom guide you. This powerful lunation infuses your 11th house of friends, social networks, and future dreams. Socialize and find your squad, namely curious, intellectually stimulating, witty people. Connect with different social networks, new collaborations, and friends who bring a fresh perspective to your life. This lunation lasts for a year; you have ample time to set a clear vision. On June 12, Mars, the energizer planet, enters your sign. Your health, well-being, and vitality receive a cosmic vitamin infusion. You'll feel energized, enthusiastic, and ready to take on the world. The ongoing underlying tension comes to blows on June 14 when Saturn, the stabilizer, clashes with Uranus, the rebel. Leo, your career and partnerships are at odds; it comes to a peak on the 14th. Your professional decisions may have an impact on your personal life. How can you balance both?  Do those closest to you provide the support and structure you need to embark upon new directions in your professional life? Leo, you will not want to feel restrained; compromise is the remedy. You have an opportunity to evolve and grow, so take it and yes, take a bow. We know you love the dramz.


Like you from time to time, Virgo, June is strange. The weirdness begins with your ruler Mercury retrograde in Gemini until June 22, something you rightfully get to moan about. Anticipate the usual snafus, miscommunication, and technology disruptions. But, Virgo, you’re a planner, so use the retrograde energy productivity to go inward, reflect, revise and review. Venus, the planet of love, enters sweet Cancer on June 2, infusing your friends and social networks with much-needed nurturing. As we all begin to socialize freely once again, connecting with your tribe will feed your soul. When the month gets too overwhelming, here is where you'll find your solace. The new moon solar eclipse arrives on June 10 in Gemini at 19 degrees, infusing your 10th house of career and mission in the world. Solar eclipses bring new beginnings; on this potent eclipse, plant those seeds of intention and watch them blossom in December. Mercury rules the eclipse, communication, and facts. No fake news here. Add dreamy Neptune to the energy and confusion reigns. It is essential to quiet the excess mental chatter, drop into your intuition and let your innate wisdom be the navigator. You'll have myriad of choices to make in your career; your job is to choose the correct one. Look up, see the bigger picture and the infinite possibilities. Virgo, don't freak; you've got plenty of time to sort this out as solar eclipse energy lasts for a year. June 14 brings the ongoing clash to a crescendo between the power planets, Saturn and Uranus: Saturn, giving you stability and structure in your routine and work, and Uranus, the awakener, guiding you toward different universes, activating your 9th house of spirituality, learning, wisdom, traveling, and mind expansion. Sounds like a Marvel movie, but it’s more chaotic and marvelous than that. Take that trip that will feed your head now that it is safe to travel.  Virgo, you'll need more freedom in your work and the daily grind to pursue other callings. Strange days, indeed, but as the great Bowie sang, turn and face the strange. It works for you.


Libra, all your ducks are in a row this month and quacking happily, if not a bit chaotically. The month begins with Mercury retrograde in Gemini until June 22. Working with retrogrades makes life so much easier and you, Libra, thrive on harmony. Use this energy to complete projects, be mindful of miscommunication and misunderstanding. Confrontations aren't your calling, so triple check all correspondence, and when in doubt, do not hit send. The loveliest alignment of June arrives on the 2nd, as your ruler Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters nurturing Cancer. She'll be providing support and comfort to you when you most need it. Where you'll find it first is in your career. Women in your workplace can be particularly supportive. Always the gracious one, you will also bring comfort and harmony to your professional world. As June gets rocky, you will be the go-to person at work, sharing your infinite kindness and compassion. It is also an opportune time for career advancement and acknowledgment. The new moon solar eclipse in Gemini at 19 degrees arrives on June 10 in your 9th  house of higher learning, expanding your worldview, spirituality, and traveling. The moon blocks out the sun's light on solar eclipses, giving you time to pause and tune inward. On this day, rest and reflect on future goals and aspirations and plant those seeds of intention. This mighty eclipse offers a promising new beginning; you don't have to figure it out in a day because the energy lasts for a year. If you can travel, plan that trip, study, find a spiritual teacher. Neptune is involved in the eclipse, adding illusion and lack of clarity. You must drop into your intuition to get clarity. The tricky alignment, which has been simmering all month long, comes to a clash on June 14 with the square between structural Saturn and rebellious Uranus. Saturn represents the past, Uranus the future. Your collaborations, resources, relationships, creativity, and self-expression need to become integrated into what will become a creative restructuring of your life. Squares create tension; tension gets you moving. Uranus is where you'll grow—a place where you need to break free and take a risk. He is mining your 8th house of money, sexuality, intimacy, and personal transformation. Ducks, get in line and quack away!


Scorpio, time to take your stinger in for maintenance. The month kicks off with Mercury retrograde in Gemini until June 22. But please, Scorp, do not cast revenge on Mercury, which goes retrograde 90 days out of the year. Instead, be wise, use it to your advantage, go inward, reflect, revise and finish projects or tasks you neglected. Miscommunication and misunderstanding can now happen, so do be aware of what you say and what you send. On June 10, the new moon solar eclipse joins Mercury in the sign of Gemini, infusing energy into your 8th house of intimacy, shared resources, and transformation. Solar eclipses usher in new beginnings and possibilities. They are unpredictable, shake us up and break us out of stagnation. Solar eclipses allow us to pause, reflect and tune inward. Take this opportunity to contemplate your intimate relationships, resources, and collaborations. Drop into your deep reservoir of intuition for the answers. Your resources can flow again, and while intimate relationships can deepen, you can move out of old ruts and into a new flow. On June 12, your ruler Mars moves into fiery Leo, igniting your 10th house of career. Mars is desire; wherever he lands, he activates. Scorpio, your career is lit, so get motivated, and make things happen. The underlying tension all month comes to a head on June 14 between structural Saturn, representing the past, and future-forward Uranus, which has been holding court in your committed relationships since March 2019. You'll need to take risks in those relationships, business partnerships, or both. Spice up existing pairings while you’re at it. Scorpio, start integrating your home life and committed partnerships so they don't feel stale, restrictive, or boring. Use this energy to your benefit and shake things up, something you’re rather exceptional at, especially after tuning up that stinger of yours!


Sagittarius, you don't do boring, which is great, because June is the antithesis of boring. It kicks off with Mercury retrograde in Gemini until June 22. Be mindful of communication, double-check all correspondence, and practice patience, Sag. It is not a big deal; slow down, go with the flow. You're adaptable, so don't let the small stuff annoy you. The new moon solar eclipse arrives on June 10 in Gemini at 19 degrees, joining Mercury in your 7th house of committed relationships, both personal and professional. On solar eclipses, the moon blocks out the light of the sun, giving you time to pause, tune inward and reflect on your life and relationships. This eclipse offers a promising new beginning, renewing existing relationships or gracefully saying sayonara to partnerships that are no longer viable. Sag, this eclipse energy lasts for a year; if you start doubting decisions, drop into your intuition for insight. For those wanting to be partnered, get out there and safely socialize. Have some fun while you're at it! Mars moves into fiery Leo on June 12, igniting your wanderlust and keen desire to expand your worldview. So take a trip, either literally or figuratively. The most challenging alignment comes to a crescendo on June 14, during which time the ongoing tension can feel very frustrating. How you manage your work, self-care, and daily routine must be prioritized. Uranus has been on a campaign to reform your self-care and work routine for some time. You may have the urge for independence, self-employment, or continue to work remotely. You've got so many brilliant, innovative ideas that you can use in your work and the possibilities are limitless. Sag, get some structure, write it down, and discipline your active mind, but be sure to enjoy all of it in the process! 


Capricorn, self-care and good lovin' is your cocktail of the month. June is a capricious month beginning with Mercury retrograde in Gemini until June 22. You’re always prepared, so it’s best to use Mercury retrogrades to your advantage, go inward, review all communications before sending and complete those projects or tasks you've delayed. Slow down the mental chatter and take a technology break for a day. Venus enters sweet Cancer on June 2, infusing your 7th house of committed relationships with harmony, nurturing, and love. It feels like a long, loving, comforting hug; relish in all love coming to you, Cap. A new moon solar eclipse arrives on June 10 in Gemini at 19 degrees, shining a strobe light on your house of self-care, work, and daily routines. Solar eclipses are a time to tune inward, rest, and reflect on how you take care of yourself. This potent lunation presents new beginnings and a chance to recalibrate your well-being, daily routine, and work. Gemini offers many choices, but what to choose may not be readily apparent with Neptune in the mix, so tune in and let your innate wisdom guide you. Capricorn, this is your secret weapon; you were born wise! The most significant and challenging alignment in June arrives on the 14th when the powerhouse planets, Saturn and Uranus, clash. Uranus pushes you to take a risk and break free of limitations, whereas Saturn offers structure. Finding an outlet to integrating these conflicting energies is a priority that you've been tending to all year. Uranus has been mining your 5th house of creativity, joy, play, and romance. Saturn’s been hovering over your house of value, talents, and money. Balancing your need for more enjoyment in life is critical. Finding ways to capitalize on these energies requires sitting down and thinking about ways to profit from your creative skills. Cap, you've got to play and create more room for expansion and joy. Your yearly full moon arrives in Capricorn at 5 degrees on June 24; indulge yourself. You are not the same person you were last year. You’ve grown and evolved, so honor all that you've gone through, grit and grace. Break open that bottle of Dom, Cap, it’s well deserved! 


Aquarius, 2021 is one of the most significant years of your life. June is triggering the inner tension to push you to grow, evolve, and mature. It does not matter what age you are; adulting for you means being true to express your weird self-authenticity. The month begins with Mercury retrograde in Gemini until June 22. Slow down the mental chatter, go inward, complete projects, be adaptable as communication and technology breakdowns are common. Deal with it and don't be a Karen about it. The new moon solar eclipse arrives on June 10 in Gemini. Solar eclipses usher in new beginnings; they are unpredictable, shaking us up out of complacency. The eclipse infuses your house of creativity, fertility, and romance. Find your joy, ignite your imagination. This potent lunation is a gift and the remedy needed to offset the tension of 2021. The challenge and ongoing angst of 2021 come to a full-on clash on June 14, as Saturn and Uranus meet. The theme of freedom and breaking from the old is the catalyst of the Saturn/Uranus square. Uranian energy breaks you out of stagnation while Saturn represents structure and the past. Saturn is in your sign demanding you to evolve; you need to shed those parts of you which no longer reflect who you have become. Uranus is holding court in your 4th house of home and family. Aquarius, you may see some mini-earthquakes in these relationships. Family dynamics can shift, freeing you from outlived patterns. You may move, live on a commune, become a nomad—the possibilities are vast. These are tricky dynamics, not the most comfortable, but do take those risks or else you may risk feeling regret instead of your much-deserved revelation. 


Home is where the heart is this month, Pisces. June begins with Mercury retrograde in Gemini until June 22. Mercury is retrograde 18% of the year, so don't panic; use it to your advantage. Slow down, tackle projects, and have those critical conversations you've held off. Have patience; do try to be in the moment, Pisces. Venus's entrance into Cancer on June 2 is where you'll find your solace when things get too stressful. Venus provides the comfort, nurturing, and sweet lovin' you crave. Even better, she is lighting up your house of romance, joy, creativity, and kids. It's summer, Pisces, so go play! A new moon solar eclipse arrives on June 10 in Gemini at 19 degrees. Solar eclipses elicit new possibilities; but this eclipse, ruled by Mercury, is a little chaotic. Your 4th house of home and family are activated for the next year—thinking of moving, renovating, or living a nomadic life? Your home will be buzzing with friends, family, kids, and lots of lively activity this month. Pisces, when making domestic decisions, listen to your innate intuition; it will never mislead you. The most significant alignment occurs on June 14, when Saturn and Uranus square; you've been feeling the underlying tension all month. Saturn represents structure while Uranus is the great awakener—this diametric duo represents the past and the future. Uranus, a planet of positive upheaval, is lighting up your brain and overhauling mental processes. You feel the tension between living in two worlds, from left-brain activities and those eternal right brain realms. Both your rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, retrograde later this month on the 20th and 25th, halting your ambitious plans. But be patient Pisces, you've got more time to add that magical touch. Just don’t forget to hit the home button once in a while to return back to reality.


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